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The Smith and Wesson 460V is five-round revolver with a 5″ barrel on a stainless steel extra large frame. It chambers the .460 S&W  Magnum cartridge, the .454 Casull and the .45 Colt cartridges. Because it is not a .50 caliber handgun and it only holds five rounds in the cylinder/magazine, it’s likely not to be on California’s must ban list anytime soon. 
Under normal conditions, this is an expensive handgun, but it does have value over other extra large frame handguns in its class because it will fire the .45 Colt (Long Colt) cartridge for general training situations. Yes, I also favor training with the cartridge that you carry (in this case the .460), but they’re too darned expensive to cycle on a weekly basis.
The .460 is roughly as long as 2, 9mm parabellum
cartridges. That should not suggest that .460 shooters
are trying in any way to “compensate”.
I have been seeking one of these handguns for the past year and a half – resorting to trying to strong arm people in the OC Sheriff’s Dept. and friends in the Intelligence Community to try and locate a 460V. All to no avail.

Obama may be the greatest firearms salesman in the history of the planet but he’s not doing anything for me. I’m traditionally a Colt shooter when it comes to revolvers, but Colt doesn’t make a .460.

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  1. It's a pain in the neck to have them shipped to California. Only SKU 163465 can be sold in California. There are identical firearms with a different SKU from S & W that can't be sold into California. I'll check your link.

  2. Better link gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=349295876

    I have so much to learn… why only the SKU 163465 can be sold in Cali? Where does one look on the auction site to tell if a gun can be sold into Cali?

  3. That's my problem too.

    I have no idea why only that SKU can be sold into California, however, I have consulted with the FFL people who need to accept it in California on my behalf to legally license it and that's what they tell me.

    The SKU is never on the auction sites.

  4. The price of EVERYTHING related to firearms has skyrocketed thanks to the Salesman-in-Chief.

  5. If one searches the gun broker site, this comes up for auction item 349295876
    Smith & Wesson 460 460V 5" Revolver LNIB 163465
    1 2 $1,005.00 23h 27m
    note the 163465, so this one could be sent to Cali? Sorry, I'm not trying to hound you about this, just trying to understand the process.

  6. The short answer is that I don't know. As I understand it, you have to buy it to find out whether or not it can be shipped to California. My sense is that it would be OK, but it's a lot of monty to toss at a problem only to find out that you can't.

  7. Try a Freedom Arms Model 83 in 454 Casull. They are built like a bank vault, can come to Kalifornia no problem cause they're single action, and you can pick them up used on Gunbroker for a reasonable price. Whatever you get, practice that Clint Eastwood voice, punk, because it's required if you dare to brandish big guns like this.

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