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Do you Love Google?

Without Google, the dream of a One World Government would likely never happen, as it relies on social engineering and artificial intelligence. It’s time to realize that privacy equals freedom. more here

You actually can’t. So many companies take part in this and if you block them all Google AI will go on the offensive and attack your network until they get in and can collect the data they want. As for this blog, I hope that they read it and learn something from it.


Tony Bobulinski tonight on Tucker

This should be fun. They’ll run the one-hour interview through the whole segment. Pop your popcorn in advance, get a nice, ice-cold Diet Dr. Pepper and enjoy!



Poland’s foreign minister today signed a note formally requesting that Germany pay £1.1 trillion in reparations for the damage incurred by occupying Nazi Germans during World War II.

Zbigniew Rau, of the ruling ‘Law and Justice’ party, said the note will be handed to Germany’s Foreign Ministry and comes on the eve of Rau’s meeting in Warsaw with German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who is to attend a security conference.

Except that the Nazi government was destroyed and its leadership were killed or are dead. The German people who are alive today didn’t take part in the destruction of Poland. He should go after Russia and demand £1.1 trillion from them and threaten to invade them if he doesn’t get it…yeah, right. This political grandstanding never accomplishes anything and only serves to deepen divides because the Polish people are aggrieved.



Numerous scientific studies link childhood vaccines to many maladies, from autism and other neurological disorders to autism. The government typically downplays such findings, even when agencies such as CDC are party to the studies. Medical observers note that when it comes to dangers the government wishes to emphasize, no link is too weak. For example, everything that happens to someone who happened to test positive for Covid was attributed to Covid. However, when it comes to dangers the government wishes to dispel, no link is strong enough. For example, no matter how many studies link childhood vaccines to childhood illnesses, the government typically emphasizes that “there’s no proof it’s causal.”

CDC reported that there may be a causal relationship between aluminum in childhood vaccines and persistent asthma. What will be done about it? Don’t hold your breath. Vaccines should not be political but they are.


Bullet Points:

* “No president can legally serve three terms. Hence the need for a figurehead. Biden is just a “DDD”- a dummy with dementia and diapers. He says whatever is written on cue cards and signs whatever paper is put in front of him. Which allows Obama to run the country from the shadows.” more from Gateway Pundit

* I don’t know how you feel about Bill Gates, but he understands that it’s better to own a politician than to be one. Another article from Gateway Pundit.

* Are Democrats in Congress actually promoting the illegal use of fentanyl through their failure to act? (article)  I realize that the Chinese Communist Party derives a lot of income from trafficking fentanyl — but come on.

* Gov DeSantis: Florida is a second amendment state, don’t loot and get shot.

   Joy Reid: Why does DeSantis hate black people?

The jokes write themselves and they’re all around us.


The Value of a good Partner (meme-of-the-day)

The picture above can be deceiving because YOU know that the White Wolf will prevail. Be patient on the challenge coins.

Another Meme Set


Identify the Tank


Come and Take

On October 2, 1835, a skirmish west of Gonzales signaled an enormous change in territorial leadership, politics, and culture, and paved the way for Texas to become a republic. The incident grew out of Col. Domingo de Ugartechea’s demand late in September for the return of a cannon that had been given to the settlement for defense against Indians.

Gonzales alcalde Andrew Ponton sent word to other colonists that he had refused to surrender the cannon, which on September 29 was buried in a peach orchard. From September 30 to October 2, the number of defenders at Gonzales had grown from 18 to about 160. They dug up the cannon, mounted it on oxcart wheels, filled it with chains and scrap iron, crossed the river, and marched toward the Mexican troops led by Francisco de Castañeda. When Castañeda requested that the cannon be returned to the Mexican military, the defiant Texians issued a challenge: “Come and take it.” A discharge from the six-pounder cannon caused Castañeda and his force to retreat and the action became known as the first shot of the Texas Revolution.

The approximate site where Texians fired the cannon was first marked in 1903 through the efforts of local schoolchildren. In the 1930s, the event was selected for special commemoration as part of the statewide Texas Centennial celebration, with the 1937 dedication of a granite and bronze monument. In 1937, the Texas Highway Department completed a spur connecting the Centennial monument park with the 1903 dedication site, thus creating one of the first Texas state highways designed for the sole purpose of providing vehicular access to a historic site. The First Shot Monuments Historic District in the unincorporated community of Cost was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2017.


Language, Function, and Culture

Cock Tugs  Liverpool Screw Towing & Lighterage Co.  28 Brunswick St. Liverpool – 1928

There was a period of time when smaller boats were used by ships, these were called cocks, or cockboats, and the people in charge of them were called coxswains, which is now a term used in rowing.

Screw towing is moving ships with tugs and lighterage is when you transfer cargo from a larger ship to a smaller one.


40 thoughts on “Just Blogging

  1. I don’t buy bidet being bobo’s third term, bobo ain’t that bright and he’s lazy as hell. He was as much a figurehead as bidet. Now this is the third term of the powers behind the curtain and we really, really need to publicly identify them.

    1. +2

      The Magical O spent most of his time with his feet up on the Resolute Desk on the phone with ??, and upstairs in the residence watching ESPN and playing basketball. Joe, when he’s projecting the true agenda of The Handlers when running off script, takes every weekend off to Delaware, eats ice cream, rides his bike, and takes naps starting around 10AM.

      1. Ok, you guys are right. Barack stepped on Michelle’s dick every time that he went off the teleprompter and it was a running joke. Brandon is a lot the same way. It’s the power that put and kept the Half-Blood Prince in office (of course).

        1. the question everyone is asking, though, is: “Who, exactly, is der Führer/il Duce?”
          we keep making lists and striking through the individual names; is it a cabal?
          if so, who is the group leader, every group has one? is it a public figure?
          I’m beginning to feel as though I’m living in the middle of a bad science finction story from the early fifties.

          1. The committee that has great sway is chaired by Susan Rice (representing the Half-Blood Prince), Jake Sullivan (Nat. Sec. Advisor), Tony Blinken (SECSTATE), Larry Fink, CEO of Black Rock – represented by cat’s paws like Brian Deese, AG Merrick Garland, William Burns DCI – sort of the China rep., Avril Haines (DNI), Ron Klain – WH Chief of Staff, Mike Donilon (advisor), Steve Ricchetti (WH Counsel).

            I don’t know who in the inner circle controls the nuclear launch codes.

          2. Victoria Nuland is Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. She works for Blinken. She’s the one who broke the Ukraine biolab scandal that the media didn’t call a scandal.

        2. Barry may not be the actual guy but I bet he is zoomed in at all the meetings. His fondest wishes are coming true.

    1. The trooper is Finnish. And yes, it’s a T-28. The Germans had a field day with, them and the men who rode in them showed great courage.

  2. Childhood vaccines. My middle son has been living with the consequences for 47 years.

  3. Thanks for the history lesson on tugboat. Never knew all that.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  4. It’s time to realize that privacy equals freedom.

    The largest organ in the body, the skin, delivers privacy. Lose the function of the skin, such as by a large area burn injury, and the gray goo of nanotechnological assemblers we live in, called bacteria, will turn your body into copies of their bodies.

    Whoever said you don’t need privacy flunked biology. Humans can be predators of humans, and you need privacy from them, too. The Nazi did what they did with typewriters; imagine what is possible with google.

    1. Google is owned by the Federal Government in some fashion, so no, I do not trust them. And thanks to you switched to a less invasive search engine, turned off all Google tracker-jacker crap on my phone, most especially The Covid Idiocy App.

      Bobulinski should be incredibly damning tonight…but will it change ANYTHING? So far no ‘damning’ evidence has produced the necessary effect. As soon (or during) this airs tonight the media scum will do everything to discount it using their “Hunter’s Laptop was Russia Disinformation” approach to sway the uninitiated voter…aka. the same people who watch The View everyday, getting stupider by the installment plan.

      Not-A-Vax mandates are still in place all over the map (like the Coast Guard that will toss a few, one who was just lauded by The _Resident.) Know someone who just got a fifth shot (!!!???), then immediately came down with The Wuhan Plague. This persons delusion is nearly complete saying “It would have been much worse had I not gotten the vaccine and FOUR boosters.” When medical professionals are this dumb there can be little hope for society.

      Yes, the White Wolf will always prevail (similar to the White hatted Cowboy).

        1. Before Google started, there were search engines that downloaded the Internet every month or so (Lycos at Carnegie Melon Univ., Yahoo at Stanford, etc.). Memory was expensive then. Do any of you recall when the INTERNIC started up in Herndon, VA? Vice Admiral Bobby Inman ran it after his tour as NSA director and roughly contemporaneous with the Electronic Systems International scandal that ruined his reputation. The Internic distributed URLs. Without a Universal Resource Locator code, you can’t play on the Internet. That’s how USGOV controlled the search engines early on and thus the development of the Internet.

          Bobby Inman, scandal notwithstanding, is one of the brightest admirals ever to serve in the US Navy. He was a forward thinker.

          Today, USGOV has BEEHIVE. The Utah Data Center (UDC), also known as the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center, is a data storage facility for the United States Intelligence Community that is designed to store data estimated to be on the order of exabytes or larger.
          It is located at Camp Williams near Bluffdale, Utah, between Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake, and was completed in May 2014.

          Yes, Beehive has at least one mirror site. Maybe three, but I can’t say for certain.

          Google is beholden to them and they are beholden to Google to a limited degree.

          And you’re welcome. Nobody ever mentions the VM search engine, which is a rough copy of Duck-Duck-Go. However (I sense you starting to cringe), all the search engines out there are linked to the same data sets to a greater or lesser degree.

      1. George Washington was killed when they drained five pints of his blood as a cure for a medical problem. The patient kept getting worse, so they kept treating him harder, just like the not-a-vax.

        Government is a modern equivalent to bloodletting, a damage rather than a cure. Gee, subject matter X (for instance building heating in Winter) isn’t working right, so let’s ban some possible ways to adapt and adjust to subject X. Still not working right? Ban some more options. Germany has even more green prayer wheels now, but they’re freezing even worse. Next they’ll ban fire, and the wheel.

        The definitions of ‘having the maximum possible number of options’ and ‘liberty’ are pretty close.

        1. Germany is in a bind. The green agenda delivers very little power to the grid, they shut down their nuclear power plants which don’t pollute in the name of whatever. Maybe they’ll restart them? They can burn coal if those plants haven’t been dismantled. The public is felling trees.

          1. The Left will take a perfectly working system (pick anything), tell everyone said system is…too white, harming the planet, unsustainable, racist, etc, etc…then tear apart said system for their “perfect world nirvana” to the point it is completely ruined and unworkable.

            Over and over these idiots do this. Transportation. Power grid. Nuclear/Coal/Hydro power generation. The economy. Energy independence (drilling for oil and NG). The Constitution. Education. Law enforcement. Cities. The Military. Faith. Heck, even a virus.

            Shrek Fetterman is a prime example….and Oz is useless, likely will lose against a stroke victim who can’t string two sentences together.

            Next dufus who says “we need to do ‘X'” that flies in the face of wisdom, common sense, or our Constitution, needs to be shot, drawn and quartered, and have their entrails set on fire. Morons should not be allowed in positions of influence from here on out.

  5. Thanks for mentioned the opening volley of Texas Independence from Mexico. After the event, the Mexican Col. asked why the Texans fired on his troops? The Texan Col. replied replied that “they were fighting for the cannon and the Mexican constitution of 1824″*, which had guaranteed rights for Texas/Texans but had since been replaced in 1836 by Santana Anna and erased all traces of Mexican States Rights.
    The events that followed resulted in Texas declaring indepence from Mexico and I’m sure everyone is familar with the rest of the story.
    * sourced from article by H.W. Brands
    Cletus Valvecore….in reality, a Proud 5th Generation Native Texan, and involved in presence of Generations 6 & 7 (so far) of Native Texans

    1. COL John Moore gave the order to fire, if I recall correctly. As Cletus knows, one of the Texas flags of the Revolution was the Mexican flag with the number 1824 in the center instead of the eagle, snake and cactus, for the reason Cletus indicated.

  6. Interesting set of ‘issues’ today… Google is also guilty of blocking/sending to spam appx 22 million RNC emails, according to what came out today. Not a clue on the tank, as usual. And yes, the Gonzales site is a ‘bit’ distant, but worth seeing.

  7. I don’t use Google as a search engine and try to block it as much as possible. Besides, it seems to me it is getting less useful than it was a few years ago. The last time I flew into ATL to rent a car and drive up to north GA Google kept trying to show surface streets only, no freeways when I knew a freeway went from ATL all the way to about 12 miles from my sister’s house. I can do without it.

    Tony Bobulinski. It will be interesting but yet again nothing will happen. Heck, that is kind of like Ray Epps being found guilty of fomenting a riot or something; neither one will result in a conviction or punishment for anybody concerned.

    Vaccines. It would be damned nice if the gov just presented the facts, whether it be vaccines, fluoride in water supplies, the food pyramid…the list goes on, and let people do their own research and reach their own conclusions.

    1. If the people reach there own conclusions, then little Cindy, ‘niece’ of Fill In The Blank, doesn’t get her braces or her new Maserati, and FITB doesn’t get little Cindy’s gratitude.

      Yep, I-75 has been allowing access all the way to Michigan for a long time. I wonder how many newer drivers could find their way just using the road signs (US Route, State Route, etc…).

      1. Maybe not road signs but I now carry compact Rand McNally in my carry-on. Not quite as useful as the Ordnance Survey maps the British use but we are in a much bigger country so detail has to suffer a bit. Besides I make two trips a year there so it is not like I don’t know the route. I just found it aggravating that Google kept sending me to surface streets and telling me to “take the next right” at every single intersection on the freeway, well at least until I turned off the application.

  8. Problem with Google is many other search engines use Google directly or partially. There’s no getting away from it.

  9. As to vaccines, well, that’s a real sticky situation. There are cemeteries full of children dead from diphtheria and cholera and the traditional childhood illnesses (measles, mumps, rubella, polio etc).

    Can the vaccines be made safer? Maybe. Are the vaccines damaging more than the diseases they are protecting against? Maybe not. Even with modern antibiotics, the 6 diseases I mentioned above are very deadly to children, and immediate and quick treatment (rather than only treating in the last stages of the illnesses) is the only way to kill a lot of the disease out of little bodies.

    I believe totally in vaccinating against the usual killers, and that’s what those 6 (and a few more) are. Killers, murderers of children all. And easily transmitted via various ways, as children are just moving petrie dishes and horrible disease vectors.

    But seasonal flu? Yeah, Der Covid finished off all interest in me and mine over doing seasonal flu vaccines.

    Yes, fix and make the kiddie vaxes safer, because we can and we should. But not vaccinating against the kiddie diseases, even the in ‘First World’ areas? Yeah… Perfectly fine if everything is working at 100%, really clean water, good sanitation, no nasty infectious vectors from turd-world countries. But how many places in These United States have all three going anymore? And how many places will have three going once the Fall accelerates much more? Thus the need to vax children.

    But for God’s sake, quit hiding and denying any real evidence of issues. And fix any issues there are.

  10. Had to look up who Tony B is. Should be interesting, but is it “New News”?

    Sounds like Rau is looking for his own version of “Reparations”. Good luck with that….

    SLW has been going to the Larimer County Sheriff’s “Citizen Academy” to learn about County Law Enforcement. She’s not used to the Sheriff having the amount of “clout” that they do here, but then she’s never lived near huge unincorporated tracts of land where Law Enforcement can be an hour or more away. She went on here rode-along Sunday morning, and had some excitement during the 5 hour shift. He said there was quite a fentanyl problem in the area, but not nearly as bad as in Denver.

    Hmmm….Challenge Coins. I’ll have to look into that. I have one from Old_NFO, and several others from “organizations” I was associated with, but having one of my own would be cool.

    Not good with tanks, but it doesn’t look US Issue.

    God Bless Texas!

    Quite a sign there in Liverpool……

  11. Cock Tugs? And now we know. Poland to Germany: “You owe us 1.1 trillion euros.” Germany, “Sorry dudes, we’re broke, our economy is crashing and we have no more energy.”

      1. The first thing that popped into my suspicious little head when I heard about the reparation demand is why now? It has been 80 years. Maybe hoping Germany will be quicker off the mark and help defend Poland when Russia starts pushing against Poland’s borders when the world goes south?

        1. The Russians don’t share a border with Poland and would have to push through Belorussia to get to them and I don’t see that happening. They would have their hands full keeping the Poles pushing through THEM.

  12. is a data storage facility for the United States Intelligence Community that is designed to store data estimated to be on the order of exabytes or larger

    So can I FOIA a scan of Miss July from that issue I missed?

    I just hope the Utah Data Center is keeping track of my web browsing, instead of running a successor to the IBM Jeopardy playing machine reprogrammed to be a military general with an IQ of 500. Or maybe General Jeopardy is a conservative like WOPR from WarGames, and the present arrangement of obvious idiot leaders doing obvious idiot things is him waking the normies up.

    1. Bask in the warmth that is the certain knowledge that they are storing your web browsing and blogging.

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