The Mid-Term Election

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I voted absentee today. It’s my preferred method of voting. However, despite my status as an already voted person, my mail box will be jammed with campaign ads all the way up to the election in November – including ads encouraging me to sustain the Obama agenda, which I find insulting (and at the same time just a bit funny).

Barack isn’t popular, his policies have failed, he’s an inveterate liar and with all that negativity, I wonder if his golf game is suffering? If it is, it’s not for want of practice.

Nobody wants him to stump for them, so he goes to Hollywood to drag the sack and pick up fat checks from his mogul billionaire supporters. Nice work if you can get it.

This is how the Washington Post is calling the mid-term elections:

US Senate – 52 Republicans/48 Democrats
This will shift things tectonically for the Democratic Party’s strangle hold on legislation and we’ll see Obama begin to veto bill-after-bill-after bill. I think that the WaPo is making a good call on this. Vice President Joe (Slow Joe) Biden, sitting as president of the Senate, won’t be able to cast a vote that breaks a straight party line vote, but he might get his day in the sun now and then if they can wheel him from the old folks home into the limo to take him to the floor of the Senate.
The Democrats will rue the day that they disposed of the filibuster rule in the US Senate.

House of Representatives – 241 Republicans/194 Democrats
While Hillary Clinton is desperate to distance herself from the failed Obama years, it’s difficult for her to break from US foreign policy because she was the architect of much of the disaster that we’ve seen recently.

4 thoughts on “The Mid-Term Election

  1. You may get your Christmas wish. ALL of it (thus the fate of the nation) depends on whether you've been naughty or nice.

  2. All someone needs to do is get a nice, think book of Hillary's quotes. Then read them back to her – on camera, but not in order

  3. Anyone who points a camera at her would never let that happen. Which is part of the problem in the US of A.

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