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There is no Melania Monday post from Lone Star Parson because Blogger obliterated his blog for insulting the prophet Mohammed and Islam. In fact, LSP is on an airplane bound for the UK today and for that reason as well, he’s out of pocket for a couple of weeks. However while he’s doing that, Juliette’s son, Harrison. will be building and he will return with all of our favorite blog posts as time moves forward. He’s in good spirits and is on a well deserved vacation.
ME- “What time is it? You said you’d be here two hours ago to work on the house.”
BUBBA- “Uh, I had other things going on.”
ME- “More important than doing work here for which you were to be paid?”
BUBBA- “I guess.”
ME (channeling Trump)- “You’re fired. This isn’t a government job.”
So it goes. There are repairs that need to be made to the present house before I can put it up on the market. Finding somebody who will show up on time and do an honest day’s work is challenging. Thus, despite a busy schedule, I am taking time from my day today (Monday) to engage new people to show up on time and do what it is that they are being paid to do.
It seems to be such a burden to the trades to show up on time. Moreover, they feel put upon when I require that they work a full day for the agreed day’s pay. So I’ve gone to Plan B. I’ll report back on my success or lack thereof.
There is three feet of snow on the level at the White Wolf Mine in Arizona, and while I’d enjoy being there (in a completed home), I’m making do with 75 degree days in SoCal.
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18 thoughts on “Monday Update

  1. Yes, the trades are often difficult to deal with. Especially in the South, because when the fish are biting, you can forget what they told you because Southerners are hard wired to fish first, all else second. Even sex is second. It's just the way things go in the South. And if you think your project should be first, think again.

    Same goes in the upper midwest, during hunting season. And there are about 6 seasons: bow season, then black powder, then deer season, then special hunts (bear, sheep, elk, etc.). All of them are more important than your project. Take that to the bank.

  2. I understand that you are appealing to my inner fisherman, duck hunter, etc. to give them a "mulligan". However I don't let these guys in Southern California off that easily.

    I had hoped that a general contractor (who would have been paid for his oversight) could manage the various tradesmen that I needed to do the work while I focused on my own work, which can be vexing all on its own at times. (FIRED)

    I'm dealing with the various people on my own and am delaying travel for that sake.

    Most of the various trades in Southern California don't have the hunting and fishing distractions (which are legitimate – how can I suggest that they are not?).

  3. Years ago (back in AZ) we were having the popcorn ceilings removed from a house we had just moved into. On day two, the guy took off in the middle of the job. He called and stated he had to take care of a family matter. The first thing I thought was, 'having this paying job is a family matter!' The house was a mess, we were still moving in, and I started pondering the value of the tools he left behind. He returned and finished the job, turned out his kid had a drug problem and he was doing the right thing.

  4. No, I am not inclined to give any of these slackers a mulligan. Hammer them, fire them, berate them and give them bad BBB ratings. Just trying to explain why they do what they do, and all of this slacking is certainly to your detriment.

    When I managed a capital equipment sales and leasing concern, I would have these vendors look me right in the eye, promise they would be on my job site, shake my hand, and I would subsequently forward that info to my customer.

    Then the time and place of this commitment would arrive, and no-show on Bubba's part. With egg on my face, I would call the customer and let him know that there would be a delay, and I would take the telephonic beating, and why?

    Because the fish was biting, and Bubba couldn't have cared less whether my job got done or not. And to make matters worse, Bubba would show up a few days later, lie to my face like a shameless dog and swear on a stack of bibles that he had to attend his mother's funeral (…again!!??).

    No, I am not appealing to your inner fisherman, LL. I hate those guys, and the more they can be brought to justice, the better. No mulligans. Punishment, yes. Mulligans, no.

  5. I understand personal crisis situations. We've all had them if we've lived any time at all. I'm the first person to cut slack where it's warranted.

    The present situation with Bubba is just laziness and the "don't give a rat's ass" attitude that Fredd outlined above.

  6. Thanks for the update on The Padre! Safe journey to him.

    Want to borrow the hotshot (batteries included) for Bubba?

  7. The only things a guy needs to do to make it in the trades-

    Show up on time, ready to work.
    Do the job adequately, on time, for the agreed price.

    It does not matter if he stays for an hour or a week, he agreed to a job and a price. If a guy has invested a lot and can do the job to the agreed quality faster, more power to him.

  8. Agreed 100%.

    You can make a fine living in trades if you have a work ethic. Some do and others do not.

  9. This particular person was personally recommended to me.

    Thanks for nothing.

    I guess he's out looking for other work.

  10. I'd be happy if I could just get a carpenter to call me back. They don't even return calls.

    Thanks for the updates, and good luck with the repairs.

  11. Don't forget to get a hold of me to "schedule" your tour of the Iowa before you blitz out of here!

  12. Before my youngest joined the Army he was a plumber. The family owned business he worked for was well known for arriving on time, with the supplies and tools needed for the job, and cleaning up afterwards. Maybe that is why they have been in business fifty years and three generations.

  13. I know plumbers whose businesses have gone viral and they made millions. Of course, they arrived on time, worked hard, did a great job, etc. I also know guys who can't ever get work unless some sad, uniformed consumer called them by accident.

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