Do you want to be an Actor?

And worse still, it’s in Arizona


Finding Privilege 

A 32-year-old mother of 7 children, Florence Owens Thompson, Nipomo, California. February 1936. (Migrant Mother, by Dorothea Lange).


Ladder 118

“Barely noticeable in the bottom of this photo is FDNY’s Ladder 118 on their way to the Twin Towers. Every single man on that Truck died trying to rescue people that day. They were literally heading towards their own deaths when this photo was taken. They knew this job was a big one. They answered the call. THEIR lives mattered, yet we don’t know what color skin they had.


Ruby Ridge

There were three investigations of the Ruby Ridge incident. The FBI investigated their own people the first two times and whitewashed everything. Finally, Congress appointed the Postal Inspection Service to do the investigation and they found the truth and called the FBI out on the lies promoted by the first two (corrupt) investigations. It’s what we have come to expect from the FBI. I know the investigator, Mike A., now retired, who conducted that third investigation.



Where I live, there are signs, warning campers:

“Don’t feed the bears, it creates a dependent population that becomes unable to take care of themselves.”

The signs need to be posted in the inner cities of America as well.


An Intimate Scene



Pictured below, many Seattle Democrats gather to protest in-person voting because it’s so dangerous and to promote mail-in ballots.


A Map of Every Speed-Bump in London

This is for those of you who have driven around London and remarked, “Damn but there are a lot of speed bumps in London.” You were right.



    • It’s how they get the riot going. Cash. They also provide a sign with a nail in it and a box lunch, with soft drinks.

    • Mike A, was a real stud. He took two months off to climb Everest – that kind of guy. I haven’t seen him for a long time. He lived in Massachusetts and I haven’t been there for some time.

    • Your FBI at work. You shouldn’t expect too much of them. There is also Waco, a little closer to home for you.

  1. We who live within spitting distance of Ruby Ridge will never forget what happened. And yet Horiuchi walked free and later helped incinerate little kids in Waco. Let’s nor forget Striker. It wasn’t enough to just kill him, they drove back and forth over him until he was a pancake.

    When it was over, I drove there and stood at the bottom of the road leading to the Weaver cabin to make sure the horror I witnessed unfolding on TV was as bad as I thought it was. It was worse…

      • In situations like Waco or Ruby Ridge, it didn’t come from the top. It came from middle management, empowered to do things like that, with upper management, empowered to cover up the insane behavior of the rank and file.

        As I sit here and type, I’m reminded of the movie “Die Hard” and what happened when the feds showed up. True, the movie was art, not a documentary, but, yeah.

      • Ruby Ridge was in 1992, when the first Bush was president.

        Bush I was also the President that sent the US Military to Somalia to feed the Somalis in the middle of their civil war.

  2. A pile of Wag the Dog stuff we’re dealing with (Mars? hehe…the media comes to mind.)

    The liars are so practiced I sometimes think they believe what they are saying is the truth. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Bundy’s…the list goes on, only now the perpetrators are in city streets, brazen with no consequence (save for last night). Evil will eventually lose bigly. (Nov. 3rd to be exact.)

    Watching a few RNC speeches (figured I might as well on night 3). This is seamless, well done, uplifting, intelligent, and hopeful…a far cry from last weeks Zoom wierd-fest that had zero constructive content.

    Ladder 118 – Powerful…right there. Heroes in my book. Absent from the body, present with the Lord.

    • As the riots continue, people will begin to work on their own to retake the streets. The story of the 17 year old guy is emblematic of what happens when the police withdraw. He felt that he had to do something. Good luck finding a jury who will want to convict him. I see a successful self-defense legal defense. There will be more. The problem with the boy is that he wasn’t trained to do those things. Standing off a couple hundred yards and eliminating the threat would have been more effective and there wouldn’t have been cameras to catch anything on film but heads bursting like melons.

  3. That is true. Who could have come up with it? Actors. Don’t they have a union they could have recruited from? The Democratic Party.

    • The corrupt, wicked, filthy, nasty, lying, mainstream media needs to be able to manufacture news. They’ve been doing it throughout the Trump presidency. They enabled the FBI coup attempt, they enabled the phony impeachment hoax, and they want to show how many people hate the president. And when they don’t have anyone who is unhappy, they hire actors to be unhappy.

  4. Nah, I don’t want to be an actor; yuck. I don’t know why anyone wants to be one, actually.

    Speed bumps are an abomination; they should be illegal. The entire philosophy of “let’s make roads safer by making them more dangerous” needs to be expunged.


  5. Really, “Why haven’t they arrested her yet?”

    You need to get your Hill People together and apply for the acting job. I would love to see 500 show up.

  6. Don’t forget the FBI sniper, Lon Hiruchi, who killed Vicky Weaver was defended pro bono by William Barr when he was tried for her killing.

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