French President Macron is urging the G7 to sell gold to the IMF to set up a new global central bank. The Biden regime is all over this since it’s supposed to fight climate change — whatever.

The EU plans to centralize gold holdings under the European Central Bank, with the long-term intention being to use it to help prop up a new global currency, the SDR (Special Drawing Rights), which is a mix of many currencies including Gold.

The ECB needs the physical gold for the revaluation and to balance their books. In the case of Italy, the physical gold can just be wheeled out since it is deeply indebted to the ECB. There are EU member countries that are not as indebted and a pretext is required.

Zero Hedge notes:

It is well understood within Italian circles that his liquidation of Italy is well underway and Mario Draghi was put in power to effect this.”

To get the rest of the gold from EU member states, however, they are going to have to run some kind of scam. Macron let the cat out of the bag by suggesting EU member states sell their gold holdings to provide loans to Africa for Covid. The buyers of this $100 billion worth of gold will be the IMF, setting them up nicely to be the next world reserve currency issuer and the central bank for the western world, replacing the US Dollar.

Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog writes that this plan will likely be accomplished unless Le Pen wins election in France, but they will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening, even if it means squandering any remaining legitimacy these people have left by committing outright fraud.

Biden Regime notwithstanding, the US elite is silent on the matter, seeing it as an attempt by the European elites to isolate and behead the United States and the Federal Reserve.

Luongo summarizes:

[Powell at the Fed is] not going to sell or revalue one ounce of the U.S.’s gold nor give up the commercial banking sector in the U.S. because the word came down from Klaus Schwab.

That said, the central banks know they are done with the current system and need a new one. To survive they will have to disconnect money from value and work. By doing that they disconnect you from your own value in the work you do. It’s that simple. The most efficient way to do that is to sell the gold and isolate those powers unwilling to go along with their plans.

And this all ties directly back to Macron’s innocent and innocuous-sounding request for the world to come together and help out poor Africa recover post-COVID and sell their country’s only tangible measure of savings left backing their rapidly devaluing currencies, their gold.


How Woke Are You?


Russian Coast Guard Krivak III-class frigate Dzerzhinskiy



As a boy scout, I earned two 50 Miler Awards. They are a leather patch (possibly originally intended to replace the soles of shoes).

I was thinking about back when the Boy Scouts of America were actual boy scouts. Progs ruin everything.

Retro Meme

DIA may be the least political of the US Intelligence Agencies – behind the US Geospatial Agency. I haven’t had any dealings with them for a while. There used to be a heavy nerd factor going on over there at the Pentagon. But they seemed to be earnest and people and people do get points for good intentions – when the rest of the field are scoundrels

The FBI self-styled to become an intelligence agency circa 2001. They were working on it before 9/11 but they were enabled by a hysterical Congress.  They moved from law enforcement to intelligence, retaining their Justice Department affiliation. They didn’t become full Gestapo (political intelligence police/secret police) for another decade or so. The Bureau copyrighted the image of their badge so if I posted it, they could go after me for doing that. It doesn’t matter. The image above is a better one anyway.

My favorite FBI scam has to do with large rewards for cartel kingpins. They put up straw men in Latin America to provide information which is relayed, a claim is made, but the Agents skim 95% of the reward and pocket it. With rewards north of $5 million being routine, they control the flow and return from their foreign assignments wealthy. There are other scams, of course, that the Office of Professional Responsibility tends to ignore.  The rewards are paid out in cash, the names of the informers are concealed – never mentioned in paperwork. It’s convenient.

Will the FBI own up to being responsible for the incursion into the US Capitol Building on January 6? Who but the FBI?  — don’t hold your breath.


  1. That is a beautiful ship. Her lines and superstructure remind me of the tuna clippers.

    How is it that any part of the government can copyright?

    When a private person, or even a company, would seek to reprint information gotten from the government, an FAA aeronautical chart as example, it would not be required they obtain permission from the government, they would not run afoul the law since that information is ‘owned’ by the public.

    It would be one thing to falsely claim to be an agent, but to wear or possess a facsimile of a government badge should not be unlawful. A government agency claiming copyright seems totalitarian; ‘it’s our because we say it’s ours’.

    • They can service mark the image of the badge. Not a copyright but a trademark. It’s legal to do. It’s shady and it’s wrong, but it’s legal.

    • It is a beautiful ship, but Russian and Soviet ships tend to be… rough. Nice lines, but death to work on or be on. From what I hear. Don’t know if it’s gotten any better since de-sovieting.

      • The Krivak series 1-3 are Soviet Era. Their surface fleet is almost all Soviet Era. In the five priorities of ship production, crew comfort is last. That wasn’t true of the Typhoon Class SSBN’s but it’s their philosophy. The Krivak configured for Coast Guard duties has a reduced crew size and refitted crew quarters, so they’re less horrible. I’ve been on an Udaloy and a Sovremmeny and was on the deck of a Krivak (Vietnamese Krivak 1, post-war) circa 1987. They were designed as an ASW platform and were modified by both the Russian and Vietnamese navies for general use.

  2. “We must have all your gold or the ice caps will melt and you’ll be racist. We’re building back better.” With each passing day the venal perfidy of our rulers waxes higher.

    For some reason this makes me think of Domenique Strauss Khan.

    • It’s a given that you’re racist. You have a blue dog. Why not a brown one like everyone else? You fly a Bonnie Blue Flag at the compound, to match the blue dog. That’s a healthy dose of hate for all things not blue – or so the theory goes. I don’t have a dog, which in itself, might be considered to be racist because an absence of brown dogs indicates intolerance of brown dogs – or so the theory goes.

    • Funny about that sea levels rising thing. Over at Powerline, there’s a photo of the G7 standing on the beach, with one of the outcomes of this G7 is to combat rising sea levels. Below it is a photo from the 1920’s… There is no sea level rising…

      • Heresy!!

        You need to be scourged as a witch for suggesting that the ice caps haven’t melted down as Al Gore predicted.

        • I would personally never suggest that Saint Al of Gore was unpredictable. I would, however, suggest that there’s just as much of South Padre Island showing above water now as there was when I was a kid growing up down there in the late ’50’s/early ’60’s.

    • DSK is Strauss-Kahn. His name suggests he is a descendant of the priestly class (Kahn, Cohen, Coen, Kahane are all cognates). He is not likely to be descended from the Mongol class.

      This under-representation of Mongol-Americans [1] in French/Euro politics is disheartening. But as a consolation prize, here is a Mongol band performing their song “Wolf Totem”.

      [1] there was some idiot reporter narrating a video taken in Nigeria or similar. This idiot was calling the native Blacks “African-Americans”. In honor of that idiot, everyone gets “-American” added.

    • Who knows with the Chinese? They could have lead ingots, painted gold, too. Nobody trusts them. Their neighbors all preparing to go to war with. them.

  3. Disclaimer. I’m no financial expert but I am a cynic. You can “buy” precious metals on paper. What happens when you want your purchase physically in your hands?

    • You can buy physical gold. There are a number of vendors including coin stores. For the last two years, I’ve specified payment in one ounce Krugerrands for work performed. The Krugerrands don’t have a monetary amount listed on the face and can move across national boundaries without filing out a CMIR (Currency and Monetary Instrument Report) that goes to FEDGOV. They are a commodity like coal or wood if they don’t have a value stamped on the face.

  4. The Global Climate Change/World Tax is a charade, smoke-n-mirrors sleight of hand to keep us Peon Subclass 2’s on our heels, a total grift to create an international ruling class by the backdoor.

    But that’s just me.

    BSA was my beloved until 15/16, loved every second of it even though back in the early 70’s leadership decided to urbanize it. Me, I used my dad’s Handbook, still had stalking and tracking, proper lashing and knots, marksmanship, etc. I need to go thru my footlocker one of these days, I think I have the 50 miler patch too. Never went to Philmont though, PA was a hike from NM.

    Mixing politics with anything tends to rot it from the inside out, and top down.The FBI is compromised at some level, when Barry Soetoro used them in an attempted coup against candidate Trump I suspect they have gotten better at their nefarious activities knowing there are zero consequence (Clapper, Comey, Strozk/Page, et al, have yet to go to prison…never will.) Local agents are likely good eggs.

    Nice boat.

    • Don’t trust local agents. Don’t trust any of them. I’m not saying that I hate them, but you can’t trust the organization or its people.

  5. Back in 2012, a strange little story unfolded about the German government wanting their gold “back” from the US, where we’ve been holding as much as half of their gold in the Fed’s vaults. This was part of the agreements turning the US Dollar into the world’s reserve currency.

    Shortening the story, the Federal Reserve said, “No.” They wouldn’t even let the Germans see their gold. That would have been like taking them on a tour of the vault, pointing out some gold and saying, “See that pile over there? That’s your gold.” Germany finally sent some staff to the Fed, and they were permitted only into the vault’s anteroom where they were shown 5 or 6 gold bars as representative of their holdings, and were permitted nothing else. A little strange?

    Again, this was 2012. The next year, the Bundesbank announced they would be moving 300 tons of gold from New York to Frankfurt in 8 years, or roughly 37.5 tons per year. In December of ’13, the Fed delivered the first 300 tons, and observers noted that some of the gold had been re-melted and re-cast.

    That created some suspicion, but they were told it was simply “measures to ensure that the specifications of the London Good Delivery (LGD) standard are met.”

    Full story in 2014 here. I suppose the means the last of the eight deliveries to Germany should be this coming December.

    I fully believe that more gold has been sold than actually exists in the gold trading market; more than can be delivered. I’m hoping that’s not true of gold belonging to governments, but I wouldn’t bet they’re being honest. Too much incentive for LCS (lying, cheating and stealing).

  6. “The Liquidation of Italy….” scary words.

    I have doubts about the accuracy of that gold chart. I thought China had much, much more than it shows, and as far as the US goes, does anybody really know how much gold we have? I doubt it.

    Famous, But Incompetent. Pretty much sums it up.

  7. Any truth to the story that the USSR took possession of Spain’s gold prior/during WWII and transported it to the Motherland to protect it from being seized by the Nazis?
    If so I wonder if Vlad is still “protecting” it?

    • That is true.

      I am sure that the Russians are still keeping it safe. Stalin moved the gold reserves east of the Urals. I don’t know where the Russian gold is now.

      As to the chart – who knows how accurate it is? The Russians mined a lot of gold with convict labor.

  8. On the bright side, there’s more than gold backing the us dollar, there’s the Plutonium Standard, too.


    • The plutonium standard kept us safe. Though with Jo/Ho controlling the trigger (or some oligarch) I am far less confident.

  9. Interesting ‘attempt’ to once again supplant the dollar as the world currency… I would say it won’t happen, but with Xiden, who knows…

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