12 thoughts on “Adios

  1. Time for him to retire in solitude to an island off the coast of Maine.
    Hopefully never to be heard from again.

  2. With his dough he could buy Epstein Island from that Saudi dude and hide out in shame. Could have done a lot of good with $500 mil, but self-aggrandizement disallows humility.

    "Angry Bird" just dropped out…that leaves Trump the youngest male in this horse race. November will look like the final run in Secretariat, including dropped jaws of disbelief.

  3. Money can't buy respect, brains, humility, or height.

    His commercials keep playing… what's up with that?

  4. Good riddance to bad rubbish… Go back and play in NYC… The real USA doesn't buy your BS.

  5. He bought the air time. The media is running the commercials so that they'll be paid. It's on contract.

  6. What necromancer operates this weird little golem, and where will it be directed next?

  7. I think that he dances to his own tune these days…and he's really weird. But nobody can tell him that because he surrounds himself with yes men. Midas has no clothes.

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