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Fr. Michael, the Lone Star Parson
>>> ALERT <<<
Many of you have read a blog written by our mutual friend LONE STAR PARSON (LSP). It no longer exists because Google wiped it out. It wiped out his URL and all the posts that he made to the Internet. 
I was responding to his blog post on the Islamic reaction to President Trump’s temporary travel ban from the seven nations whose citizens posed a threat to the US. These are nations where extreme vetting procedures are being formulated to determine friend from foe.
Google said that his blog was violent and that was reason to remove it and all posts from the Internet for all time. 
Michael is a personal friend of mine, I know his sons and many of his friends and members of his Anglican congregation in Hillsboro, Texas. He’s a man of God who is deeply concerned about America. He also supported President Donald Trump, which may be another reason that his blog was wiped out by Google.
I don’t know how much longer Virtual Mirage will be available. Maybe I’m next? If my blog isn’t up tomorrow, you’ll know why.

Note the photo at the very bottom of my blog:

When I first started blogging, I thought that it was only a matter of time before it was chopped. Amazingly it wasn’t. Now that the left is under pressure, they and their friends must be getting desperate.

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  1. Forgot to add…he might have to go to his own hosting, like several other people have done. I'm surprised I haven't been clobbered for some of the things I've posted on FarceBook….

  2. In the past, LSP has criticized Hillary Clinton, Satan and Islam. Google must not have liked what he said.

  3. Right, all of a sudden. Boom. Maybe a Google Muslim objected to the content?

    I'll start afresh on a different platform.

  4. I've been texting LSP back channel. I think that's what he's going to do. Google didn't like what he had to say about Islam – the religion of peace.

  5. Please spread the word through the grapevine when you are up and running again Parson…you're missed already.

  6. Well so much for free speech. That's outrageous. However, I know someone who may be able to help – I'll find out. If not, I'll start several group blogs daily and send y'all the passwords. WAR!

  7. The good pastor will be back in some form, give him a few days to re-emerge. I've been chopped twice now ( and, and I think Grunt is right: WordPress does seem awfully tolerant of right wing nut jobs such as myself who post our crackpot conservative stuff without fear of censorship.

  8. Larry,

    That sucks. But the issue here is blogspot, not Google.

    That's the problem when you've got a blog on a platform like blogspot that deviates from the standard brainwashed liberal narrative we all have to put up with in the world today…

    The best way to do things is to set up your own site on a dedicated server with its own URL.

    If you'd like to avoid the same fate as Michael, I can help with that if you – or anyone reading this – are interested. It's possible to migrate all of your posts over to your own site, and redirect any blogspot views to your new page.

    I've had experience with that exact process when setting up my mother's blog up (who was previously on blogspot) here:

    If I can help out let me know, in the meantime…#MAGA

  9. I'm a web developer by trade and I'd be happy to offer any advice to yourself and readers when it comes to this sort of thing.

  10. I wonder if they target blogs with a lot of visitors? Doubt (P)regressive bloggers are ever molested.

  11. I wondered why it wasn't in my list of blogs this morning.
    They can't beat conservatives so they will censor them.
    I hope there will be someone left to get the word out when he is back up and reporting.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  12. The corrupt, progressive, smug, elite, mainstream media can say anything, post any invective, and be embraced. If you suggest that the "religion of peace" may not be all that peaceful, you're attacked. You know their slogan – "Behead those who insult the prophet of Islam". They tried to do that to LSP in a metaphorical sense.

  13. I think that you're spot on. I'll keep going here until I'm not because I have a lot posted here and want to keep it. Thank you on my behalf and on behalf of those who read Virtual Mirage.

  14. The nation elected President Trump – and that technically makes us mainstream now – except in the minds of progs.

  15. Since he has full feed I have his posts on Feedly if he wants some of them. Weird. Has he contacted Blogger?

  16. He has church services this morning in two locations. I'm guessing that he's focused on that today. He usually visits the sick after services.

    I was literally commenting on his blog when they axed it last night. I suggested that perhaps Google/blogger had a Muslim at work punishing those who offended the prophet. That means that I need to organize a draw Mohammed contest and post the winners on my blog…or something along those lines.

  17. I would have no idea of how to do that. Right now I'm looking for someone to help with our website which badly needs some updating. Our hosting company is just not doing a good job.

  18. If I'm going to drag in the best artists it has to be significant enough to be interesting and I need judges who aren't me and aren't the artists to pick the winners.

    How much $$ is enough?

  19. They lopped the head off his blog like an ISIS terrorist lops the head off a young woman after he and his friends are finished raping her.

  20. So much for free speech… unless you have a blog on liveral hate or BLM. That is okay. Kinda like Workplace Violence.

  21. That just plain sucks!
    Is there a way to find out how/why they did that to the Padre?
    I sure hope he is back up posting soon!

  22. There is a divide in this country and the media, Google and Blogger is on one side of the issue. We are on the other. And they can boot us if they want to.

  23. I was under the impression that someone had to report a complaint to Google for them to block your site. Of course they could have a way to zero in on certain words used in the blogosphere.

  24. Adrienne — I've contacted them but no reply. Regardless, time to move away from religionofpeace.blogspot.allah

    And let's get in touch about that feed — I'd like to migrate it to the new site…

  25. [With BIG] Thanks to Harrison, Lone Star Parson will be back. BETTER, STRONGER and more MAGA than ever before. Stay tuned for…

  26. LSP, Harrison's offer is your very best bet. But if you'd like to get back on line as fast as possible, and you don't mind going with the Aussie Company (WordMess), I could get you set up with a working site tonight using your email as a founding ID, and then you could go from there, tuning it up as you go. Your call. Again, though, HS has the better option in the long run.

  27. If you go to the page that shows you your stats, and go down to settings, and click on other; you will see import and back up.
    This will let you back up everything you have ever posted, as far as I know. I have never tried it. It says it saves comments, too.
    Your option is to save to computer.

    Now if you were to go to WordPress, at one time it would import your blogger posts, pictures and comments; but I don't know if it does that any more.

  28. Can hardly wait, especially since we are coming up on Melina Mondays!!!!!
    LSP go for it, we need ya.
    found this by google search, keep it up LL

  29. WordPress still has the functionality to import posts from most blogging platform – blogspot included. So you'll be ok on that end.

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