The Passion of Jeb Bush

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When Jeb Bush speaks to two dozen supporters anywhere (there will be another two dozen from the mainstream media to puff out the ranks of the attendees), he expresses the frustration that he feels. He was told that his nomination was in the bag. His dad and older brother were US Presidents. He is ENTITLED to the presidency…at least in his mind. I don’t blame him, that’s how things work in the good old boy’s club.

This is what he sounds like:

And when Donald Trump steals his thunder, it sounds a lot like this:
I’m sure that Jeb is a nice guy to have lunch with, and he speaks Spanish, so that’s good. But the few people who show up to his speeches are part of the chum line. Many of them hope for position in the yet-to-come next Bush administration and showing support by listening (or nodding off) brings them hope of jumping on the gravy train.
He brings the promise of an even larger and more bloated bureaucracy, an even larger federal deficit, and an absolute lack of understanding of the rage that Americans (both Democrats and Republicans) feel outside of the gates of the country club. When you eat chateaubriand and monkfish, sometimes you forget that most of the people in ‘fly-over country’ are trying to feed their families with hamburger helper – and even then have their meatless days. Small companies struggle to make payroll as they are bound tighter and tighter with even more federal regulations that are expensive to implement.
In that, both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are circling the drain because of their ignorance – and the ignorance of their advisors, who also live inside the gates of the country club.

10 thoughts on “The Passion of Jeb Bush

  1. So when they clink their glasses of sauvignon blanc together and toast another trillion added to the debt, while the meatless hamburger helper on their consituent's plates are mentioned to them, they simply reply: 'let them eat foie gras.'

    And then wonder why their poll numbers suck.

  2. I don't think what Hillary has could be called advisors. There has to be a more accurate name for them.

  3. He's used to a very soft life and expects to be coddled…which is not the life lived by the rulers of Russia, Iran or China. Therein rests the problem.

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