The Morning After, The Day Before

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The results of the Iowa Caucus are not yet in and the airwaves are clogged with opinions. I’ll summarize my feelings on the matter briefly by reading the tea leaves.

It doesn’t matter who in the Democratic Party wins or loses because the FBI will refer the criminal investigation it’s conducting on Hillary Clinton to the Justice Department for prosecution.

(yes, I realize that I may be showing faith in a system that was clearly broken during the years of ObamaNation – sorry if I’m too much of a Pollyanna)

The shrill, pear-shaped lesbian, pictured far left, will shift her delegates (tearfully) to somebody other than Bernie. Possibly Joe Biden? Sanders won’t be allowed to be the Democratic Party’s nominee even if he wins because the Party will change the rules on him if he’s close.

That will cause an upheaval because there is a groundswell of angst and revulsion among a certain class of Democrats, resulting in Sanders forming a third party (“The Progressive Party?”).

It’s always the Democrats who snicker when Republicans threaten to form a third party, but the snickering may stop if this happens. Or they could arrange for Bernie to have a convenient heart attack. He’s like 100 isn’t he? If they need advice on how to manage that, they have Bill and Hillary close at hand and they can consult – for a fee.

For all of the struggle that the GOP is having in the nominating process, it’s nothing compared to what will happen to the Democrats because of their failure to allow an honest nominating process within their political party.

And moving on, the Sunday talk shows will be full of pundits who are working to sway voters this way or that in order to preserve their pocket books (for the most part), which are filled by parasites who lap at the troughs of those who own the Washington Beltway.

There are other things going on in America, but nobody is reporting on them with any interest. I get it. The focus is on the big show and can we reverse the damage done to the nation over the past 7 years?

13 thoughts on “The Morning After, The Day Before

  1. This should be interesting today, LL.

    I'm headed to Costco later which is always soothing. The Feb. coupon book has $3.00 off the 8 pack of Angus Cheeseburgers bringing the individual cost down to about $1.24. They're way better than anything you can buy at a fast food place and handy to have around.

  2. I don't plan on looking at much until the polls begin to close. There are a lot of people from outside Iowa trying to influence the primaries. They annoy me.

    I have eaten the 8 pack Angus sliders that are sold at Costco. They're ok. I prefer the packs of frozen White Castle sliders (sold at the local grocery store). Both are ok, but as a snack-on-the-run, the little White Castle units are more satisfying to me.

  3. A caucus is kinda interesting. I'm secretary of my precinct tonight so I probably won't state my piece for a candidate, but listening to everyone else give their opinion is entertainment at its best! I suspect most of the state will be wrapped up by 9PM – the new app that Microsoft put together should make life much easier and avoid the crap that happened here last year. Regardless, Iowa will provide her quad-annual entertainment before the focus shifts to New Hampshire . . . you're all welcome! :)

  4. Thank you. And the media thanks you for all of the advertising dollars that they've been raking in with endless speculation on how y'all will roll.

    A caucus is an honest form of grass roots selection and which ever way Iowa goes, it will be a fair reflection of people's feelings.

  5. There's a headline today on Fox about how Hillary's hapless behavior at trying to hide what she was up to on her home e-mail server may be putting people's lives at risk (

    I said to myself, 'she's the Bitch of Benghazi for heck sake'. It's not as though having blood on her hands would be something new or novel. Just wait until she's Commander-in-Chief.

  6. I have now entered my bomb shelter, outfitted with 57 years of provisions, an electric generator powered by gerbils, and an air filter. Send me a note when the fallout clears.

  7. I grew up in Illinois, home of White Castle burgers.

    While the frozen ones are pretty good, a fresh-from-the-grill White Castle is an awesome thing to enjoy!

  8. Since the nearest White Castle is about 1,400 miles away, I must content myself with the frozen ones.

  9. You will emerge to a land where aliens rule. They will have imitated the Disney "It's a Small World" ride, and all you will hear for the rest of your life is that annoying song, sung by legions of dolls.

    So much for your bomb shelter and 57 years of freeze-dried food.

  10. When I first saw that fish I thought it may have come from the flood waters of your backyard. Glad you're OK.

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