The Problem IN America (Part 2)

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“Americanism**” is not often practiced. Our Social Justice Warriors teach our young that they should value approved freedom of speech and thought; heretical ideas are to be stamped out by denying speech and punishing the heretics. It is no longer surprising to hear a college activist suggest that certain kinds of speech be forbidden by law.

**The practice of tolerance and “minding your own business,” belief in progress, self-sufficiency, and freedom of thought for all citizens regardless of sex, race, wealth, or heritage.

There are signs that popular culture has taken note of the tendency toward totalitarianism. In the feature film, The Hunger Games, a population is repressed and manipulated by a media-controlling central government. The movie version of the novel The Giver takes some shots at this mindset; a thoughtful review of the movie version in The Atlantic “What Is the Price of Perfect Equality?” gets at its politics:

Engels saw the institutions of family and private property as deeply entwined. Part of Engels’ objection to the institution of the family was that it involved a “progressive narrowing of the circle, originally embracing the whole tribe, within which the two sexes have a common conjugal relation.” Marxism’s benevolent tendencies are swallowed up by concern and preference for one’s immediate family, which becomes the unit of basic inequality…. Commerce and trade, it turns out, are just as dependent on the passions as the passions are dependent on commerce and trade.  Therefore, destruction of the traditional nuclear family is essential in the march toward a utopian socialist paradise.

Under a controlling regime there is far less reward for striving. Hard work is replaced by contentious committee meetings and political struggles for pieces of a shrinking pie. The increasing numbers of academics, government workers, and nonprofit workers operate detached from practical considerations of serving customers. It becomes easier to slack off, and so more people slack off. The endpoint occurs when the productive have fled or chosen more leisure over work, and the economy collapses after years of stagnation.

In the family sphere, we already see the endpoint in entire communities where single mothers struggle to raise children without benefit of a father to help and guide, young men are either in prison or involved in gangs, and intact families with bourgeois values are forced to move away. Women are taught that they are victims of oppressive males, and the enlarged State will take their side in any disputes and support them directly if they have children. What had been a safety net for people in tragic circumstances became a way of life for millions.
It took generations for feminists and Progressives to capture the commanding heights of government, media, education, and non-profit foundations. From their perches they have directed a campaign to change the culture and enlarge the State, and they have won.

The result of that victory is American leadership of the likes of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary.

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  1. Their victory does not include total and unconditional surrender of their opposition.

    Hebert Stein uttered the sentiment "if something can't go on, it won't." The end is indeed coming for this crap. Socialism or statism can't maintain itself in perpetuity. As the old hack goes, eventually socialism runs out of other people's money.

    How will the end of their failed policies manifest itself? Will we dissolve like Russia did, into little oligarchies that used to be called states? And who will control the assets formely held by the dissolved government? And how will that control be gained?

    These are all rhetorical questions, and I of course, with my huge bulging brain, have the answers to all of the above. They are rather ugly answers, however.

  2. Many of the churches wallow in the same mud hole as the progressives. There are a few that don't. But consider this: The big decision that a young heterosexual couple faces these days is whether to move in together. Marriage is a distant goal – years down the line. The nation is not moral and many churches pander to immorality, having given up the high ground for a full collection plate.

  3. If Hillary wins, the problem is even bigger than I think it is.

    I don't want to comment further in that regard.

  4. Russia is struggling with the detritus of the old Soviet Era hanging around its neck like an albatross. Nobody wants to move to Russia – perhaps with the exception of Muslim agitators.

    Will the new Amerika be Baltimore or Detroit? Those are the models that the progressives hold out as examples of the hope and change that following their lead will bring.

  5. When more negro babies are killed by their mothers in utero in urban hells such as New York City, Baltimore, Newark, and Detroit than are born – and the statistics are celebrated – while at the same time the negro communities riot because some thug died at the hands of the police, the system is beyond repair.

  6. What had been a safety net for people in tragic circumstances became a way of life for millions. – I agree with that.

  7. The UK is another classic example.

    I don't know of anyone who disagrees with a compassionate safety net for the poorest, for the crippled or disease ridden.

    The dole/welfare shouldn't be a way of life. There is a dignity to work, to accomplishing, to bettering, to renewing. None of that is bestowed on the "entitled" shiftless class.

  8. Yes, if Hillary Clinton assumes the presidency, then we are in for a cultural shock that made the 1960's look like Romper Room. The shit will hit the fan, and nobody will like it. Nobody, not even Hillary.

  9. She will be the Roman equivalent of Caligula. And you're right. Things will get serious. The best thing that she could do for herself is to go back under Clinton Foundation rock that she crawled from and do her best to scam her last shekels, because once she is no longer a contender, the river will dry up.

    Hillary, Bill and their respective camp followers will have to make due with a few paultry billion until the grim reaper comes calling. You're right. That's better than the hornet's nest that will be stirred up.

  10. Germany is another example. About 15 years ago, I went back to visit the US Army base where I was stationed outside of Frankfurt (Hochst), and visited what was back in my day in the early 1980s the secure TCAC (Technical Control and Analysis Center), part of a support battalion of the 3rd Armored Division (Elvis' old unit).

    The entire kaserne (military compound) had been turned over to the German government and abandoned by US forces. Inside this TCAC, a three room facility with no bathroom were two bums: Hanka and Willy, male and female cohabiting there. They let me look around at my old haunts, and told us a bit about their new digs.

    Willy and Hanka, the bums, were artists, with no visible means of support whatsoever. Willy from Slovenia, and Hanka called Germany her native land. They paid no rent, lived in complete squallor with dog feces in the middle of the large room. The German government kept the electricy on for them, gratis. They had a few horribly inefficient space heaters to provide heat in the winter, I bet the German government paid at least $1000 in electric bills when those things were blasting BTU's into the 2500 square foot facility.

    Long story short: bums live for free in Germany. You think the UK is way too easy with the handouts, the Germans are absolutely insane in letting their bums live the life of Riley.

  11. You start with a valid premise of removing obstacles impeding upward mobility. What doesn't change is the unyielding need to work your sorry ass off, that "keeping it real" isn't going to bring you the good things in life. Yet you are lead to believe you are "entitled" to those good things. We have a whole nation acting like kids that didn't get nice Christmas presents. Sorry children, you have to "pull the plow" for the man until you save enough to buy your own plow.

  12. There are more Turkish flags flying over Germany than German flags…who runs the place?

  13. Progressives deny that, preferring to believe that the people in fly-over country will pull the plow for them endlessly so that they can live on the bread earned by the little people. It's the typical socialist mantra until you run out of other people's money.

    Kipling: "The City of Brass"

  14. They have won, but I can only hope the silent majority is finally waking up…

  15. The majority of Americans are decent people with a keen sense of fair play and they do have common sense. They've been hijacked by the MTV generation and by "the people of the lie".

  16. For sure, the moral compass spins wildly. Let's see if SCOTUS makes being anti-gay marriage illegal.

  17. I don't think that they have the votes on the court to force bakers to make homosexual themed cakes. However, the sodomites will be offered a sop of some sort. I'm simply unsure of what form that will take.

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