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Photo of the back yard. Note moisture.
It’s not really that much of a crisis. In Southern California, crisis can best be defined by temperatures below 60 at night and any measurable amount of rain. Since the local news is defining it as a winter storm crisis, I thought that it might be worth blogging about. You will note that in the photo (right) a battle lantern has been laid out on the table.
If the chairs are wet, how can I bar-b-que my steak and enjoy it there in nature? Ok, the more that I think of it, the more that it’s turning into a crisis. We will convert the filet into stew meat and will eat soup at the hacienda tonight (since nobody in SoCal goes out in the rain unless they are pressed to). Here, the freeways turn into parking lots, much as one would expect from a zombie apocalypse, except that there are no zombies afoot — that I know of. There are Muslims, but they seem to be staying in.

If it rains like this next weekend, the outdoor BBQ Super Bowl party will
be placed in jeopardy. I wonder if we would qualify for Federal Disaster
funding through FEMA? Note, the wind knocked a pool chair over.

Some of you are asking yourselves whether or not I’ve gone off my rocker. I assure you that I have, but that’s beside the point. People in Southern California are looking for your pity that we must deal with rain.

There are many differences between living in the city and living in the country. One of them is mud. Even if I go out now, in the rain (and naturally it would be brave of me to do so), I’d just be walking on concrete pavement, an asphalt street or grass. No mud. No need for mud rooms in a home. Winter clothes are the same as non-winter clothes here.
It’s a day to stay in, write creatively and make warm soup.

23 thoughts on “A Local Crisis

  1. Feel your pain . . . 14" headed this way tomorrow and Tuesday. Big discussion here is whether the wife should take jammies to work tomorrow night . . . or just be confident that her x3 can make it home . . . 🙂 Think she's takin' her jammies . . .

  2. You are losing the war on weather in Southern California. Did you really have to send that rain over to us in Arizona? Remember that Arizonans are genetically incapable of driving when water falls from the sky. Have pity on us.

  3. I await the day a 2.5 day 36" blizzard hits SoCal. Particularly Montecito. Would Al Bore evacuate in his private Jetstream ahead of the hit, or would he stick around to slum it out with the messy masses in order to point out how it was all linked to anthropogenic global warming?

  4. The weather is touch-and-go. As LSP comments above, we may be losing the war against the weather —- then again, California is in a drought situation so maybe we're winning? Somebody call Al Gore for a read on the situation.

  5. Al would fly to Hawaii to give a speech to a climate change conference and would allow the plebs to dig his house out of the drift.

  6. Wind blew last night. It wasn't a lot of wind, but still — wind. Thanks for your concern for my welfare. I prefer a breeze. ;^)

  7. You SoCal lightweights! Get you mac on and get out there! Nothing like eating barbecued meat in the wind and rain 😉

  8. We're more accustomed to balmy weather, a dip in the pool, a casual bbq'd meal and then lay out and get a bit of tan.

    There is something alien in clouds and rain, but I can faithfully report that now the sky are clear and things are getting back to normal.

  9. The lawn chair blown over, and the chairs wet??? My God, man. Ma Nature can be a bitch sometimes. But keep a stiff upper lip. You will recover. You have that American Spirit the Democrats hate so much.

  10. I showed a lot of initiative today. I walked outside, taking the trash out, and set the chair back up properly. I know, time to take a break, right?

  11. That's a crisis in So Cal! Hard to fathom, but if you cut up a filet for stew/soup meat you have surely crossed the cattle guard into the badlands…

  12. Well, Sending a big T bone steak (grass fed/30 days grain finish) to the address listed would be a start…

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