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A series of photos of a jaguar diving for food under water. Note the intensity and the sincerity displayed by the jaguar. Some would say that it looks like John C. eating at a Waffle House, or Old NFO taking on a steak. We know that Fredd looks something like that as he tears into his Aunt Sally’s banquets. WSF getting cut off in traffic – definitely.
LSP’s dog (Blue Avenger) looks a lot like that if you are eating a fried cherry pie near him and not sharing. He did savage a UPS driver as I recall (or was it a FedEx driver?) who entered his turf.
I had a girlfriend once, a long time ago that had the same look as the jaguar. Yeah. I know… Kipling said it, “The Female of the Species is Deadlier than the Male.” Ex-girlfriends and wives frequently are said to have the look.
The only state in the US that has jaguar populations living in the wild is Arizona. They are said to roam up in the high country near where I live but I have yet to see sign of them. There are not a lot and though they have territories, they can also be nomadic. I can’t imagine strangling one to death if it attacked me. (referring to the Colorado runner who allegedly strangled the cougar)
What makes you look like the jaguar (above)?

36 thoughts on “The Look

  1. To the best of my knowledge, you have never seen me in traffic. How did you get such an accurate visage?

  2. Some Democrats are worse than others but they're all part of the system of "The Beast". Yes, indeed, that look is warranted.

  3. Honda has one for $3k that does a 32" swath, and rides on Caterpillar tracks!

    Probably tow my Jeep with the thing….

  4. ….going for that jar of Tums, shortly after we get up from the table at Aunt Sally's 'left-over night.' Just hearing this event announced in answer to 'what's for dinner tonight, Aunt Sally?', sends shivers up my spine.

  5. The FedEx man sure triggers Blue Pacifist. For me it's Justin Trudeau and liturgical dance. Don't know why, it's like an instinct.

  6. The freezer burnt corn dogs tossed into a microwave and covered with canned chili touch many of the required food groups.

  7. I only get that look if the WH waitress tries to take away the plate before I am actually finished with it.

  8. Last night we had freezing drizzle followed by a light dusting of snow so I have that look right now. Years ago Winchester made their Model 1892 with a 14" barrel. I understand that version was popular in Brazil as a defense against jaguars.

  9. Capstick wrote a short story about Jaguar hunting in Brazil or somesuch vicinity… at night, in a tree-stand, over a tethered bait pig. To make it short, the jag climbed a tree nearby and the intrepid author, sensed rather than saw it in the dark and managed to give it both barrels from an over-under right as it leapt at him. True story? I don't know, but he sure could write a tale.

  10. The Honda snowblowers are THE choice for those who know living in So. Tahoe where it is possible to get 2 feet in one night.

  11. Ha, that cat is adorable!

    I'm gonna take the 5th on the things that make me look like that.

  12. Wonder what that cat is trying to catch?

    That is me when the patient says they quit taking their blood pressure meds since their pressures have been good for years (since they have been taking their meds), and now they are having signs of a stroke…but it is all the doctor's fault they are having a stroke…

    Or when my boss makes an especially cluelessly stupid decision and decides to send us out to admit someone who doesn't belong at home yet…

  13. I'm working on a used snow blower. An older couple who live in Strawberry, AZ, about twenty miles from me, are thinking of moving this summer and will sell me theirs.

  14. You would want a carbine for swift action in the jungle. My Winchester Model 1892 in 44/40 (non operable) would have been the one you might have wanted to use. A slightly longer barrel but 44/40 was a potent carbine cartridge in its day. I point out that it was a carbine round. It was not a 45/70 buffalo gun.

  15. It is not something that you could discount out of hand. Jaguars like to hunt. And you're often as not the hunted.

  16. The sweat hogs lining up and shoving each other for the carving line. I've seen it too and it's not pretty.

  17. Klebert, I'd have expected a vaguely worded tale of a dusky young lady in Bangkok. Best keep that to yourself, though. Smile when you're rocking on the porch (with the 12 ga pump on your lap) and people will wonder what you're thinking about.

  18. I think it has what's left of a fish of some sort.

    Ah, the old "I don't need to take the meds thing." I have to admit that I said something like that to a friend who is a nurse and she looked like that. Terrifying.

  19. As for the Jaguar or Leopard, supposedly they will grab and hold with the front paws, claws and teeth while the rear paws and claws go into a running motion too eviscerate the prey.

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