Accumulating Power (memo to file)

Every revolutionary movement in history makes the same basic mistake. They see power as a static apparatus, as a structure. That’s how President Xi in China is reintroducing Mao to the masses. Power is dynamic, and has two basic tendencies. It accumulates or it diffuses. Most revolutionary movements are only interested in reconstituting the power in a new location. That doesn’t solve any society’s problems and almost always makes them worse.

The US Constitution and Bill of Rights set up a system that allowed for diffusion of power into the system, not regrouping it. And that doesn’t work for a would be tyrant or system of Tyranny. Benjamin Franklin doubted that we could make it work long term. Maybe we can’t. Redistribution of money to buy votes has a stench all its own.

You might enjoy reading this piece, Secular Sharia, on YouTube, before it vanishes.



  1. Very interesting video. There seem to be far too many true believers in the cult of the mask these days and many of those hold political power. This needs to change.

    • Freaks and misfits form cults like antifa and then politicians use them. Islam is no different.

  2. Interesting. I have some comments on the practical side of life. Ignaz Semmelweis figured out it was smart to wash hands since it saved lives. I think most people today have access to information that documents the benefit of washing hands from a simple hygienic perspective. Especially when surgeons operate today they find it beneficial for everyone in the room to do what it takes to be as sterile as possible.

    What I find interesting is how aggressive ordinary people start to behave when someone does not follow the “rules”. Even passing someone in a shop or on the street can cause aggressive behavior from some individuals. These kinds of people tend to use a violation of “government regulations” as the reason for their aggressiveness.

    I do believe that social distance and hygiene are smart if a Chinese virus is around but on the other hand, what I read from the data, the risk tend to be very skew. the death rate is low, very low, less than 2% may be as low as 0.5%. The ones that die are old people 75+ and older and the people who dies tend to have one or more other illnesses or diagnoses.

    I know younger people can be very ill and it is nothing to achieve to be infected. I heard of one family where the son came from Austria and both the mother and the sister became very ill but not the father or the son. Some months later they tested again and there was no sign of antibodies or anything that could relate them to the Chinese virus. Thus they were not given a certificate being immune from the virus.

    What I find more “scary” is how “government regulation” in general works against normal people being the tax-paying law-abiding citizen. The hooligans, anarchists, leftists, and socialists not caring for anything as it looks can do what they like. But one good thing with the “government kind of body” regulating people is that it has a human aspect you can argue against and fight if necessary. When the snakes head is gone the problem might be solved for a period of time.

    The challenging “regulations” comes from religion like Islam since those Muslims do not need a Government body to take control. They have a more sophisticated way of controlling due to their horizontal organization through the followers/believers. The Christians use the Pope or a similar hierarchical structure, Islam do not. They have their scriptures and narrative that forms their way of thinking and give the legitimate reason to act in any way they find reasonable.

    One journalist said you only need one of them and the rest will follow and the chaos is fulfilled. Their whole history is filled with conflicts and there seems to no reason for this to end. They will shape society as they become many and that society is not governed by an elected leader in a democracy.

    The future looks challenging and will be. The good thing with the Trump administration is that the US is built stronger. I know many Europeans hate it since they are no forced to pay the bill and do more themselves instead of living on the US taxpayer’s expense. But having the US agile and capable to do what it takes where it is necessary must be a better strategy for the US and others that having the US military cemented where it does not matter but are convenient for some local government getting the money from it.

    • I commented the other day on the blog on how people were upset that my granddaughters and I didn’t have masks at a restaurant. I’m sure that they would have scolded us but I had a Kimber .45/1911 in a tanker holster on my chest. They simply moved off. No scold.

      While that doesn’t necessarily apply to the public at large in the US, it will become more the case as the push to de-fund the police continues. People will take actions to defend themselves.

      I am not anti-mask. If you’re sick, and you go into public, it’s a good idea. If you’re not sick and you’re not in the demographic that is dying, it’s the flu. In the US the median age of people dying from the plague is 78. 50% of all deaths came from nursing homes. In Arizona, the Indian reservations where underlying health issues are endemic, there have also been a lot of deaths.

      The whole mask cult has gotten out of control.

      • I agree. The scary part with “Government advice” is how people interpret and act without using any knowledge or logical part of the brain at all. Isolated and idea can work fine but when scaled to a society stupid things occur. But I guess that is what the democrats want, total chaos as soon as possible.

        Here the Government restricts people from training unless they keep social distance and wear a mask. Where I practice Krav Maga they have solved it by wearing a mask and you get pretty good to deliver some pain from a distance when focusing on it, so at least some benefits.

        Good to read that your granddaughters experienced the benefit of passive exercise of force and the advantage of having something to back it up with.

        • Where I live (not where the restaurant is – mentioned above) there really is no government. Oh, it exists, but it’s a very long way off, so people do whatever works. Since there have been 0 incidents of plague here, masks are not worn, but people do try to keep their distance, sort of.

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