Who’s Minding the Store?

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I step away for a day and the place goes to pot.
The Russians shoot down a Malaysian Airliner (hint – if any of you fly Malaysian Air from this point forward, it’s all on you) that is just flying along a regularly scheduled route. Whether they did it for shits and giggles or just to blame Ukraine isn’t the point. A lot of people fell 6 miles to Earth.
Israel invades Gaza, totally disregarding US Secretary of State John Kerry.  Maybe Obama needs to use his telephone and his pen to bring order to things? Clearly even the Democrats are distancing themselves from him and his teleprompter.
Just between us, I don’t think that many people care what Obama or his creature, Kerry, want these days. Their credibility went with red lines, keeping your doctor and hospital, lying about the IRS Scandal, the EPA Scandal, the VA Scandal, the Benghazi Scandal, Fast and Furious, the fact that the FBI isn’t investigating ANYTHING that the President sent them out to investigate unless it involves political adversaries, etc.
Yes, the Palestinians had it coming and yes, Israel will sort things out until the US can funnel more foreign aid to Hamas that they can use to buy more rockets to shoot at Israel.
But guys and gals…please try to keep a lid on the pot because it’s boiling over.

11 thoughts on “Who’s Minding the Store?

  1. The Palestinians now say they're going to kill all the Jews, in retaliation for the strikes. Thank goodness they weren't doing that before. Guess they must collect a lot of nickels for the rockets they fire all day. The Jews seem to be frightened – well, not too much.

  2. Obama's shocking indifference to all these events – going to fundraisers, then a fifteen day vacation – will be noticed by those overseas who would like to push us out of their regions. The Chinese in particular most certainly will be emboldened to do what they want regarding Japan and their claims in the South China Sea, safe in the knowledge that Obama will be very unlikely to do anything substantial about it. Someone the other day mentioned how dangerous the international situation had become, but our leader's actions only encourage even worse. Just as Obama fecklessly removed our troops from Iraq, ensuring that the current war and chaos in that region would occur sooner rather than later, his lack of attention to these events will ensure much more dangerous conflicts in perhaps the very near future. Not good at all.

  3. It's a lot like Saddam Hussein's boasts about wiping out the US with the "Mother of All Battles". Whatever. We found him living in a hole like a rat and then they hung him.

  4. He's a narcissist. Fundraisers go into his pocket because he keeps that money when he leaves office. He could give a rat's about the country so long as he feathers his own nest.

  5. I was afraid, with the way Obie snubbed Peres and badmouthed while funding Hamas, that Israel would invade us. They would start by bombing all the golf courses.

  6. See what happens when you step away? I'm off for some rod & reel action, hopefully WW3 won't be in full swing by the time I get back. And, Kerry? You're fired.

  7. Try and get things fixed if you get back from fishing before I return. I'm telling you, gone to hell in a hand basket.

  8. If somebody started laying waste to golf courses, you'd see some serious action out of Obama.

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