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Pimping Grand Canyon tourism shamelessly.

The largest canyon in the Solar System cuts a wide swath across the face of Mars. The Valles Marineris, extends over 3,000 kilometers long, spans as much as 600 kilometers across, and delves as much as 8 kilometers deep. By comparison, the Earth’s Grand Canyon in Arizona, is 800 kilometers long, 30 kilometers across, and 1.8 kilometers deep. (Arizona’s Grand Canyon is more convenient if you want to visit, though)

A leading hypothesis holds that it started as a crack in the crust billions of years ago as the planet cooled. The absence of tectonic plates meant that the crack remained.



Trying to Remain Valid

Barack Hussein Obama

His shameless spying on the Trump Campaign, accompanied by fraudulent FISA warrants and the persecution of General Flynn are glossed over by the mainstream media, as they try to keep Barack in the game.

He’s half black and that means that he can’t be a racist, right? And he’s not happy that President Trump used his pen to undo the Obama legacy (such as it is) in a few weeks on taking office. And he’s married to a woman who might be Slow Joe Biden’s pick for the vice presidency.

But does anyone care about Barack anymore? Does anyone seek him out to listen to his opinion? Will he be a key advisor in a Biden White House? Or are there other pretenders to the throne who are more likely to occupy that position?

And what if the unthinkable happens and there is another four years of a Trump Presidency?  Will Obama ever complete his Presidential Library if he’s in custody? Would Barack be able to share a cell with Hillary Clinton? They have a lot to talk about, don’t they?

What if Al Gore was right, the oceans rise, and it floods out Barack’s swanky mansion at Martha’s Vineyard? So many questions so few answers. Why would Barack buy a mansion on the seashore if he was convinced that Global Warming was real and the oceans were destined to rise as the polar caps melted?

Moving on.


New Zealand’s Gun Crimes Spike

New Zealand Gangs

On April 5, 2019, three days after New Zealand’s Arms Amendment Act 2019 advanced from its first reading in parliament, The NRA noted that “[g]iven the abundant research on Australia’s similar gun confiscation efforts, New Zealand officials can expect that their gun control measures will do little more than trample the natural rights of gun owners​…”

This week the first evidence vindicating this position came in when Radio New Zealand (RNZ) published figures it had obtained from the government showing that for last year crime involving firearms was the highest it had been since 2009.

That won’t surprise any of this blog’s readership.

The Black Power NZ gang  gang was formed in New Zealand by Maori and Polynesian men as a response to feeling marginalized in a colonized nation according to their lawyer. They’re emblematic of the growing organized crime groups in New Zealand, none of which have handed over their firearms.

Gangs and criminal organizations are a fact of life for anyone living in New Zealand. So are the firearms related crimes that they commit.

The government says that they can protect honest citizens from these organized criminal enterprises that prey on the honest, the hard working, and the unarmed. Sure they can.


  1. I don’t know LL, my ex wife I believe had a larger, longer trench then the Valles Marineris… I’ll stop be uncouth now.

    • @Cederq – You owe me a new keyboard. This one just got drenched in coffee.

      @LL – Dindu’s gonna do what dindu’s do. I was living in the Chicago area in the 60’s, and remember the times well. I was living in L.A. (Redond oBeach, actually) when the Rodney King festivities took place. We could smell and see the smoke rising in South Central.

      And still they do it, again, and again. Time to form up the Roof Koreans again…..

      • Cederq, somebody needs to call Guiness and get the documentation down.

        DRJIM, The looting will continue until somebody starts getting serious about it. I welcome all looters and pillagers to visit the Arizona Highlands, where there is no phone service, and try to rip people out of their cars the way that they’re doing in San Jose. The back hoes would be busy,

      • They could use roof Koreans there in ̶M̶o̶g̶a̶d̶i̶s̶h̶u̶ Minneapolis. They wound up with Street Somalis instead.

        • Roof ROKs in South Central Los Angeles are no small matter. They stacked up the inner city people like cord wood. The meat wagons came and went. None of them were ever charged.

          • I would love to hear the inside on that one- the only things I have ever seen in the press were pictures of guys on the roof, armed, with the implication the thugs were scared off, with little actual shooting.

            And while you are at it, WTH really happened in Vegas?

      • Each of us needs to cooperate with out neighbors to be our own Roof Koreans. It will be difficult for some, as we as a whole don’t value friends or neighbors as we once did. I’m doing what I can. The story about the lone survivor prevailing over all odds can be entertaining, but little more. We need other people.

        • I’ve invited ANTIFA and their friends to the Arizona Highlands several times on this blog. We have training, capacity, ammo, and back hoes. (not their favorite kind of hoe, I’m afraid) The problem in cities like Little Mogadishu/Minneapolis is that they police are staked against the people engaged in self defense, not those who would do them harm.

          You’re right. It’s not a Lone Survivor situation. It’s a community reaction. If the police can’t protect the citizens, they need to join together and protect themselves. Let their peers judge them…

  2. I remember some of the gang members in NZ being asked at the time of the mosque shooting laws being floated if they were for the laws (of course they were), and if they were going to hand in their guns (your kidding right?).

    Meanwhile in Australia, most of the state governments took the Covid crisis as a an opportunity to ban the sale of firearms and ammunition, and close gun stores. Of course there were justifications like concern about use in domestic violence, but it’s pretty easy to see the holes in those arguments.

    • What does the Chinese Plague have to do with private firearms ownership? I realize that government autocrats will use any excuse to disarm the public. Look at the knife problem in the UK. They’ve banned knives. Did it stop stabbings?

      • The excuse given was initially that the stress of the plague would lead to firearms owners committing domestic violence. Despite the hoops you have to jump through to prove you’re a level headed law abiding subject.
        When that was questioned there was some vague rumblings about a surge in applications (probably more to do with the drop in the aussie dollar making everything more expensive).
        Eventually one of the advocacy groups launched a challenge in court and some states rolled it back to allow farmers and professional shooters to buy ammunition. The whole shit show has crushed a few of the smaller dealers though.

        It’s only now that things are slowly getting back to normal, including being allowed to go shooting, hunting and fishing. Guarantee it was pretty much entirely down to some left leaning bureaucrat with no understanding of the laws with a “guns are bad” attitude.

    • I heard about that but haven’t seen it yet. Yeah, what a shame. What a loss to the ghetto.

  3. If we ever get to the Grand Canyon, will you give the tour?
    Unlikely for a few years now; but it could happen. Maybe.

    You know if Biden is elected he will never be the president. I know you know that. Lord please give us four more years of President Trump. But who after that, is a big question, too.

    You all be safe. God bless and protect you.

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