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Trading one’s heritage and inheritance for a bowl of pottage…

China’s propaganda is subsidized by American taxpayers.

The Committee of 100, which accused Republican candidates of racism before the 2022 midterms, is a 501(c)(3) that has been linked by some media outlets to organizations controlled by Communist China and its political allies. There are other nonprofits that have been accused of functioning as community groups while spreading Communist propaganda.

But it’s the Confucius Institute that remains the focus for many activists because of its large scope and its presence on college campuses. And because its status remains unique.


Identify the Tanks


This one demonstrates how a tank can be “short-tracked”



Bullet Points:

** Do you need a plate carrier? There are many options. I prefer the Crye unit but the shellback is another possible choice.

The Shellback Tactical SF Plate Carrier is a combat-ready plate carrier vest that’s designed for the best outcome in the worst situations. The interior body side of this ballistic vest carrier is lined with 3D mesh padding and so are the shoulder pads for comfortable load carriage. The front kangaroo pouch has an insert that accommodates three .223/5.56 magazines while the cummerbund accepts soft armor inserts and has integrated pockets for 6×6 or 6×8 side plates. The integrated radio pouch accepts common LE radios and MBITR or it can be used for additional magazines on each side.

On top of that, the 3D padded spacer mesh comfort flaps on the cummerbund is unique to the SF carrier and pad your ribcage for added comfort while wearing side plates or without. This Shellback plate carrier is also highly adjustable on the shoulders and cummerbund for that perfect fit. Plates not included. You’d need to order those separately.

Life in a democrat area means that with defunding the police,  the adoption your own up-armor would seem to be advisable. Whether you decide to just go with soft body armor, the addition of a trauma plate or go full plate carrier, you need to decide on something.

** Ron Klain (President’s Chief of Staff) is expected to resign from the Biden regime.  More docs found in Biden’s Delaware home – rats leaving a sinking ship.  “during Friday’s search, six more items with classified markings — including some documents from his time as a senator and others from his time as vice president — were taken by investigators, along with surrounding materials.”

** As Robert A Heinlein put it TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. (h/t SiG’s blog) Launch vehicle reusability is not necessarily an easy fix for the expense of orbital launches.

** Louder with Crowder:

** Don’t call me a cynic, but I’m starting to think that the sperm and menstrual blood-drinking, moloch-worshiping pedophiles who run our government might not have our best interests at heart…

** Monday is off to a great start…

** Why not?


French Toast 

Is it culturally inappropriate to make it and consume it outside of France? I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a microaggression at breakfast. And if I add a side of bacon would it be Islamophobic and Judeophobic/antisemitic? Is it othering to drink orange juice when a quarter million Americans suffer from Chymoportokaliphobia? Or is drinking a glass of milk a slap in the face of the Galaphobic?

If you can’t afford the eggs necessary to make French Toast, just make toast and avoid the potential woke controversy. Sorry, no coffee. It causes global warming. Just toast without the butter animal byproduct – and tap water at room temperature. Of course, toast is a carb, so you might want to cut that out. Enjoy the brave new world.

42 thoughts on “The Monday Moment

  1. When people start starving, and torch-and-pitchfork wielding mobs start to threaten politicians, will we see eminent domain action that takes farmland away from the agricultural equivalent of the I Won’t Work group, and offer it to people who know how to grow crops?

    1. The elites need to kill off patriots, but how to do that AND at the same time keep from starving themselves is a sticky wicket.

      1. When they run out of real Kulaks to shoot, they’ll have to start drafting replacements.

  2. First tank is a deturreted T-40 Russkie POS with Katyuskas mounted on top.

    The second one is a rather excellent Polish 7TP. Worked rather well against Nazi armor. Just not enough of them.

    Plate carriers? The answer, as always, is a very difficult question to answer. But first, find one that fits the person who will wear it, and one that is affordable. Sometimes, often, not the same carrier. Then there are what plates to carry in the carrier. And whether one needs to supplement the plates with truck-bed liner to help stop spalling. Then there’s the whole issue of side coverage, which as a medievalist is very important to me, so does the carrier have side plates possible? Then there’s how much carrier/plates to carry, and how easy said setup is to don. Yes, I know, with unlimited funds one can have multiple carriers with protection running from basic handguns all the way up to Lvl IV+, and I do know someone who has the ability to wear from Lvl II all the way to a full suit of rifle resistant. Of course, he’s insane, lives basically in a bunker, and, well, crazy does not begin to describe him.

    As to space launchers, there’s a reason Musk has said going with 9m diameter on Starship may have been a mistake. He thinks 12m or 15m would have been better. Because you get more liftable cargo as the overall size and poundage goes up, and when you’re lifting huge amounts, the price per pound comes down. Small launchers are better at single use, or just recover the engine section.

    1. The first tank – you’re close. The model in the picture is somewhat rare. Yes on the Polish 7T. Plate carriers and soft ballistic armor must have side panels integrated with overlapping coverage. The big problem (and I’ve worn a lot of ballistic armor in my life) is that measuring is based on you, sitting in a car or other transportation comfortably. Standing and walking, it will always be a little short. The solution (imperfect) is to be able to throw something Level 4 on when you jump out/off that’s long enough and possibly with a codpiece.

      Plate carriers should ride a little higher than is comfortable while sitting so that you have the gorget effect once you stand. It’s a vulnerable area of the body – as are the sides.

        1. It’s difficult to tell from the photo. BM-8-24, which was a conversion as you point out. So you and Beans are both right, but not COMPLETELY right. You folks are difficult to stump.

          1. Given that, the “T-40” T-60 conversion of which there were twelve. “T-40” T-60 was the T-40 upgrade manufactured from fall 1941 to summer 1942 and initially referred to as the T-60 before the ‘true’ T-60 took over the designation).

          2. Isn’t the first tank one of those electric tanks with it’s own solar panel to charge it’s battery whilst doing what tanks do best?

    1. Ed, the planet will roast like steak on a grill if you keep drinking coffee. We’re all going to die.

    2. If there is a global warming trend (I doubt it but pretend for a minute) then everything on Earth correlates with it. If coffee consumption is up, it goes up with temperature, if coffee consumption goes down, it’s inversely correlated to warming.

      The game is to look for something that has increased over the last century and say global warming caused it because it went up as temperature went up. They can stop anything they want by screaming loud enough about spurious correlations.

      They can’t measure real cause and effect, that costs too much, but correlations like this are easy. All they have to do is never pick anything positive to say about global warming, like crop yields going up or fewer people starving to death.

      1. You can do your part to save the planet by doing whatever the woke suggest that you do even if it is completely contradictory. Maybe drinking ICE coffee and tea will save the planet.

        Meanwhile, watch the French Toast and the danger of cultural appropriation.

        1. I actually felt the temperature rise a couple degrees after downing cup number one this morning.
          I hope that’s not maple syrup you’re pouring on that French toast. Stealing the life blood of those poor trees is not very woke.

          1. That’s another outrageous act against Gaia. Draining the blood of trees and then slathering it over culturally appropriated batter-fried bread.

  3. Many years ago my first training deployment outside the US was the Brightstar exercise in Egypt. I had just made NCO status and my Trainer and team lead was an E-6 that was on the fast track to being a senior NCO. We were the crypto technicians and all we basically did was reload secure comm telephones with the current crypto key when the doofuses using them would toggle the load/clear toggle to clear. We were still in the gear up pre exercise phase and we were ready so my Team Lead suggested we take a brake from the chow hall T-rats and eat at one of the food carts at the bazaar outside the US camp wire. When we were coming through the entry control point one of the gate guards noticed the lanyard attached to the Team Leads bet and going into the lower pocket of his chocolate chip pants. He had a KYK crypto loading device in his pocket. Mine was in the vault bet he had forgotten to leave his there. His fast track to senior NCO was out the window as he received an Article 15 and a reduction in grade which he got back about a year later. That was a tough lesson on how classified equipment and documents were supposed to be handled. So tell me again why a senator would have classified documents at his home 14+ years ago?

    1. Back before they issued the Irridium satphones with the NSA crypto module attached to the back, you had to carry your STU-3 key with you to make secure calls, but you weren’t supposed to walk around with them… Which wasn’t your point, I’m just sharing.

      There is one rule for the elites and another one for the little people. They want you to know who your betters are. Their photos are on the walls of Federal office buildings. They can do what they want to up to and including raping babies and having people snuffed.

      If your E-6 had the right creds, the security checkpoint wouldn’t have searched him. And if they had, the security people would have been at Captain’s Mast (or whatever you call it in the Army).

  4. Too bad I was late to the post, already had a homemade BEC bagel breakfast sammich, with a couple cups of strong dark roast, otherwise I would have done my part and made French Toast slathered with butter and proper maple syrup poured over the stack and a side of LP GAS OVEN cooked thick-sliced applewood smoked bacon (maybe free range, maybe not…who cares). [Echo Ed B’s sentiment]

    The Left…afraid of EVERYTHING decent and normal so they work to vilify what they fear. TPTB simply prod then piggyback what the useful idiots decry, means to an end for them:

    Klain Jumping Ship- How many will resign this week? Heard John Paul Mac Isaac (the computer shop owner who had Hunter’s laptops/HDD) on Chris Stigall this morning (Philly). Measured, articulate, professional…nothing what the MSM presented as they and the FBI worked to destroy his life. His new book, American Justice: My Battle to Expose the Truth, just dropped. He is suing Schiff and a few others. Jim Jordan is on board.

    On the heels of Heels-Up Harris’s “abortion for everyone” stunt yesterday, Joe’s done. (Figure if I say it enough it’ll actually happen this week and we’ll see what’s next in the flaming train wreck.)

    1. More on the Ho on tomorrow’s blog. On her future, the love of the little people for her, people like yourself who vote for her no matter which box you check. The computer knows what you really mean.

      1. I’d cut my right hand off before pulling a lever or filling in a dot for that moron. If forced I’d eat a cyanide capsule.

  5. Since the woke monsters are hell bent on destroying the Armed Forces, banning coffee will be the equivalent of a SADM. Next step?

    1. Banning coffee is worth the sacrifice if it stops global warming and cooling. It’s a lot like the value of using paper drinking straws. If only one sea turtle survives, it’s worth it.

  6. As to the bread-drenched-in-egg-and-milk, my Cajun father always called it “Lost Bread.” Dunno why, but he did. Sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg into the egg/milk mixture and cover with powdered sugar. Preferably using a stale French bread or sourdough bread, but plain white sammich bread was acceptable.

    And now I wanna have that for breakfast soon. Dammit.

    1. It’s the bread that was lost (went stale) and made good again. Hence pain perdu.
      … or so I assume.

      1. On the docket for tomorrow’s early morning fare…or…maybe today’s lunch, looks epic enough for lunch. Yeah, that’s it, lunch. Today. [sits there vibrating with anticipation]

    2. I went and read multiple sources on the history of French Toast. The earliest mention is in the Roman collection of recipies, Apicius, from the 1st or 2nd Century AD as “aliter dulcia” (another sweet). So it was eaten in Gaul before it was France and therefore the French stole apprprated it from the Romans.

  7. As to ‘glow-bull warming,’ funny that the warming period at the beginning of the medieval era, suspiciously at the time of all those Viking raids, was still warmer than now. But the ocean levels were just about the same as… now. You know, the same ocean levels that were just about the same as… the Roman times, the frozen ice-age of the high middle ages, the Italian Renaissance time, the warming time during the War of the Roses era, the yet again frozen ice-age times of the early to mid 1600’s, the warming time of the 1700’s, the mini-ice age of the early 1800’s, the warming time of the mid 1800’s, the cooling time of the late 1800’s, the warming time of the early 1900’s, the cooling time of the mid 1900’s, the…

    Gee, I’m beginning to see a cycle here. Almost as if, my hypothesis of course, that the Earth’s oceans are just about the same level now as they were 5,000 years ago, and that warming and cooling trends are cyclical and mini-trends only appeared once worldwide recording of temperature became a thing.

    Then again, Spain, friggin SPAIN, only started keeping official records of actual temperature data using actual thermometers in the 1960s, soooo… well…. “Hottest Summer EVER* in Spain, weessa gonna diesa!!!!’ (* – since we started actually recording temperatures using actual real scientifically calibrated thermometers.** (** – in the 1960s…))

    1. x2…I recall reading in A Book when ocean levels rose pretty high, other than that time in man’s history it’s nothing but enviro-cult-religion babble without the tower.

        1. Follow the science Ed, even if the hypothesis is 180 degrees wrong from the data. Heck, today’s scientists state the opposite as truth then publish a paper saying as much while their peers wholeheartedly agree (eg. “The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2″, a total lie by Fauci Friends and edited by him).

          Just ordered more sand bags, if it floods like they’re telling everyone I may end up with ocean front property at 7500’…I can build a dock and get a boat, go fishing all day. Win, win.

  8. “…add a side of bacon … Judeophobic/antisemitic?
    I’d like to go out on a limb and perhaps/(perhaps not) attempt to clarify a minor/delicate point (or open one for discussion).
    There are the Orthodox►(+) Jews who (must) follow the kosher laws and then there is the rest of the Jewish community (I’m not including the “Jews for Jesus” and similar groups in this discussion). There are many Conservative Jewish groups/families who follow the kosher laws (and many I know who do not). You might even be able to find some Reformed Jews who keep a kosher home. I guess what I’m trying to say is that “Jewish” is an extremely wide spectrum, though all believe in G-d and follow the 10.
    I realize you’re writing this tongue-in-cheek, but there are many of my own(?) who very happily attack me for enjoying bacon, rabbit, lobster, venison (no! there is no way I’m aware of to kosher-kill a muley); might as well dictate what music I should enjoy lisstening to.

    1. Most of the Jews in the US (Israelis are another thing) that I know have two dishwashers and look at me with glazed eyes when I order a bacon cheeseburger. But I understand what you wrote completely. I did write that tongue-in-cheek.

    1. Some people who read this blog don’t appreciate Jules’ addiction to American bacon (and root beer floats).

      Tea is only acceptable as I have outlined previously. Drinking it any other way makes you a transphobic racist – and all the other stuff. It’s like drinking rootbeer without dropping a hunk of vanilla ice cream into it!

          1. Well, she IS British. Hard habits to change.

            I’d pay good PPV money to have her interview Clarkson, on the Farm, over a cup of tea of course. She’d get the real skinny being a reincarnated warrior princess with wolf hybrids.

          1. MrsdPaulM has been stocking up on good thick cut bacon. Asked her why? She said, “You never know when the Zombie Apocalypse will happen, it’ll augment any MyPatriot prepper meal so we don’t starve.”

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