A back hole as far away as the Moon would ruin your weekend.

Just saying…



U.S. Navy Chief Boatswain’s Mate Christian Sherman, a tug master with the Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan, port operations department, guides COMSUBPAC‘s Seawolf-class fast-attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) as it arrived for a port visit this past weekend.


Emilie and Me

Her three sisters complain that Emilie is spoiled. Ok, it’s true but I spoil them all.


Red Mist

It’s coming to a tablet or in hard copy this coming week. I will shamelessly promote it once it’s live and breathing (fire).

Legends endure for a reason. Sometimes they survive to impel our cultural hubris. Occasionally they endure because they instill a sense of focus on what was and perhaps. a vision of what will be. They are always a reminder. When they come. back to haunt us, things start to get interesting.

A couple in Iceland, very much in love, visit a historic site and suddenly he throws himself into a volcano, burning to a crisp in front of her eyes, and thereafter, it’s always raining.

The dwindling North Sea Oil supply is suddenly rejuvenated with a new discovery, a huge oil field of light, sweet, crude worth billions. Exploration, drilling, and pumping begin to breathe life into a faltering industry, and just as things seem to be going well, the oil is polluted with radioactive thorium.

US Army Special Forces operators in Iceland on an exercise are drawn into a crisis and as NASA withdraws, they boldly face the challenge. All but one are rendered insane and the memory of Red Mist turns into a quest for answers–that the CIA already has.

In Texas, a political fixer is called on to deal with a situation and finds himself completely out of his depth.

In England, a psychologist’s life is turned upside down as a skald makes a disturbing prophecy.

In China, aggressive experiments into neutrino research create a completely unforeseen disaster and portend a global cataclysm of Biblical proportions.

Just when you’re sure that you have all the answers and are confident that the science is settled, it isn’t.




  1. Gary Larson, one of the truly great cartoonist from days past. Always spot on. Too much of a woke audience to handle the truth that he wrote and drew! I have a copy of his infamous Midvale school of the gifted cartoon on my office door. Nobody has ever dared to ask why!

    • The bodyguard is licensed to kill, but not with extreme prejudice. It’s a matter of the level of license. Life in a bureaucracy.

      • Five years sober now but during his last DUI it took six officers to stuff him into the back seat of a patrol car. I still feel a certain pride in the lad. If you are going to go bad, go large.

  2. That cockpit looks vaguely like a modern Combine, lots of knobs and buttons and computerized screens, with great comms (Hom many radios does one need? More!. Just cool. (It is missing a cup holder tho)

    Great picture of you and “the spoiled one”. Joy.

    Larson…a genius.

    Congrats on Red Mist, great cover art!

  3. Wonderful picture of you and your daughter. You are blessed.

    Looking forward to reading Red Mist when it is published. Sounds interesting as all get out.

    Lotta bells and whistles on the tug. Kudos to the operator to understand what every instrument is telling him and control the tug accordingly. And Paul M is right about the radios, you always need more.

  4. Argh! Yet another great book to read! Gah! Sounds great. Keep it up and you’ll end up in a Larry Correia collaboration or something.

    As to black holes, well, we have Washington DC…

  5. Would a back hole be as bad as a black hole?
    Sorry. I know you are out and about.
    What others have said. Wonderful family photo.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  6. Oh great, another book to add to my backlog. Looking forward to reading it.
    Your daughter is as pretty as mine, and yes, I spoil her too.

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