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Liberals Say:

“You civilians don’t need armor piercing ammunition.”

“However I can think of scenarios where it might be nice to have. The same could be said for incendiary, or even armor piercing incendiary ammunition. You need the right tool for the right job.”

15 thoughts on “The Right Tool

  1. I've always enjoyed shooting M1s, bulkier than, say, a Lee but easier to operate. Mind you, I enjoy the Edwardian action and style of the Lees in their several incarnations.

    Point being, it's obviously time to get an M1 and lots of armor piercing/incendiary ammo. Careful where you shoot the latter in Texas though, don't want to burn the range down. Which people do with tracers, from time to time…

  2. That, and the staggered clip, the peepsight, the beautiful wood barrel cover, the awesome awesomeness, yep, it's a Garand.

  3. I managed to acquire a stash of those black-tip projectiles in the far way-back times, so have had opportuinty to experimet with handloads. I predict a one shot stop on the Toyota of your choice.

    One should be cognizent of state and local law regarding tracer and/or AP. The last time I checked (it's been awhile) BATF regs stated specifically that 5.56 SS109 with the steel penetrator was NOT considered AP.

  4. New Year's Eve in the Philippines was spectacular. Hours before midnight, it sounded like a war zone. Even miles away from Friendship Gat, and further from the Main Gate at Clark, it was a roar like surf, punctuated by louder booms. Quite a few magazines of tracer were fired into the air by PAF and others with Armalites (M-16s). The numbers of dead, injured, and homeless the next day were sobering.

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