6.8 mm Bullet Points:

* Mining for Cobalt (in the USA) It’s an interesting piece from Sharyl Attkisson.

* The New Army announces, “we’re here and we’re queer”. I read an article in Army Times wherein leaders in the Pentagon vow to keep the Army as queer as they are able despite the negative press that they get for the new gay/tranny/black military. Yes, recruiting numbers are off severely and retention presents problems, but the ‘queen berets’ will press forward to build an all-electric, green agenda in addition to the sexually re-imagined Army.

No these are not the soldiers who stormed the beaches at Normandy, but they are here to fight climate change. They’re serious warriors -and don’t expect them to turn in their camo for pink and leopard print leotards anytime soon.

Recruiting needs to be refocused toward communities that identify as mostly homosexual because the efforts to turn straight soldiers into a  transitional or to a gay lifestyle requires more effort and money than the acquisition of new weapons systems. The new “We’ll scratch your eyes out” motto of today’s army is expected to create fear in the hearts of America’s enemies.

Cynics suggest that concentrating American homosexuals and transexuals in the military may present an opportunity to reduce their numbers sharply in the event of a war.

* I love it when “personalities” go at each other asking the age-old question, “Who’s the bigger narcissist?“. Megyn Kelly and Kim Kardashian each try to be more significant than the other. Kelly is trying to say provocative things and appears places because she’s 51, still looks good, but you can’t cheat the reaper forever. She’s in a battle to remain relevant – possibly a contract is coming up for renewal? Kim’s ass is even larger as if anyone thought that was possible and was boo’d at a football game. So she may not be more popular than Joe Brandon.

* PayPal, the Woke Watchman – After PayPal sent out a new policy that announced large fines for users who spread “misinformation,” the online payment company’s stock took a tumble on Monday. In the midst of heavy criticism, the company claimed the new policy was sent out “in error.” Some call it pinching off a big turd in the punchbowl.

* Finding a new Scape GoatThe Brandon Regime is scrambling to figure out who to blame for rising gasoline prices.  Nobody buys the Putin dodge, OPEC doesn’t play well with focus groups. Big Oil simply points out that the regime doesn’t let them drill and the pipelines were demolished.


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From the Coast of Capri



    • He is a lot worse than Oz… but why is Oz even on the ticket? That is even more to the point. Is Oz the best that Republicans can come up with in Pennsylvania?

      • Apparently Oz is the best they can do, but they’ll say he’s way better than Fetterman in “comparison”, which is pretty low bragging rights.

        I am not surprised the Lefty’s are turning themselves inside out to make Hoodie Shrek a viable candidate instead of sending him packing. He is a deliberate placeholder for whomever Wolf wants to appoint, assuming He wins. Inside scoop from the brothers is he won’t, they’re saying Oz wins. They say Pennsylvanian’s voting Oz are staying mum to avoid the reprehensible social backlash. Can’t be a coward tho, gird up those loins. (Art of Manliness has always been a great site.)

        • I’m going to go out on a limb here and offer my trail surgeon skills and remove that big, nasty growth on the back of Fetterman’s neck. I usually don’t need much more than a knife, a ball-peen hammer to stun him, a little surgical thread — and a needle. I’m not all fancy like Mike_C.

          Does anyone want to lay me odds that under the skin I’ll find a space alien that’s been communicating through Fetterman (a skin puppet)? I saw their like on Babylon 5. It’s not as if it’s unique or anything.

          • “It’s NOT a tumor” (Arnold in Kindergarten Cop).

            But could be Quato from Total Recall as has been memed, “Open your mind.”

        • No matter who you are or how you try, you will not beat the clock. People try surgery that is often disfiguring, or they buy a fancy car (midlife crisis), but the pendulum is relentless and it will win.

  1. I read a report that blames the low recruitment on the economy. In the past, that led to more recruitment, but like most things in the past, such things are now canceled, and we must not question those that gained their position because they are not white men.

  2. The minority community is not flocking to the CRT-ridden Army and most homosexual men instinctively avoid military service, though lesbians seem to find refuge in the ranks. What the future holds is unwritten.

  3. When I was in, one of the quickest ways out was to go Brokeback Mountain with your buddy. I probably wouldn’t want to join now if I was of age.

    • Today if you went Brokeback Mountain, you’d be advanced and would likely get soldier of the year for the brigade – you and your partner.

  4. Cobalt.
    I respect her as a reporter. Perhaps she will dive deeper into the issues in the future.

    One phrase the MSM and government lackeys keep using is, “stakeholders”. I wish they would explain how those with no skin in the game are “stakeholders”. Who is willing to invest large sums when the payback may be decades away and all along the way Aspen trust fund snots will be filling lawsuits (with no repercussions if/when they lose)?

      • I have read about that. If I remember correctly it is a faster bullet in a necked down 308 case for the belt fed SAW called the 277 Fury 6.8×51. The powers that be are keeping the bullet weight and ballistics a secret. I doubt they would be able to get 270Win specs out of it but is beyond the SPC. I don’t understand the logic going away from 7.62x51mm.

        For the SPC I am running a 115gr Nosler HPBT with H335 powder at 2550fps and it has a very flat trajectory out to 300 yards. It is very capable of putting a deer down out to 600 but beyond that punching holes in targets out to 1000 yards is very doable. I rarely take a deer shot at more than 50 yards.

        • It is supposedly blowing the pants off the .270, being something like an 85k PSI cartridge. Which is why they have steel case heads, instead of all brass.
          I remain skeptical of the need for such an overpowered round, it’s utility, the ability of soldiers to make use of the expanded range, the reliability of the systems using it, and the lifespan of the firearms overall. Not to mention the overly complicated supply chain just to build the ammo.
          They could have exceeded .308 long distance performance with the 6.5 Creedmore just fine, while spending powder, utilizing existing supply chains and manufacturing processes, and being far kinder to shoulders and rifles in the mix.
          (And most soldiers STILL can’t make use of the long distance capability. Not even with the 7.62.)

  5. Speaking of incongruent:
    Apparently, ‘Doug’, a big-shot at the anti-meat company, gave the face of a Subaru driver a good gnawing.
    An aside:
    A few decades ago, I met a vegantarianist.
    Small world!
    For the inquisitive:
    * And ‘yes’, I managed to escape the encounter without any facial dining…
    h/t to Tim Larkin of Target Focus Training.

  6. I have no problem with the 6.8 mm cartridge though the switchover will be a royal pain for several years. The thing that concerns me is that the round weighs more so the soldier will either have to carry more weight or the round count for an individual loadout will go down.

    LL there is not enough eye bleach in the world to get that pink camoed army colonel out of my mind, gack.

  7. coast of capri, wish i was there with jules….top of the page, a true daily outrage….new 6.8, another general gets a golden parachute into military/industrial complex….queer army, less internal conflict about shooting them in the face when they come…..saudis, so biden threatens retaliation on the only friend we have in the region, effectively grounding their air force etc? great. that’s some high level diplomacy there brandon.


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