The Ides (a sermonette)

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The Ides of March were made famous first by the prediction of a famous soothsayer named Spurinna, who “predicted the future by examining the internal organs of sacrificial animals,” among other omens. As per the ritual, Caesar “sacrificed a bull,” and Spurinna “made the chilling announcement that the beast had no heart.” it was made more famous one month later to the day by the Roman Senate in 44 BC and again by William Shakespeare who cautioned “beware the ides of March” in his play, Julius Caesar.

The phrase, sic semper tirannus, (thus always to tyrants) echoes through the ages like a ringing bell. It has been invoked historically in parts of the world as an epithet or rallying cry against abuse of power. 
On this day it’s good to recall the past and the march of folly that we have witnessed in our lives. I have no doubt but what we will (by default) try to do it all again, certain that we are the first. For those who don’t read and understand history are doomed to repeat it.
If there is any reason that Hillary Clinton has NOT been tarred, feathered and ridden from town on a rail, it is because she, like her husband, survived politically by rewriting their own history. The current e-mail scandal is simply one more added to the Clinton legacy. And since we as a people are disinclined to read history, we as a people will swallow the lies one more time.
Have a splendid Sunday.

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10 thoughts on “The Ides (a sermonette)

  1. Then again, we too have men of conscience who speak out against the crimes of the current regime. But …. bread and circuses.

    It's 33 and snowing again. Why am I here?

  2. As to the last question, I can't say. I'm living in the land of fruits and nuts because it's 92/63.

  3. "Spurinna." Isn't she a nude dancer who lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans?
    I think I last saw her in front of Pat 'Brian's, slowly removing her clothes and swiftly drawing a crown.

    There are a few – very few – things I miss about New Orleans.

  4. I think that is the reincarnation of the original. However I defer to your judgment on the matter. I've seen that sort of thing in the French Quarter and since it's the Voodoo capital of America, it's entirely possible that "Wild Bill" reincarnated the witch.

  5. We are destined to repeat what we neither took to heart or learned.
    Weather in God's country 72/59

  6. Weather in Heaven: 77/52. But the sun only came out for a little while, so a few angels cried. I almost did, too.

  7. Part of our problem with understanding history is knowing how to read. That's becoming rare, as we get more stupider.

    Do we deserve Hillary? I hope you can say no.

  8. Even Bill Clinton doesn't deserve her. She'd be every bit as bad or worse than Obama. Kenya doesn't deserve her.

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