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The Black Flag

Historically, a black flag by a military formation means no quarter/no prisoners will be taken. During the War of Northern Aggression/American Civil War/War of the Rebellion, irregular formations operating in Kansas flew the black flag. (See William Clarke Quantrill)

After approaching an enemy city, Genghis Khan and the Mongol hoard would erect a white tent (yurt). It meant that immediate surrender would result in everyone’s life being spared. The Mongols would take ten percent of the goods, and the city agreed to become a vasil of the Empire and pay taxes in specified amounts. The Khanate wanted to be known as a good friend and a ruthless enemy so surrendered cities spread the word that they were treated as promised. If the white tent came down and a red one went up, it meant that every male in the city would die. If the city did not surrender, a black tent went up. Which meant every living thing in the city would be killed.

Pirates in the 1600s-1700s flew black flags to indicate their intentions. Surrender, and you’d live, fight, and be slaughtered to the last man. Women (as chattel) were usually spared, sold, or used by the crew if they had no cash value.

There is trash talk in some quarters these days about hoisting the black flag as a symbol of defiance against an unjust and unconstitutional government instead of an inverted American Flag (indicating distress). I take no position on the matter. I prefer not to telegraph intentions one way or the other. The black flag just tells people who to nuke first.


Bullet Points:

** Shatner’s hitchhiking adventure. You do those things when you’re young, and while he did it 70 years ago (+/-), you could do it- maybe not today. Some senior citizens visit this blog. Did you hitchhike? How far? The only place I did that and did it frequently was when I lived in the UK in the 70s. I never had a problem. People gave me rides—different times. (right – LL in the 70s)

** Thoughts on taxation.

** “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” – Einstein

** Biden family values.

** Bank robbery – sometimes it pays off,  sometimes it does not.

** The word of the day is “climate.” The other word of the day, and some say it concerns climate change, is “unicorn.”

** Get your money for nothing and your chicks for free.”


Identify the Aircraft


Please take a shot at identifying the weapon it carries, too.



Get to da choppa!



Parting Shot

27 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. I’m going to say it’s a Japanese Betty bomber carrying an Ohka glide/rocket powered piloted kamikaze “missle”.

    1. Sorry, got distracted. Photo #1 obviously. Not that I claim to be any kind of expert, it just happens to be one I know. And I sneaked in while the A. I. wasn’t looking.

      1. Yes it does. Parallel evolution. You have W mass of explosives to be delivered by X carrier and fit into Y space with Z performance at minimum cost per frame. There are only so many shapes that fit those parameters.

        Of course, the Tomahawk was also designed to be fired as a torpedo or out of VLS units while the Baka was based off of a torpedo so there’s more parallel evolution in action.

    1. I think that women are at much greater risk if they hitchhike than men are. Smart of you to have passed on the opportunity.

  2. > [If] a red one went up, it meant that every male in the city would die.

    How did the Mongols know which ones identified as male? Did they just ASSUME? This sounds oppressively heteronormative to me.

  3. IDA-
    1. Ki-21, weapon TBD
    2. Ki-45
    3. Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri (Hummingbird)
    4. Grumman C-1 Trader

  4. I never accepted rides unless it was from someone I knew. I did pick up hitchhikers in Alaska, but there’s a distinctive type, there, that’s easy to pick out – two to five college-age kids in European-cut clothes, with duffel bags and stacks of Costco groceries, most of them looking hopefully at the one who’s got his thumb stuck out… not always in the correct direction, but they’ve heard this is a mystical way to get back to the cannery ship / fish processor they’re working on for the summer. It works in movies… hey! it worked! Celebration! Rapid attempt to find enough English between all of them to ask how far I’m going toward Seward, Homer, or Whittier! (Or coming the other way, toward Anchorage, where fresh groceries, movies, and alcohol await!)
    Every now and then, I’d also take pity on hikers who clearly didn’t think about the logistics of getting back to the trailhead they came from, or got stranded because they left their car on the other side of the Whittier tunnel, forgot about the time with the sun in the sky, and would rather get a lift to a hotel room and a lift back to retrieve their car later instead of roughing it with a billion mosquitoes for company on a rainy summer twilight, and hiking back over the pass when there’s enough light to see.
    A couple of times I picked up a sailor, usually about 1-5 miles down the road from a freshly broke-down car, hauling their seabag with grim determination that they weren’t going to miss their boat if they had to walk the whole way. They’re a more risky ride than the north-face clad idiot tourists at the usual trailhead spots or the naive and hopeful cannery workers at the usual pullouts, and the few times I made that judgement call, they were just as aware that I was a lone female as I was, and went out of their way to be polite, friendly, and keep their hands visible. (The sea bag for sailors in the arctic being almost as big and heavy as they are, including their poopy suit… ah, immersion suit, and all the other gear they need for their fishing/crabbing season. It’s usually bright fluorescent orange except for the oil-stains, or festooned with enough reflective material to outfit a squad with PT belts, and is worth a stupid amount of money… not just for the gear, but because they aren’t allowed on board for the season unless they have it with them. So seeing a guy staggering down the road with that is a clear sign that he’s got a job on the line, and Things Went Wrong.)
    When I moved to the Lower-48 with my Calmer Half, he nearly had a conniption at the idea of me picking up hitchhikers. We went over the cultural differences, and I agreed that the risk-reward ratio was too skewed down here for me to pick ’em up as a lone female.

  5. Hitchhikers
    I stopped for people with car problems. No longer – cell phones – call for help. Never hitchhiked. In fact, was/am leery of riding with someone else driving. Trust issues?

    1. Unfortunately the last time I broke down 5 years ago there was definitely no phone service. I did manage to make some repairs eventually and limped to closest town. One other 4wd came along and he did stop.

      There is a lot of rural Australia that unless you have a satellite phone you are out of luck and even then it can be a maybe depending on the time of day and coverage.

      So I stop and ask if you need help. With the doors locked and my hands just out of sight.

      1. Where I live today, there is only one cell carrier that works and even then the coverage is spotty. On weekends when there are lots of campers in the area it goes to red-911 calls only. So if people break down, I do the same thing you do.

  6. Only hitchhiking I did was in Europe. Not too hard, but Eurail passes worked wonders if you showed it saying train station very politely! And yes, the Stoof is actually a C-1 COD bird, not an S-2.

  7. Never hitchhiked myself. Sometime in the ’70s I read a newspaper article about a gal who did that, and would occasionally get raped as a result. But she never reported it because she didn’t trust cops.
    Meanwhile, I haven’t been commenting recently because both my desktop and laptop decided, at the same time, that they needed a visit to the IT repair shop. A case where two is none???

  8. Ah, Genghis/Chingis Khan… What a dude. He actually had his people chase down and capture whatever enemy soldier who managed to land a blow on him, not to kill the attacker but to ask the attacker to join his horde, most likely his personal guards.

    He also had a very liberal (old school meaning) view of religions and often had various members of various clergy of various faiths debate in front of him the merits of their various religions.

    Of course, cross him and, well, didn’t go well. Steal gold from him, get molten gold poured down your throat. Stage an insurrection once he conquered you, and he and his people would go out of the way to kill anything and everything in your former lands.

    Never hitchhiked. Never had a need to. Though I do know two guys who hitchhiked from Florida to Pennsylvania to go to an SCA war up there (Pennsics.) They got no takers originally but once they donned their armor they got picked up by a horse transporter horses from the Ocala area up to Pennsylvania, and they got a ride back from the same guy.

      1. Of course, the two were the type of people who could trip and fall on the only pillow within 25 miles.

    1. I hitchhiked all the time in the late 60’s . Usually from college to home on the weekends. I had a sign with my destination. Never any issues. Later in life my son and I sailed to NYC from WI. We were anchored in Sutton’s Bay, MI and caught a bus to a winery for dinner. About 7 miles away. There was no return bus. My son and I were prepared to walk. As we were walking I decided to stick out my thumb. My son wanted no part of this. Very soon we were picked up by a very pretty female veternarian in a Land Rover. She told us she never picks up people. We were dressed well and didn’t look like bums which I always found to be a winning formula. A first for my son that we still talk about today.

  9. Many, many years ago, on a military base, if you were walking on the longer roads going to a specific destination (think around the runways or toward the front gate) others in uniform would pick you up and drop you off closer to your destination. That started to fade away in the mid-80s. Rank wasn’t a problem.

  10. When I was living in Italy, an American friend of mine had a Dino Fiat.
    He picked up a couple of American girls hitchhiking.
    He had the Italian look going, sunglasses, etc. and pretended to not speak English.
    So they talked thinking he didn’t understand.
    When one had to pee, he pulled over to a trattoria.
    He also said they had complimentary things to say to each other about his appearance.
    They weren’t sure how to ask him to stop at their destination, but he magically did.
    When they got out he let them know in English how much he enjoyed their conversation.

  11. I was told once that Alexander the Great, on approaching a city, would burn a large bonfire outside it’s gates.
    They had until the embers to surrender.
    Similar to Khan.

  12. > Black flag

    We’ve learned from Connecticut in 2014 and Illinois in 2024 that only 5% will comply with additional gun registration, under penalty of felony. In those cases the conflict skipped past the civil war (battles to control government) and revolutionary war (battles to secede) stages and all the way to victory, with no shots fired. Since the other endpoint is known, we can make a squeeze argument. It appears the Idiot Powers That Be will keep introducing bad policy (Third world rape gangs protected by police like in Britain? Pledge allegiance to climate change? Video demonstrations in sex education? Explicit additional taxes for Whites, Christians, or males?) until they march the population right off the cliff of won’t-obey, just like Wile E. Coyote. This revolution will not be televised; the mainstream media will be the last to acknowledge it.

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