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John (Swiftboat) Kerry is pushing hard to take Hillary Clinton’s slot when she’s indicted. This is genuine scoop and you can take it to the bank. Sure, he’s run for president before and lost. The photo (right) suggests that he may try a win by hypnosis this time. Some people suggest that he needs to try something new to ‘energize the base’.

So it might not be Biden vs Sanders when Hillary stumbles.  The party needs to pick somebody and based on good inside information, that person will be Kerry. Biden is senile and they don’t have confidence that he won’t gaff himself to an early loss. Sanders is not a bought man and the Democratic Party only runs people that they own body and soul (literally).

The Clinton win by 5% over Sanders in Nevada yesterday signaled to the Dems that she’s a weak candidate and only served to reinforce her lack of standing with voters should she be the nominee.

Allegations of irregularities during the caucus by Hillary’s operatives have surfaced and nobody should be surprised. The only thing that should surprise us is that Bernie Sanders is still alive.

Sanders leads in polls in many battleground states though he is expected to lose in South Carolina to Clinton next weekend.

Trump won South Carolina as predicted, by double digits. Rubio and Cruz tied for second. Jeb! dropped out after outspending all of the other candidates combined and finishing with dismal numbers. The verdict is that America didn’t want him.

(Fox News) Regarding the South Carolina Republican Primary: “If the race is a three way race, then it really is a toss-up, who of the top three will get it,” Krauthammer said. “If it remains a six man race [or] a five man race that means that Trump will romp all the way to the nomination, because he will dominate if the so-called establishment vote is split.”

Carson and Kasich are not dropping out of the race…

Trump’s victory in South Carolina shows the inherent weakness in the Cruz campaign. Ted should have won SC easily if he dominated the evangelical ranks the way that he claimed to have and the way that the political class said that he did.

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  1. "Uncle Donnie" looked good in South Carolina. Jeb! looked bad. Ted and Marco looked mediocre. Kasich and Ben looked like they should have dropped out after New Hampshire.

    I have heard Kerry's name kicked around a bit, we'll see if your scoop turns into Dem gold, LL. I tend to trust your site more than any MSM outlet. If true, I'll dance a little jig, trust me on that. I think Americans distrust Kerry every bit as much as they distrust the old, fat lesbian crone. He has no chance at the Oval Office. None.

    I am curious as to how the Hillary indictment will be received by the MSM. Will it have above the fold coverage on every rag in the country as Nixon's woes did? I have a feeling they will try to downplay this mess as much as possible. I even doubt that George Stephanopolis will even mention it.

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  3. Steffy-the-Dwarf is a Clinton Employee. He'll say what they tell him to say.

    Kerry wasn't a good candidate the last time that he ran, but he's been talking to the DNC and they are listening. Biden is getting senile and isn't up to the stress of a race. The bench is very narrow and they fear a Bloomberg run in a third party slot, which would destroy any hopes of a Democratic Party victory.

    The Hillary fall will be chalked up to partisan politics even though her party is in power and the lemmings will swallow the lies.

  4. Yes they are.

    I laughed out loud when I heard the news, but they need somebody to fill those comfortable shoes — somebody that the Clintons approve of. Kerry was discussed in Clinton circles as Hillary's Vice Presidential pick early on, so in a sense, the succession would follow from that.

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