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Frank v Don

I never thought that the Pope would work as hard as he did to boost Donald Trump’s political future. Well done, Francis.
And from the What’s for Lunch file: 
Nevada Republican Caucus
I’ve heard that the Rubio people are hopeful that he’ll win NV today, but the i-Ching has other things in mind.  He’s polling third but I think that he stands a chance of coming in second. Trump is projected to win. I think that Nevada is an easy state for him because he’s Trump. Maybe Cruz’s firing of his communications director will clean up his filthy campaign. I would like to think so. I hate to think poorly of Ted, what with all of the ‘praising Jesus’ that he’s doing to pull in votes…Yes, I think that Ted Cruz is being insincere.

More on China and the Spratly Islands

The Washington Post and other news services reported on 22 February that commercial imagery shows that the Chinese have added probable radar systems, communications towers and lighthouses or beacons on four of their reclaimed islets in the Spratlys,
The Chinese continue to make improvements on the seven islands/islets that they control and have reclaimed. The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative reported last summer that several of the reclaimed islets already contained radars and naval guns or anti-aircraft guns. 
The recently imaged equipment appears more advanced, but still is “dual use” in that it has commercial and military applications. The equipment should provide surveillance advantages in a remote part of the South China Sea and should improve the safety of navigation, at least for Chinese ships and craft. 
The Chinese will contend that the electronics equipment is benign and does not signify militarization, but rather ownership — they are just monitoring their sea borders and the neighbors.
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi might make those points during his trip to the US from 23 to 25 February. The Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on 22 February that China’s limited defensive improvements, including basing air defense missiles in the Paracels, was no different than the US defending Hawaii. She said Chinese actions in the South China Sea should not be an issue in the Foreign Minister’s talks in the US. I have no idea what Pres. Obama will have to discuss with China, because I thought that he gave away the store, but apparently there is more to give up.

23 thoughts on “Telling Tuesday

  1. Pope Francis is a hard left guy, no doubt about it. He simply doesn't understand capitalism (nor does anyone, really, from South America). He just doesn't get it at all.

    Of course, neither did Jesus when you come right down to it. Gordon Gecko had a better grasp of how economies work to benefit its participants than either the Holy Father or the Son of God.

    Now I suppose I better watch out for bolts of lightning heading my way….

  2. Because the catholic church has never built walls of protection to hide their hypocrisy …hahaha….

    Walls have been built, torn down and built and torn down. Follow that circle. I don’t think walls are the answer.

  3. I've always liked landmines in conjunction with walls and pre-sighted artillery on call, but I'm like that. Blend it with C-130 gunships orbiting overhead and it's a winning combination. Peace, through superior firepower.

  4. People say that violence is no solution but the certainty of that response has always worked for me. It's how you keep people with different backgrounds polite.

  5. Certainly separates the wheat from the chaff.
    Personally, I think the answer to most things is hot sex and a bacon sandwich.

  6. Someone really needs to have a word with F1's PR team… and I have to say, smart of the Vatican keep hold of its fortifications.

  7. I have to vociferously disagree with LL on this one: landmines are no way to go. Now, Claymore mines, those are sweet. You can find them once you need to, unlike buried landmines. All you gotta remmember is to read the labeling on those Claymores ('This side towards enemy') and you'll be fine.

  8. The thing with Cruz is a lose/lose for him. If he knew about what his campaign manager did, it's a lose. If he didn't know – why not? Another lose.

  9. Command detonation works. There is also something to be said about the new and improved landmines that you can turn on and off.

  10. The walls work, don't they. They've also worked between Israel and Palestine since they went up fifteen years ago.

  11. Cruz has been playing dirty since Iowa and it changed my opinion of him. His mantra is that he's the only "Godly" candidate. The move against Carson was underhanded in the extreme and since then it only got worse in SC and now NV. You're right. it's lose/lose for him – best not to do it and run clean on who you are and what you represent.

  12. Land Mines –Go back to 1990/91 and the Gulf War. I was at at Ras Al Mishab, Saudi Arabia and we were inserting Iraqi agents into Kuwait from the sea. The landmines that the Iraqis placed there were very close together (danger of a sympathetic detonation), but we didn't know it. The agents didn't get very far. Nasty business.

  13. F1's PR team are doing a great job, I think. Look at Lewis Hamilton – I made friends with him on Linkedin!

  14. Did you tell him about hot sex and a bacon sandwich – or was it a sex sandwich and hot bacon…I forget? OR did he just want to be your friend?

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