The Failure of City Government

One of the most beautiful streets in America now looks like a ravaged inner city ghetto because elected officials won’t do their job.

However, liberals sort of like the feeling of living in a ghetto. You understand that better when you can wedge yourself into the liberal brain (make sure to wear a body condom).


Please, Keep the Chinese Plague going until November

Before the coming of the Chinese Plague, people caught the flu. COVID-19 seems to have cured the common cold and the flu because nobody gets that anymore.



There is a Reason for Virgins to Live


For all you BBQ Lovers


Ten in a Box

You shouldn’t need more than ten.


There are a lot of Haters

But the Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) has turned into a good personnel carrier. It was designed by committee, to be al things to all people and in that role it hasn’t measured up.

M-2 Bradley AFV


  1. Sir Samuel Baker carried a 4 bore, IIRC. I think he called it “baby”. Just think, a one quarter pound bullet!
    In the days before high velocity rifles, more mass of the projectile was the only way to increase power.

    • They worked. You could see daylight on the other side at the point of impact. Soft lead expanded when it hit bone, and smashed its way though. Not much hydrostatic shock, but they worked.

  2. the bradley was a nightmare to work on. ten tons of crap stuffed into a five pound sack…richmond was abandoned to the dregs decades ago. they want to tear down monument ave, have at it. problem is they are branching out into the countryside demanding we get rid of ours too. the pc yankee transplant crowd is clamoring to see who can be the most woke and signal their virtue the furthest. i’m sick to death of it all and i’d move to tennessee but i don’t know if i have another move in me. or that it would be any better out there in the long run.

    • One son-in-law/daughter are talking about a move to Tennessee. I’d rather see them in Arizona if they must move, but up to them.


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