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The Progressive Cult

In order to obtain and retain power, the world (and its subsets) must be continually in one or other existential crisis. And if there isn’t one, you create it and use natural manifestations (such as a hurricane or the eclipse of the Sun) to confirm it. This chaos is the point, it’s the goal, the means to power. The world has been going to end in 10 years (give or take a year) since Earth Day in 1970. 
A Leftist who actually cared about greenhouse gas emissions would promote nuclear power plants. But an energy shortage, an oil crisis, is the goal. Lack of energy in merely one of many factors mean to produce a permanent state of poverty which in turn produces a wealth gap between rich and poor; this in turn renders the poor helpless and unable to imagine rebellion.
Slaves are never armed. Thus to complete the formula, all who own firearms need to be felons. And some such as Beto want to use our own tax dollars to “buy” our firearms from us. It’s played out every night on the news. Ignore inner city Chicago and Baltimore, concentrate on something else, generate fear – existential fear – and seize power. There are something on the order of 20 million AR-15’s in private hands. That is the core of what could be a private army to oppose what I’m explaining here. That must be fixed before the plan can work. Red flag laws are a start because the Progressives can explain that ANYONE who owns a firearm is mentally unstable. Who would have a firearm when the state’s police are there to protect you from yourself, and others. The Second Amendment is designed as a bulwark against tyranny. It has nothing to do with hunting… so it needs to be repealed, along with the electoral college.
America is awash in food resources. A global supply chain means that when you go to the store, there is a cornucopia of options. That needs to end. The Democrats on CNN admitted it this past week.  There is to be a food crisis, where the government imposes rationing for the sake of fighting a manufactured crisis. That’s why all the talk of the evil of meat, of cows (which must die if the planet is to survive). They never talk about killing all of the cows in India…because that’s not the goal.
The Progressive Left has a use for the despots of the Mohammedan world. None more than Barack Obama. Seriously, anyone who honestly wished the best for woman would hate and denounce and oppose the Shariah laws, whose practice demotes women, and makes them vulnerable to the most grotesque and crippling mistreatment of any group anywhere on earth. Likewise, for any Leftist who honestly wished the best for sexual deviants. Under Shariah, they are executed, not cured.
Progressives find in the Mohammedans, a useful tool to erode Western civilization, toppling skyscrapers and conquering London (which they have done) and so on, by creating endless chaos, more than any other group: so they occupy a privileged position. The savages are a sacred cow to the Democrat Party. Have you ever asked yourself why?
The Progressive Left demands an elite, our betters, backed by a class of loyal mascots and apparatchiki, ruling poor and wretched peasants who have no rights and no dreams, and with a jackboot eternally stamping on the faces of a class of untouchables, scapegoats forever blamed for all ills.

Now, the Mail:

Old NFO – What they fail to admit is that we are one of the least ebil countries in the climate change ‘debacle’… China, India, Pakistan, and the Middle East are actually the LEADING polluters, but I don’t see them calling for any actions from THOSE countries!

The Paris Accords (which fell apart when President Trump pulled out) were designed for the US to pay for everyone else’s efforts to fight global warming. Essentially, Barack and friends, had us underwriting the planet in a massive scam that would provide income redistribution (From us to S-Hole countries. And you’re 100% correct, the US is a minor part of the pollution problem. Whether is’s filthy air or dumping plastic into the ocean, it’s not the US at the root of the issue. 

Jim – I’ll do my part. I junked my Silverado and turned all my firearms into the local gendarmes. I wore gloves and used tongs so I could avoid touching them. Now to jump into my new pedal car, even greener than electrics, and head out to KFC for some of those plant based chicken nuggets. I feel more woke already.

Those are noble efforts, and I personally am touched by your sincerity. However you still have income and you haven’t re-distributed it voluntarily to aid inner city people. I don’t think that you love Big Brother quite enough. Fortunately the government can aid you in your efforts to unburden yourself so that you can wrap yourself in a bed sheet (like Ghandi) and live on the street corner.

Dan – I am a firm believer in doing as much of the nasty business of fighting Islam OVER THERE rather than here. 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, the jihadists who murdered dozen in San Bernardino in 2015….all proof that the USA is an open and easy target for jihad. And if we aren’t killing them OVER THERE wholesale they WILL sneak into the USA to kill us here. As for “winning their hearts an minds”? Don’t bother trying. You don’t win the hearts and minds of fanatics who are willing to strap dynamite to the chests of their 8 year old kids just to kill kefirs. The ONLY rational act when dealing with a murderous suicide cult is to kill them. And doing it OVER THERE is vastly preferable to having to do it here….after they commit atrocities.

I think that the first effort we need to make is to remove Jihadis from the US Congress. The purge can go forth from there.

Kle – IDK, some people look like they’d be absolutely delicious. Not Bernie, though – talk about Human tofu. Probably stringy, too.

Soylent Green, the movie, saw a future where it was a secret that “Soylent Green is people.” They didn’t get the future quite right, because the progressives (or at least some of them) want to be very up front about it. I read yesterday where they feel that if we start eating ‘pets’, dogs and cats, and maybe those mini-horses that you can take on the airplane with you, that it would make the transition to cannibalism easier.

WSF – All the blather about “settled science climate change” ignores the impact of the sun (which drives all climate) and the Earths orbit variations and wobbles. Why should I heed people who are willfully ignorant?

Not just the Sun itself, but there is a lot of dust in space, and when we travel through a region of elevated dust, it diminishes the amount of light that strikes the Third Rock. The lefties think that the Sun just sits there. In truth, The Solar System is traveling at an average speed of 828,000 km/h (230 km/s) or 514,000 mph (143 mi/s) within its trajectory around the galactic center, a speed at which an object could circumnavigate the Earth’s equator in 2 minutes and 54 seconds; that speed corresponds to approximately 1/1300 of the speed of light. 

LindaG – I was wondering about the big push for fake meat burgers and nuggets. And here I thought they were aimed at the vegans…

Apparently not. The CNN Climate Change Town Hall was effective in bringing to light all of these insane notions that the people who would be king/queen want to implement to change the way you live your life. But that sort of sacrifice is necessary (they strongly assert) to keep all life on Earth from vanishing in 11 years from now. 

7 thoughts on “The Progressive Cult – Explained

  1. I still don't understand how a government police force of 300 in a community of say 100,000 citizens (and non-citizens), 10% of those citizens (and non-citizens) which are prone to commit crimes, can effectively protect the public.

    When seconds count, police can respond in minutes. Or half hours. Essentially, the police are simply a mechanism that records crimes rather than prevent them. Hence, an armed citizenry is required, despite the howlings from the left that if everyone had a gun it would be the wild, wild west with shootouts on every corner.

    History has shown that this has never been the case, not even in the old wild, wild west.

  2. This whole Progressive movement is too coordinated to just be happening. Is Davos where the "Star Chamber" meets? Are G7 and other such meetings just fronts for the Globalist Elite? It needs to be exposed as the light of knowledge will cleanse the problem.

  3. The revolution must be permanent and unending until everything is destroyed. I see it as a kind of luciferian nihilism and no wonder it embraces Islam.

    Was Mohhammed in communication with Gabriel or some other thing?

  4. And chaos and starvation will make the transition to cannibalism easier. Don't "eat the rich". Feed them (at least New World Order types) to our wildlife. Help preserve our predators!

  5. Liberals already have their Deity Barack Obama who they worship bow down to kiss his rings and wash his feet and treat as a God just like the Ancent Egyptians did with their Kings

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