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The week is nearly over and the weekend is upon us. Then we start over again.

Bloomberg wants you to vote for him because he thinks you’re stupid along with over a hundred million other Americans. That may be a winning strategy in New York City, but I don’t think that it plays well in fly-over country.

Then again, he knows that he’s smarter than you are and that’s why he wants to be your leader. He has many firearms in his mansions, but they’re carried by armed guards who are there to protect him.

When seconds count, the police are minutes, or hours away, depending on where you live. Bloomie (Mini-Mike) isn’t really worried about those metrics because they don’t apply to him or to his elite friends.
Sometimes a Meme catches my imagination and I can’t help but laugh. This is one from an Allstate Insurance advertisement.
Hillary is leaving the door open for a VP slot. I found that very interesting.
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18 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Hillary just will not go away. Why would anyone consider her? She is not a winner.

    They should pick Sanders to go against Trump. I say this because whoever they choose is going to lose, Trump will be re-elected. They should choose a sacrificial lamb that will not damage anyone else' brand. The Democrats might as well write off this election and plan for the next one.

  2. Hillary will still be around next election cycle…if she's not anointed at a brokered convention.

  3. Hillary would likely love to be VP for one of the elderly candidates. Let's see now. Biden will be 78 in January and Bloomie will hit that number in February. Bernie turns 79 later this year. Suicide may not even be necessary.

  4. The Butt Guy is in the lead and he makes Chris Matthew's rear tingle every time he speaks. Maybe Hillary will end up as his VP?

    I don't think that Bernie or Bloomie would be so stupid as to take a Clinton on as #2. Biden is more likely to reach out to Michelle O, but I don't see him as a finisher.

  5. I saw her interview where she's not ruling out a VP slot. Then the great James Woods memorialized it for the world to read.

  6. Bloomie is about the same height as the Butt Guy. They don't need to stand on boxes to debate each other. They just need a camera angle that makes them look tall.

  7. Little Mikey may be a multi-multi billionaire, but he rarely leaves Manhattan. Accordingly, he lives in an uber liberal bubble, and doesn't know any conservatives, or live anywhere near them.

    Accordingly, he thinks he is in touch with the little guy (guys like him, figuratively), and that he knows what America wants. All he knows is what Manhattanites want. He thinks that Americans all dine in 5 star restaurants, sip Dom Perignon before the caviar and brie, and chow down on lobster tail with all the fixin's, just like everybody he knows does.

    He has no idea that some of us eat Cheetos, Lays potato chips, drink Budweiser beer and if we are feeling like some lobster, we go to Red Lobster (assuming it's payday).

    Nobody outside of New York is going to vote for that guy, absolutely nobody. Besides, he too dang stubby.

  8. If you have progressive friends in California who want to wash their cars in drought conditions, it would be the perfect gift.

  9. WAIT – we don't say stubby. He's vertically challenged. And there are a lot of people (Randy Newman sang a song about them) who feel that they'd rather self-identify as NBA players, but nobody takes them seriously. Bloomie will give those people a voice.

    President Trump walked construction jobs all over the country and talked to the trades about this and that. He has a lot of people in hospitality and he speaks with them. Bloomie hasn't had that exposure to people outside of his class. All of them have bodyguards, the poor among them ride in limos, and the cool friends go from building top to building top in helicopters.

  10. I'd be leery of Hildabeast… She'd only be one heartbeat away from the presidency, and I'm afraid she would make that happen… She has NO moral compass at all.

  11. Ha! See Moaning Markle on social media:


    I won't comment on the DWARF.

  12. Exactly right: The Donald wanted his kids to learn the trade, so when he was on the job site with little Donnie and Eric, he told them not to talk to the foreman on site, talk to the guy laying the rebar, check in with the guy troweling the concrete, etc.

    Little Mikey is an elite, much like Jeb!, Barry and Nancy. They wouldn't know an Average American from a manhole cover.

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