Swamp Bulbs

There are a lot of leaders who are dim bulbs. Useful idiots are — with us always because they are both expendable and at the same time completely corrupt. Some like HRH Prince Charles, Kamala-the-Ho, Creepy Joe Brandon, and Pelosi believe their own press.

Handling these dupes is like lifting a turd from the clean end, but they are all managed by the swamp.


Identify the Aircraft


April 28, 1988

A convertible commercial jetliner is not a good idea. It’s just not.

Once you’ve landed the “thank you Jesus” moment is likely to continue well into the following week.


You think?


From the B-Bee

KYIV—According to international reports, Ukrainian president Zelensky is insulted by the Biden Administration’s meager offering of only $33 billion in deadly weaponry, which is less than half of the $86 billion Biden left for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“I’ll be honest, this hurts,” said Zelensky to reporters. “I thought our corrupt relationship with the Biden family actually meant something! You guys can’t even scrape up $86 billion like you did for the Taliban? Maybe you can just invade our country and then quickly pull out overnight and leave all your weapons here. That might work!”

Sources in Afghanistan reported that the Taliban has offered to “one-up” Biden’s offer with their own shipment of arms and ammunition to Ukraine since there are so many extra guns lying around and they don’t know what to do with them. “We are proud to help the good people of Ukraine,” said Taliban General Mohammed Mohammed. “We can send at least $60 billion in extra weapons! Enjoy!”

To avoid being embarrassed on the world stage, the Biden Administration has offered to sweeten the weapon offer by also paying off Ukrainian student loans.


A Matrix Meme – that’s sort of a Sermonette as well


May Day Festivities are antithetical to Christianity

AND, the day is celebrated by Communists everywhere. The Russians will celebrate Victory Day on Monday, May 9 this year. It will be an interesting show. Of course, the Russians are no longer communists. But it’s tradition.

How will you celebrate?


  1. I always point to that Aloha flight when people are going on about how you can’t shoot a handgun on an airplane, because it’ll explode (I also point out that jetliners are like 80 tons, and a whole lotta smaller planes got machinegunned and came home in WW2); also when I’m screaming at every idiotic movie “explosive decompression” scene.

    I wish people knew math.

    Never been a fan of Marxists trying to steal a perfectly good pagan fertility festival and make it all about oppression, but I’m generally up for an excuse to have a party. I don’t think much of any god that doesn’t want people to be happy sometimes. You can always go overboard with anything, of course.


  2. It still amazes me to observe a lot of people who have become slaves to their new found virtue in masking or vaxing, their lives must be so fragile they prefer living in a mass psychosis driven dystopia. Sad really. Maybe they were all experimented on by aliens in a former life that requires them to set their brains in a jar by the bedside table before heading out.

    As for the convertible airline, don’t be giving AOC any more ideas to add to her “the world is going to end soon so we need to save the planet” tortured logic.

    May Day huh…I remember this was a big deal in grade school never realizing it was/is a pagan ritual to the god’s (small ‘g’). I suppose I could do a Spring version of Burning Man in the fire pit while having a Guinness, toasting my Scots-Irish ancestry while MrsPaulM looks on thinking I’ve lost my marbles.

  3. I flew into Honolulu a few weeks after the Aloha airlines incident. Our landing path paralleled the pad the plane was parked on. Looking down into the passenger compartment was thought provoking to say the least!

  4. I am still working through my stash of incandescent lights I bought before the last time they were outlawed. Should last me for quite a while. Don’t know what it is but long life LED lights last about a year and incandescents last much longer at my place. I do find it a bit disconcerting that with all the problems going on that the powers that be focus n light bulbs.

    Definitely agree with the matrix meme. I still see a good percentage of people, especially the young adults, continue to wear masks outside. Don’t understand and am no longer willing to try to bend my brain that far.

    • I had some rough duty bulbs that were used in traffic lights.
      I can see why those were not commercially available.
      They’d have killed the market.
      Reminded me of that thread in Gravity’s Rainbow about the immortal light bulb that the authorities were trying to locate to destroy.

  5. Russians will celebrate on the 9th, but not for defeating America. Only the leftists have done that.

    • WW2/Great Patriotic War devastated Russia and the effects are still felt there. Having a parade to recall that win is cool. But they can never leave it at that.

      Now there is the war with Ukraine – and with the world really.

      We had a dutch oven cookout last night and a friend, former Police Chief, and I were talking about the present war we’ve declared with Russia. It’s one of those things bound to end badly for all concerned.

  6. What is with Democrats and war?
    WWI President Wilson (D)
    WWII President Roosevelt (D)
    Korean Conflict President Truman (D)
    Vietnam Presidents Kennedy and Johnson (D)
    Persian Gulf I President H.W. Bush (RINO)
    Persian Gulf II President Clinton (D)
    Iraq President Bush (RINO)
    Continue/escalate The Lightbringer (D/Communist)

    • In fairness, historically, the US has almost continuously been at war. the longest gap I could ever find was a few years during the Depression (the other one).


      • Just prior to our involvement in World War 1, we invaded Mexico for the limited purpose of bringing Pancho Villa to heel. More than 10,000 men—virtually every available unit of the Regular Army and additional National Guard troops—were committed to the expedition either in Mexico or its supporting units at Columbus, NM. I think that you could call it a “Campaign” but it was a war.

        • I think that it’s the first time that George Patton was mentioned in dispatches.

          On May 14, 2nd Lt. George S. Patton raided the San Miguelito Ranch, near Rubio, Chihuahua. Patton, a Pershing aide and a future World War II general, was out looking to buy some corn from the Mexicans when he came across the ranch of Julio Cárdenas, an important leader in the Villista military organization. With fifteen men and three Dodge touring cars, Patton led America’s first motorized military action, in which Cárdenas and two other men were shot dead. The young lieutenant then had the three Mexicans strapped to the hood of the cars like so many elk and driven back to General Pershing’s headquarters. Patton is said to have carved three notches into the twin Colt Peacemakers he carried, representing the men he claimed to have killed that day. General Pershing nicknamed him the “Bandito”

  7. My main gripe about LED bulbs is that they’re so damned noisy. The cheap ones pollute the RF spectrum form “DC-to-Daylight”, and even the “good” ones are noisy. I wouldn’t have beleived they could make so much wide-band noise until we moved here, and I put them all through the house. The recessed lighting in the basement workshop made so much racket on the FM band (88!108MHz) that they made listening to the local stations I like problematic until I got an outside antenna.

    Save The Filaments!

    • Me too…didn’t figure on that as we transitioned to LED’s in shop lights, barn lights, and individual bulbs to replace halogen track bulbs, but the noise was not expected. Reminds me of early product development testing by plugging an electric razor in and turning it on…pre-FCC Part B stuff.

      • And in their infinite (?) wisdom, the FCC now allows manufacturer’s to “self certify” their own equipment.

        Having been seriously involved in power supply design, including the early days of Switched Mode Power Supplies, I had grave doubts about the power supplies used in these things. The early PC power supplies were terrible; you could open the supply up, and see the pads on the circuit board where the filter components were supposed to be, but they had jumper wires instead to save a few cents on the parts cost.

        Some of the cheap LED bulbs I’ve seen were so noisy you could use them for a transmitter, or perhaps a jammer.

  8. A mere $33 billion?!? I too was shocked and saddened by this moral cowardice. Then there’s recent “friendly fire.” Wow, launching the Pelosi munition right into the heart of Kiev. No wonder Zelensky who is totally not a cokehead feels betrayed.

  9. re — LED
    I avoid them.
    The BLUE light they emit is destructive to the macula, the lining at the rear of the eye-ball.
    My mother had macular degeneration beginning in her late-60s, and was blinded while living to 93.
    For decades, she was dependent on family for meals and dressing.

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