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I’m going to make a list because I have a few things on my mind. Let’s start HERE.

“…Look, these countries don’t have a database that keeps track of its citizens. And we can’t depend on a government database in countries that do, because if they have one it has a political agenda behind it.”

Welcome to the Sunday Sermonette!
(1)  The German experience has been a disaster. Allowing a million military age Muslim males to enter your country without vetting where they go on welfare – with no intention of getting off public assistance and either make nuisances of themselves or kill innocent Germans, is a mistake that a five year old child wouldn’t make.
(2)  The Saudi experience has worked. They’ve taken in precisely 0 Syrian refugees. Their opinion is that they don’t want any of human lice entering their country. The Iranian experience has also worked. They’ve taken in precisely 0 Syrian refugees. One can draw from these facts that their brother Muslims don’t want them – not any of them.  The Muslims are thrilled to have the Christian nations take them in, feed them and deal with their shenanigans. And who knows but what one day, they will be numerous enough in Germany to vote Germans out of office and make Germany an Islamic state and part of the caliphate.
(3)  President Trump’s plan to create safe zones where we can concentrate refugees, and offer food, shelter and protection to the displaced masses INSIDE SYRIA makes perfect sense. Why must they leave if they can get what they need until the situation finds equilibrium? The Americans, Russians, French, German or British Armies can take turns protecting them from their Muslim brethren. Why would we want to bring them into the US? What possible advantage is there to us to have them live here as opposed to there?

(4)  President Trump’s plan to allow a special dispensation to Christian refugees does make some sense because they were discriminated against in favor of Muslims during the Obama regime. The Muslims are outraged, but I don’t think that President Trump cares.

(5)  Not in my back yard. Many of the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees who were resettled in the USA in the past couple of years were placed into communities by the federal government without asking the locals whether or not they were wanted. In almost every case, they were not. I personally think that they all belong in progressive San Francisco because it’s resembling a third world nation more every day and the Syrians would feel comfortable there.

What about Mexico?

What about Black Lives Matter?

Oh you haven’t heard much from them lately? The progressive movement kicked them to the curb after November election and they they have been replaced politically by female reproductive systems!
I think that there is an interest in some liberal precincts that chasing the womyn’s vote would be more productive than the black vote – because of indications that they like the idea of jobs in the ghetto, and the illegal alien vote because that may be made moot by investigations into widespread voter fraud.

New Border Wall Concept

18 thoughts on “The Immigration Situation

  1. Enter Pope Francis spewing his nonsense. Commie brother's ex-girlfriend is delighting in quoting Francis. The fact that she hasn't practiced her Catholic faith in over 40 years and spent last week marching for abortion rights has absolutely nothing to do with it. Liberalism is, indeed, a mental disorder!

  2. I didn't want to criticize the Pope for being a left-wing wing nut. But he is, there in his walled city, preaching against walls.


  3. Already the battle lines are drawn between the Trump Administration, activist judges, and the ACLU. I think these types of fights are healthy for our nation. Solutions won't come fast and easy but they will come.

  4. I like the new border wall. There are things I miss from our stay in California back in the 70s; but not enough to want to go there now.

  5. None of this is unexpected. To be fair, we did our best to fight back against the Obama regime. The level of hair pulling and hysteria is comical, but for people who believe laws should be based on emotion and momentary whims, it's par for the course.

  6. The sad thing about CA leaving the union or a wall put up around the state is there are millions of honest, loyal citizens who would suffer, or could not afford to move to another state. They are politically controlled by a few large cities. Not a good situation. I do see the prospect of a civil war happening in the state.

  7. Same thing can be said of Illinois – most of the square footage of the state is beet red. Those in Chicago who live and sponge off of the rest of us dictate how things will be here. Similarly, Oregon is not much different: virtually every square foot of the state is beet red, but the mobs of leftists and hippies who live in Eugene and Portlandia call the shots.

    Something oughta be done about big cities, since they suck. Every damn one of them.

  8. There are a lot of people moving out. I don't see California leaving the USA because the progs are unarmed. The Confederacy left because they were better armed and had better generals than the USA at the time. There were other issues but they fielded a drilled and disciplined army against the US Army (and won). There are a number of reasons why they didn't win the war and many of them have to do with the lack of a navy.

  9. Fredd – Many progs find homes in the inner cities because it's much easier not to work there and to eat the bread that others earned. Being "homeless" in small town America and unwilling to work means you'll starve unless a church takes you in. If you're bone lazy they'll boot you out and you're back to starvation. In the cities, you can thrive on free housing, food stamps and all manor of cash aid in addition to the ubiquitous free cheese.

  10. I've seen that up close and personal. My last trip to San Francisco, I have never, ever seen fatter bums in my life. Not one of these fat, homeless slobs have ever missed a meal. Those huge, obese hobos could easily find work on the sumo wrestling circuit, if they ever opted to get up off the park benches that they call home.

  11. I also recently left a comment on Adrienne's site that suggested that while on the surface, the left eschews gun ownership, they are after all huge hypocrites about everything they want to foist on the rest of us. They don't want YOU to own guns, but they themselves may have an arsenal that would make Ted Nugent drool with envy.

  12. It's a totally different place from when I moved out here in 1982.

    The "old" California was a neat place.

    Kommiefornia, not so much…..

  13. Ronald Reagan was the governor here once. Now the only person who could be elected to the office would be a freak. The population has shifted to the heavy fringe and there are so many more PEOPLE – everywhere.

  14. LOL, love the tear down that wall, Pope Francis.
    He is a poor representation of what most Catholics I know are.
    I'm not young enough to always win, but I have found a few ways to derail a SIL that constantly spouts hate filled posts about Trump and his actions… hehehe

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