The Chinese Plague

This is a good explanation of how the virus works – as good as any that I’ve seen.

 “Despite the more than 1500 papers now spilling into journals and onto preprint servers every week, a clear picture is elusive, as the virus acts like no pathogen humanity has ever seen.”

If you have followed this blog or if you want to go back to February, I maintained that it was an ‘enhanced’ coronavirus that accidentally was released from the Chinese bioweapons lab – Wuhan Virology Institute in Wuhan. Sometimes you hear politicians call it a ‘novel’ coronavirus, which is the same thing. We have no natural immunity because it’s new. It’s new because the people at the bug factory worked on an existing coronavirus.

Any questions on WHY the communist Chinese don’t want anyone to take a close look at ground zero.

The US Intelligence Community has a clear understanding of what happened. As I’ve mentioned here, if it’s biowarfare, the world’s nations can all make claims against Communist China for damages. In effect that would bankrupt the Worker’s Paradise and that would be a shame…bless their hearts.


Pattern Welded


The Greatest Generation


The hovel, at the White Wolf Mine, yesterday. Yes, there are granddaughters present.

White Wolf Mine

Redneck Porn

A Desert Eagle is 7.5 inches in length. The silencer makes it half again larger. Not ideal for concealed carry…. And keep the ammo subsonic. {standard factory loads go out at 1542 ft/s(.50AE)} Hickok45 Discusses it

IMI started the ball rolling, then Magnum Research took over in the USA.


  1. To anyone who understands the basics of viruses and biology it’s long been apparent that this virus was NOT natural. That it had been manipulated. Exactly how and for what purpose this was tinkered with are questions that likely will never be answered with certainty. But there can now be
    no doubt that this was part of a biowarfare agenda being engaged in by the Communist Chinese.
    Deliberate or accidental it is still a bioweapon. And China should be punished for being it’s author.
    That however is unlikely. Doing so would bring the west much closer to the brink of a hot war with
    China. They have been engaging in a variation of war against the US and the west for some time now, this virus is just ONE of the many under the table attacks they have waged against us. In the past they have shipped MOUNTAINS of Fentanyl into Mexico to be smuggled into the US to cause harm. They have poisoned baby food, dog food and pharmaceuticals shipped here. They routinely engage in hacking, cyberwarfare and blatant espionage….both corporate and governmental. In short the ONLY type of warfare they haven’t been using……yet, is kinetic. And they’ve been working overtime for years to get ready for that one….which is almost certainly right around the corner. America and Americans had better wake up to the fact that we ARE at war and it is probably going to become a war of the bloodletting type very soon or we are going to be hurting REAL BAD. We aren’t really ready for a major conflict with China…..not nearly as ready as we need to be.

    • You’re 100% spot on with everything that you wrote, including the potential of a hot war with China – possibly a navy war. China has no allies, only customers. And there are a lot of third world shitholes/developing nations, mostly in Africa who owe China debts that they can’t repay. Those nations are ITCHING to cancel their debts with China. And will the people who China bought, stay bought?

      I believe that the world will punish China. The UK has decided not to allow Huawei to do business and Europe is poised to follow. That is a big blow to Chinese intelligence and their plot, yes, plot to take over the 5G communications market. Brazil stands with the USA and most of South America will follow that move. The Russians will sell oil to China, but they don’t like China. Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia are not Chinese allies.

      China may erect a bamboo wall and just sell to their internal market. It’s a big market and their currency has NEVER floated on a currency market. It’s worth what they say that it is. President Trump has been right. We need bilateral trade agreements with countries, but these feckless treaties like the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership were horrible. It’s like Barack’s Iran nuclear deal. Horrible.

      The corrupt media and the globalists hate President Trump – but if we hadn’t had him. If Hillary had been president. We would have needed to learn to speak Mandarin.

  2. I like that knife!
    The hovel looks passable, LL 😉
    Granddaughters look like they’re having fun, TB. God bless you all.

    • The kids and grandkids come up in onesies rather than all at once, which would be a lot to deal with at one time. We had almost all of them up last Thanksgiving, and then it snowed, the highway out was closed and they were “snowed-in”.

  3. Never felt the urge for a Desert Eagle, at least the large variety. Now the Jericho 941 is another story. I have a couple and they are fine pistols. I just wish Magnum Research would punt that “Baby Eagle” moniker.

    • I think that it was under development. It escaped from a lab, allegedly. Then the Communists banned travel inside China but infected people could travel from Wuhan to all parts of the globe… How many trillions has it cost? Not a bad economic weapon if it was so intended.

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