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Deutschland (Uber Alles) and the United Nations
Germany announced that it will begin to push for the EU to have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Maybe they should give up their seat on the UN Security Council (their two year term as a temporary member begins this year)?
Personally I find the UN to be a complete waste of time, money and space, and being an American nationalist, I don’t think that I want to give up one inch of national sovereignty to the UN. I don’t  care what the EU does. The British were correct to vote for BREXIT. The French look to be heading for a change of government that might even push for FREXIT.
NATO became a European scam to have the US contribute to their national defense, while not seeing to their own needs. Germany is a hollow shell militarily, their navy is a EuroJoke. Yeah, that’s how I see it.

What Will YOU Leave Behind?

(LINK) Read more at the link about Weewarrasaurus pobeni.

The American Moon

“We landed there first. Therefore it should be OUR Moon.” There are suggestions that the US treat the Moon the same way as the Chinese treat the South China Sea. No Chinese landers. This would mean bases, missiles, and a real mission for the US Space Force. (cue Pink Floyd)

When you consider that we left 5 base camps there fifty years ago, we have more claim on the Moon than the Chinese had on the South China Sea before they started constructing bases on reefs. I have a Starship Troopers classroom scenario running in my head for some reason.

Comparing the GDP of US States to Countries

Sometimes it’s interesting to stop and reflect on how the US relates to other nations in terms of GDP. Read about it HERE.

Even though the socialist system is alive and well in California, it’s not as evolved as it is in Great Britain.
America’s largest state economy is California, which produced $2.75 trillion of economic output in 2017, more than the United Kingdom’s GDP last year of $2.62 trillion.  
Consider this: California has a labor force of 19.3 million compared to the labor force in the UK of 33.8 million (World Bank data here). It required a labor force 75% larger (and 14.5 million more people) in the UK to produce the same economic output last year as California 
California as a separate country would have been the 5th largest economy in the world last year, ahead of the UK ($2.62 trillion), India ($2.61 trillion) and France ($2.58 trillion).


Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) lost to Barack. Some say that he didn’t try hard enough. He’s been trying hard to take shots at President Trump from some sort of faux moral high ground that he occupies. I voted for him once. TODAY, I wouldn’t vote for him as city dog catcher in Bayonne, NJ (or any other city).

Leading Scientist Resigns

He says that it’s a scam. Duh. More HERE. Take a moment to read his resignation letter in full at the link (excerpted below)

From: Hal Lewis, University of California, Santa Barbara
To: Curtis G. Callan, Jr., Princeton University, President of the American Physical Society 
Dear Curt: 
When I first joined the American Physical Society sixty-seven years ago it was much smaller, much gentler, and as yet uncorrupted by the money flood (a threat against which Dwight Eisenhower warned a half-century ago)…

It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist.

7 thoughts on “Reading Tea Leaves

  1. The weather scam is truly genius in scope and sheer breadth of vision. So much money to be made out of thin air! Hot, cold, tepid, you name it, a potentially never ending source of revenue.

    Of course the Moon is ours.

  2. One of my all-time favorite quotes about the politics behind the science comes from a Nobel prize winning Physicist back in 2011. Dr. Ivar Giaver said, "In the APS it is OK to discuss whether the mass of the proton changes over time and how a multi-universe behaves, but the evidence of global warming is incontrovertible?"

    He goes on to question how it's possible to actually measure a global average to the claimed accuracy, what that number could possibly mean, and that it seems remarkably stable.

  3. If a woman who is too good to be true shows up, she's likely a robot (Ex Machina type). And naturally, despite what you hope, she will be an evil robot.

    Defend the Moon against all enemies, foreign and domestic!

  4. They're running under a Chicken Little scenario, where a cloudy day is incontrovertible evidence of 'climate change'. And of course it justifies a big tax.

  5. His interests don't seem to line up with America's interests, whereas President Trump's do. Maybe that's why Mr. Romney has been blaggarding him so furiously. The New World Order has been upset.

  6. Mitt isn't too popular with Trump voters now a days. Dogcatcher? way above his pay grade.

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