The Progressive Message in America

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Confused, dysfunctional, goofy — it’s fun to be a progressive because you protest stuff…I guess.

The message, and the hope offered to the world by American “progressives” rings through loud and clear in this four minute video. It’s also characterized by the “big tent” philosophy in which people from all socialist camps can find common cause in the progressive movement.

9 thoughts on “The Progressive Message in America

  1. "Our message team will reveal the reasons we are here tomorrow morning…"

    Hmmmmm. I just wonder if they ever figured it all out?

  2. "I'm a Marxist Communist" – refreshing honesty. If only Obama could have been so honest when he ran for office.

  3. I'm sure that between the global climate change protests and the Gay Nazis for Christ, they came to a consensus that they hate the Republicans.

  4. He wouldn't have been elected if he told the nation that he was a Marxist Communist and flaming homosexual. He went with the "You're a RACIST!" thing and it worked.

  5. They should be protesting for better edumacation, something everyone of them is lacking.

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