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The days don’t dawn happy for conservative pundit George Will (once of ABC News, now working for Fox and writing articles)
(Washington Post) George Will writes: …Many South Carolina evangelicals, like those in Iowa, showed, shall we say, Christian forgiveness toward Trump, who boasts of his sexual athleticism, embraces torture and promises to kill terrorists’ families. Or perhaps these remarkable evangelicals think his myriad conversions-of-convenience (his serial adjustments of his “convictions” in time for this campaign) constitute being “born again.” This is an interesting interpretation of John 3:7
As the Republican Party contemplates putting forward this florid face, the Democratic Party, clinging to Hillary Clinton like a shipwrecked sailor clinging to a spar, celebrates her Nevada achievement. ‘Twas a famous victory.
Trailing clouds of seediness sufficient already to have convinced 56 percent of Americans that she is neither honest nor trustworthy, Clinton won only 53 percent against an opponent who says that, after seven years of a Democratic presidency, America is a fetid swamp of rising inequality and multiplying injustices. Criticizing Bernie Sanders for criticizing Obama, Clinton promises continuity with an administration that (according to a Gallup poll this month) has convinced 71 percent of likely general election voters that America is on the wrong track
Fredd writes: …The closest thing the establishment GOP has in the race now with any shot at the GOP nod is Marco Rubio. Recall, however, that only 5 short years ago, Marco Rubio won his senate seat DESPITE the establishment poobahs such as Karl Rove and his superpac backing the RINO Charlie Crist, Rubio’s primary opponent, over someone they considered of distasteful Tea Party ilk such as Rubio…
But George Will, who used to excoriate Rubio did not disparage him even though he has roots in the Tea Party, because he’s the old GOP’s last hope. Don’t get me wrong, Rubio isn’t an establishment candidate the way that the now defunct Jeb! was. However the (old) Grand Old Party hopes that with enough money and left owing enough favors, Rubio can be bent into a mainstream machine politician. They may be right. 
Ted Cruz has shown himself to be a very dirty campaigner, and for that reason more than any other, he will not get my vote unless it’s between Ted and John Kerry/Joe Biden (post Hillary general election). Cruz didn’t have to dip so low so soon, but he chose to
George Will, repellent and angry, is bitter at seeing that country club Republican class fade into antiquity. Watching Jeb! crumble must have been as agonizing as supporting Rubio for president must be.

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  1. You mean those satellite dishes on each side of his head? If he could hear out of those things, he might realize that the country is sick, sick, sick of 0bola's open border immigration policies and act accordingly.

  2. I'm just sick to death of the whole thing. Skim reading Matt Walsh's screed over at The Blaze really summed it up. Yeah, right, Matt – I always get my daily dose of wisdom from a 28 year old blogger whose claim to fame is ranting. Not.

  3. Yes, George Will is watching his establishment GOP wither in front of his very eyes. He was a dues paying, card carrying, three-bean-salad-to-the-GOP-picnic-bringin' Old Guard guy. It is HIS ilk that is being tossed to the curb. And he doesn't like it, not one bit.

    Now all he has left are his memories of those good ol' smoky, back room boys, and will likely bad mouth the new guys on the block until the cows come home.

    Welcome to the New Order, Georgie Boy. I know, losing sucks, but not everybody can win all the time: even the Old Guard.

  4. I think that if they could get the right publicity, the Tea Party could become a viable third party. The GOP is now RINO and no one seems to be into Constitutionalism anymore. If the Tea Party would stick to conservative principles like when he started out, it could happen. But the let the fringe nuts take over (or the MSM zeroes in on them).

  5. Is Rubio really a bat eared alien, masquerading as a normal man? He'd need powerful sonar devices to communicate with the "mothership."

  6. I was just over at your blog reading the update on Hitler's penis. I hate it when your blog is more interesting than mine is.

  7. They became indistinguishable from the Democrats, which is why the Tea Party began and started to change things. Now in the era of Trump/Rubio/Cruz they have nothing left. I was a Searchlight, NV when 15,000 Tea Party people descended on Harry Reid's house out there in the desert and held a rally. Brietbart (RIP) was there as were Palin and others. Nobody left trash around and everyone was orderly. Eventually Nevada Highway Patrol closed the highway. That afternoon there was a rally at Henderson and Coulter showed up. Quite a day. True grass roots anger at the lies and hate from the establishment that has been directed from the beltway.

  8. Whoever you vote for in the GOP field is either Tea Party (Cruz or Rubio) or there is Trump, who I like. Trump is not a Republican. He's not a politician. He's a businessman who has had to show RESULTS, which is not a function of politics. Trump has not lied, near as I can tell. I watch what he says VERY CLOSELY, not the attack ads.

  9. I'm still scared of Trump…though my one hope is that if he becomes president, that he fires people (State, Education, EPA, etc., etc.).

    One thought – why isn't that used at all in his campaign? "When I get in there, I'm going to say, 'You're fired!" a lot." I guess he doesn't want to scare away all government employees – its a huge amount of voters…

  10. That's what is needed in America right now: a CEO. Someone who has met payroll year in and year out. Somebody who has been on the green side of the ledger, and not living on the red side. You couldn't possibly pick a greater disparity among presidential choices: Bernie or The Donald. Uncle Donnie, admittedly born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has taken the ball and run with it. Bernie has never even run so much as a hotdog stand, or even built a dog house, much less put up a skyscraper or two like Donald has. Bernie's resume is thinner than Barack Obama's – and that is saying something.

    Who would be better at turning a country that's broke around quicker than a guy who understands what a bottom line means? Bernie has to be the dumbest guy to ever run for president, well besides Al Sharpton. Or Dennis Kucinich. But other than those two guys, Bernie takes the cake..

  11. He needs to fire every damn person at the Veteran's Administration. All of 'em. Ditto with all those lay abouts at the EPA, every damn dirt bag there.

    I could go on….

  12. Cruz Campaign Fires Communications Director Rick Tyler. More false allegations came out of the Cruz campaign, this time directed at Rubio. Cruz fired him. He needs to clean up his act or Cruz will go down the trash chute of political obscurity. There are levels of incivility that are tolerated and there are levels which can't be.

  13. I could live with a Rubio. If he's the last man standing, he'd certainly get my vote. I would have preferred Carly Fiorina, but all of those geniuses in Iowa and New Hampshire have decided that I don't get to vote for her, since my primary is in March. I feel somewhat disenfranchised. Maybe I will start a 'Norwegian Lives Matter' movement. Who's with me?

  14. Rubio won't fire them. He's too mainstream. He owes too many favors to donors and special interests. He's a good man, but he has baggage. Trump's baggage is different but he's not afraid to to fire people and balance a budget.

  15. Carly was up against a bigger CEO, who was willing to call BULLSHIT on the whole thing. If Carly had done that, she would have been labeled "a bitch", which she is, but it would have stuck.

    I have tried to live my life by asking "What would George S. Patton do?" I like that Carly tried to do that, but Trump pulled it off.

  16. I can't muster any enthusiasm for any of them but will vote for anyone not Shillery/Biden/Kerry. Although no longer in his district, my financial support this cycle is going to Mike Coffman (R) Colorado 4th for his ongoing fight with the VA.

  17. The VA alternates between adequate in some locations and despicable in many many more. Somebody needs to overhaul the system with near dictatorial power (which is lawful in the Executive Branch). Overall, the VA is a national disgrace.

  18. Bush spent roughly $31 million per delegate for his 4 delegates. If he'd simply led off with a "I know where Hitler's penis is", he might have done better than he did.

  19. Anyone who can piss off the Democrats, Republicans, and the media all at once has to be doing something right.

  20. Will and his ilk are stewing in their own juices at the possibility of a GOP candidate they cannot control, and one that refutes their 'conservative' logic for what it really is.

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