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** How Democratic Socialism Wrecked Sweden (The Federalist) – What is less understood than the financial cost of “democratic socialism” in particular and welfare statism, in general, is the intangible spiritual costs: It slowly suffocates the individualist spirit. A Swede will most likely tell you that he’s happy and that Sweden is a good, if cold, country. He may grudgingly comment on waiting lines for health care, and say his kids don’t get as good an education as he did. But in the next breath, he will tell you this is the price you have to pay for the “safety net” the welfare state provides.

** Could “our democracy” exist without influence peddling? It’s an article from November 2022. Influence peddling is alive and well.

** The Censorship Industrial Complex“Censorship is essential to the survival of our democracy.” One of the big questions that those of us involved in exposing the secret U.S. government censorship effort have been asking ourselves over the last few months is: did the people involved know that they were breaking the law?

That question appears to have been answered with a resounding yes by the House Judiciary Committee. Yesterday it released its report, “The Weaponization of CISA: How a ‘Cybersecurity’ Agency Colluded with Big Tech and ‘Disinformation’ Partners to Censor Americans,” on government censorship.

** Tucker Carlson asks why we’re at war with Russia And he also talks a lot about ‘our democracy’.

** Pedo Joe’s burner



White-majority precincts in Mississippi won by Joe Biden



Dipped in caramel then pretzels…on a stick.


The French Consult an Ouji Board

It advises, “Attack Russia in the winter.”


Identify the Aircraft



Can you name them all?

37 thoughts on “Democracy Edition

  1. Photo-of-the-Week:
    from left: John Russell, John Wayne, Walter Brennan, Angie Dickinson, Dean Martin
    Could be from ‘Rio Bravo’

    1. Should there be a concern of the floating water goblets getting into the electronics and equipment along the walls?

      1. Yes, water intrusion and humidity are things that they have to deal with. Lots of preplanning and using proper components are required.

        Mold can be very deadly in an enclosed can.

  2. AI and Klaus beat me to it as well. I suppose I’ll have to getup earlier than my normal 5:45am. Anyhow, yes it’s from Rio Bravo.

    1. Being an AI, Surly is awake 24/7/365. If he assimilates the Borg (Swedish rock band), who knows what will happen?

  3. Elevated Cheesecake on a Stick

    This is what one calls a moral dilemma/em>. What if there’s Pretzel Encrusted Caramel Dipped Cheesecake and Fried Ice Cream on the dessert menu?

    Easy-peasy…this is not hard…

    Since, as husbands, it is our solemn duty to finish our Bride’s desserts, have her order one while you order the other. Win win.

    1. Yes, while you’re scarfing down your dessert, you can look over at her and say, “Are you going to eat ALL of that? You were talking about going on a diet…” Yes, it’s a test of the strength of your relationship. BUT there is a dessert hanging in the balance.

  4. …as for Burner Phone Mafia Joe…have you seen this guy lately? Looks like death warmed over.

    Dead to rights. Now watch the continued ensuing Pravda Media & Demo-Rat’s tie themselves in twisted knots and torturing truth to cover up this clear and present danger corruption.

    1. Maybe Pedo Joe will shuffle off his mortal coil and Heels-up Harris will ascend to break the glass ceiling and will give us our first female president. She can appoint a Veep – Newsom from California or Big Mike Obama?

    2. I can’t find the original report now, but I read this morning John Solomon saying he got Biden’s global phone number, dialed it and PedoJoe answered. And then hung up.

  5. Mr. Carlson hit the nail on the head didn’t he?

    I will read (okay probably just scan) the report on the weaponization of CISA tonight after it gets too late to do anything useful outside.

    Ah dessert, may have to indulge this weekend. it is supposed to be in the low 90s so something from the refrigerator/freezer may be in order.

  6. Democracy=Mob Rule. Who rules the mob? How loyal is the mob to the present rulers?

    I’ve heard the argument the Founding Fathers created a system that protected the “elites” of that era from the unwashed masses. Maybe so, but the system also protected the unwashed masses from each other.

    Has there ever been a Democracy that lasted 200+ years?

    1. There is a difference between a herd and a mob. A mob has a leader. Pedo Joe’s regime is dedicated to buying votes with your tax dollars. They call that “democracy”.

      Democracies are bad ideas. Republics are not.

      1. I agree, even though I am a medievalist monarchist on a chivalric General Lee tip. Or something like that.

    2. The Constitution was nearly a copy of the British government of the time, with the monarch adjusted so one family doesn’t have a monopoly. The Founding Lawyers wanted a British-like government so they could be a British-like aristocracy. The Whiskey Rebellion sealed it, giving the Eastern Seaboard bankers a controlling ownership share of the GDP. Since the national gov went broke in the usual 200 years, the one level of indirection provided by republican representatives appears to have no performance difference over a direct democracy.

  7. One of the great things about this post is your photo of Marshall Ney consulting a “spirit board” in the Russian forest, in the winter.

    You’d think they’d learn.

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