I’ve been busy, but I share this humble offering as another calendar page is ripped off:

First an homage to Matt Lauer, disgraced NBC Today Show host:

Speaking the universal language of love to a female NBC employee

Second, a homage to Rep. John Conyers

L’Amour, L’Amour Toujours  

Third, a homage to former President Bill Clinton

Mon cheri, would you put on your blue dress?


  1. I think it is too much drama now. But it will continue and increase in strength until the last offended is interviewed. CNN is doing their best to implement the Gerasimov Doctrine and they get help by Flynn who is also doing his best. I guess they also will figure out that Twitter originally was developed by the former KGB and successfully implemented in the US.

  2. OMGosh PEPE LE PEW! I love Pepe, and he loved some Penelope Pussycat. I was never happier when I got to see Pepe cartoon before the main movie when I was a kid.

  3. Maybe an introduction to General Valery Gerasimov and his doctrine would be useful here: General Valery Gerasimov, the Chief of Staff of the Russian Federation’s military, developed The Gerasimov Doctrine in recent years. The doctrine posits that the rules of war have changed, that there is a “blurring of the lines between war and peace,” and that “nonmilitary means of achieving military and strategic goals has grown and, in many cases, exceeded the power of weapons in their effectiveness.” Gerasimov argues for asymmetrical actions that combine the use of special forces and information warfare that create “a permanently operating front through the entire territory of the enemy state.”

    Gerasimov posits (correctly) that you can wage war much more cheaply if you engage in war by other means. He suggests that the ends are the same. Washington DC's war against itself with the Russian nexus indicates he's on point.

  4. Ripples from Weinstein – then the Dems decided to go all in by attacking Roy Moore. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

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