Tales from the White Wolf Mine

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Captioned Photo: Turkey 5 Livres banknote (obverse), 1926. I collect old banknotes. It’s been a hobby for many years. My collection specializes in French Indochina, primarily because of the beauty of the banknotes (for the most part).  This Turkish banknote was interesting because there is a wolf pictured, rare in banknotes. And because this blog post concerns the White Wolf Mine in part.


Meanwhile, at the White Wolf Mine

There are big horns in the area but I don’t see them all that often. There is a canyon to the east and I think that they came up through there from the Clear Creek Gorge,  to hang out. You can see that the forest floor is dry – waiting for the monsoon, maybe still a month off.


Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky

LSP recently accused me of having a bust of Dzerhinsky on my desk in a comment that he made. It’s not on my desk, it’s in the book case in my den. I have more than a few war trophies in the den. The bust of Iron Felix is only one of them.

It used to rest on the desk of William L. Cassidy, Chief of Staff to Hon. Oscar (Mouthpiece of the Mob) Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas. Cassidy gave it to me as sort of a war trophy. I accepted it in the spirit in which it was given. Victor Ostrovsky (Mossad traitor) gave me his book, By Way of Deception when I met him in Montreal, and he autographed it. And there are significant back stories to these innocuous objects.

Not unlike this photo (LL second from left) taken on the lawn of the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas. It was a murder-for-hire case and the guy in the middle was the hit man. He’s holding the .45 barrel that we dug up in the lawn, located with the aid of a metal detector. The hand behind him is handcuffed.


Explaining the Left (part three) will go live on the blog at noon, PST, while I’m out fishing at Clear Creek.


Check this outWeapons of Waterloo – Rifles and Muskets that fired on Napoleon (Sean Bean) More on Waterloo here.


St. Augustine of Hippo wrote:

“The Truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it.

Let it loose and it will defend itself.”


-Moving On-

An important meme for you to consider


Please Don’t – it’s bad form


14 thoughts on “Tales from the White Wolf Mine

  1. I am sure they probably won’t be happy with live lot lizards either. The difference between reality and Hollyweird is usually about 3lbs of sweat and just a few more drugs. Though they (the lot lizards) probably smell better than Gwyneth Paltrow…

    The Vegas photo is interesting. Must have been one hell of a case. Why, when surrounded by a bazillion miles of empty desert, did he bury it under grass? All those abandoned mines, wells, new foundations, even just the regular garbage and he had to go all fancy? What a maroon.

    As to that AR something, that looks nice. Cleaner in a dirty way than that KRISS rifle you showed us earlier. Not that I’d turn away a free KRISS or two or a crate. Just ugly. But if it works, well…

    1. There was a crew that was whacking people. When you get into cases like that you learn all of the details of every aspect of the case. When they arrived in Las Vegas they disassembled the .45 (1911) that they used and were throwing various pieces of the weapon down storm drains, etc. (here and there). The principle member had the barrel left and he shoved it into new lawn that the Tropicana had just laid down. It was seeded, not turf and soft, so he shoved it there. By the time we got to it – months later, it was a full lawn.

  2. Interesting video. I’ve read Cornwall’s Sharpe’s books and watched some of the TV adaptations. I’ve never fired a Bess though I’ve fired similar weapons. Love to try a Baker.

    1. I’ve never fired a Baker but would love to do that. I’ve hunted with my Bess, so I’m very familiar with aiming over the rear tang screw and lining it up with the bayonet lug.

    2. Firing three rounds a minute regardless of the weather? (All together now) Now that’s soldierin’!

      The fella holding the barrel in the photo reminds me of Billy Drago in the role of Frank Nitti in The Untouchables. Or is that racist.

      1. He’s 1/2 Korean, 1/2 Jewish, so it’s not racist. The only race that matters these days is people of Negro descent (and apparently even 1/16th makes you a full negro based on what I just read). He wasn’t a negro and all of the police who who arrested him were white.

  3. Nice rifle!

    The Vegas picture is interesting. Of all the parts to get rid of, the barrel has to be one of the more important ones to dispose of properly. Were they able to run ballistics with it?

    I have a bunch of banknotes from my travels, too. Mostly middle eastern stuff, also very pretty. I have a few piasters from a friend, as there was a line in a Steely Dan song about “spending the last piaster I could borrow”, and when he heard the song, and know how much I liked it, he dug them out of his collection and gave them to me.

    I think at “our age”, we all have interesting collections of stuff, and every item has an interesting back-story.

    1. Pistol Barrel: We didn’t need to run ballistics. He said, I buried it in this area and we found it. That was adequate. He gave us a full corpus cop-out and set up his co-conspirators (not all of them) who gave us cop-outs unwittingly as well. The whole story is grist for an afternoon bullshitting with you and WSF in CO, if we can pull it off. The lock downs would seem to be continuing to November, when the plague will mysteriously vanish – but people will still get the flu and colds.

      1. Ahhhhhh…sang like a canary, did he?

        Yeah, sounds like a fine way to while-a-way an afternoon.

        Rest assured, if you get out here you have a place to stay. SLW and Pebbles would love to see you again..

        1. We arrested him in his room at the Marriott Back Bay in Newport Beach. He had a palm pilot that had encryption software. In those days I was adept at cracking such things. So I started to fiddle with it. He laughed and said, “no cop can crack that.” And just like a Rubic’s Cube, it came together and I turned it so that he could see the shopping list he had on it with the victim’s name. Duct tape, tie straps, a gag, etc. About 8 items.

          He folded like a napkin and then he kept folding.

  4. If interested in older notes from Central and S. America, I have some and might have duplicates. My dad was regional and field engineer for an aerospace company (before there was the space component on through) and I continued with the same kind of travel in different fields, so 80 years cumulative of travel trophies….

    1. I’m sure that they will end up as land fill. But they mean something to me – and to yours to you.

  5. Therein lies the conundrum. My (grown & flown) children show scant interest in stamps, coins or accumulated “trophies” from distant lands, much less electronics and tools of bygone eras, spanning (heh!) a century or more of existence and use. Going to be one heck of an estate sale here some day and I am likely not going to be around to observe it.

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