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British Muslim Neighborhood Watch (sharia compliant)

Muslims seem to get away with this in Great Britain but I wonder what the reception would be in Texas — or Idaho? (Idaho is the home of JIHAWG ammunition) Maybe the Muslims should be on the beaches in Hawaii demanding that the women cover up? Perhaps they should burn all Sports Illustrated Calendars? And that’s weird because internet porn is so incredibly popular in the Middle East.

There is also a neighborhood watch in most major cities in The Netherlands. And it’s particularly interesting in light of a new study, cited below.

80% of young Turks living in The Netherlands see nothing wrong with jihad against unbelievers in The Netherlands…And Dutch officials are shocked — because few if any of them ever troubled to read the Qur’an or study Islam, and they are confident that only greasy Islamophobes think that there is support for jihad violence among any Muslims beyond a tiny minority of extremists. (Source: “Young Dutch Turks’ radical views worry MPs, call for more research,” Dutch News, November 12, 2014) 

It makes me want to BBQ up a batch of baby back ribs at a park in The Hague for the fun of it. One day (not today, but soon) the Dutch Police will be buying JIHAWG ammunition to deny young would-be terrorists access to 72 virgins.
What would the Muslim neighborhood watch think of somebody sitting on a park bench eating a BLT, chased by a beer on their turf? In the UK, they’d likely mob and knife you at 30:1 odds. In the US — possibly not if you were armed with a .45 packing JIHAWG ammo.

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  1. Trust me and I mean TRUST ME on this one, I don't know many Brits who would put up with that kind of abuse. Yes we are a multicultural society that is accepting and diverse and reap great benefits from that but that kind of "you and me" behaviour is certainly not supported by the average Brit and in fact fuels racism. The problem is, over here that people are allowed to set up their own communities like min towns and basically live with the benefits that the UK offers but not interact with any but their own. Stupid and threatening. Fortunately, their are a lot of different races and religions that do mix well and embrace each others traditions. The video above would make most of us furious. If they told me to lengthen my skirt or stop drinking, I'd punch them in the mouth. Rant over. Thank you.

  2. It was made as an informational production for YouTube. I'm positive that the Sharia Patrol wouldn't confront YOU. They'd run if you had your evil clown make-up on, holding a bottle of wine menacingly that you got from some stranger.

  3. The Texas or Idaho reception would be even less cordial than you suggest that it would be in most of Britain. Even more so if the people were certain that there were no witnesses.

  4. I remember 9/11. I'm one of those people who remember the day and the reason and ignore the "Community Organizer Day" that the president tried to make it.

  5. Do you ever get the idea that our president doesn't really exist in the world of reality? He's the kind of guy who skips reading the book for a glance at the rear cover, so he can make a quote or two.

  6. Exactly. I'm tired of people conceding that he is "smart," he's a short-cutter who can't think past stage one on ANY topic.

  7. He's a huckster, a con man, who figured out how to work the 1/2 black face to his advantage. Nobody wants to flunk out the poor Indonesian student trying to better himself.

    And it makes sense that he's rise in a land that exalts people like the Kardashians as role models.

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