The Clinton Years (a look back)

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Hillary Clinton and her
friend, Vince Foster
Let’s stroll down memory lane. Does anyone remember Deputy Counsel Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton’s friend who served in the Clinton White House? He had been going through documents relating to the Whitewater Scandal back in 1993. Conspiracy theorists opined that Foster, who apparently decided to become a whistle blower, died as the result of a gunshot to the head in a Washington DC park. 
The US Park Police investigated the death. The White House released an official statement saying that no Foster suicide note had been found. 
As the “old reptile” puts it, “dead men
tell no tales.”
However, more than 24 hours later someone in the White House found a note and White House counsel Nussbaum turned it over to Attorney General Janet Reno.

There were subsequent investigations, all of which were based on the original evidence, some of which came to light well after Foster’s death and all of them concluded that Foster committed suicide.

It’s incredibly easy for the writers of Netflix’s political thriller, HOUSE OF CARDS, to come up with plot material. They simply read through the journals from the Clinton Years.

10 thoughts on “The Clinton Years (a look back)

  1. We can only speculate about the number of potential whistle blowers who decided it wasn't worth getting killed.

  2. Looking at that pic of her and Foster, she's really not a bad lookin' head, rather attractive. But over the years all the booze and evil percolated through and turned her into the truly soulless hag she resembles today.

  3. They never did find the bullet though. A detailed metal detector search of Ft. Marcy (actually in Virginia on the George Washington Memorial Parkway) turned up all sorts of debris, including numerous Civil War bullets and other relics, but they did not find the .357 bullet that Foster supposedly put through his head there.

  4. Over the years, it would seem that lots of interesting thing happen to/around the Clintons.

  5. She's a bitter old reptile and unlike the portrait of Dorian Grey, the evil shows on her.

  6. I'm sure that it wasn't a body dump…

    If it had been a suicide by axe, it would have been a situation where you had the body, hacked to pieces, but no axe. Same thing – – clearly a suicide. If you have any doubts, ask Hillary.

  7. I'm not saying that she iced Vince Foster with her own dainty claws, I'm sure that she did it the old fashioned way and had the mafia do it for her.

  8. Those were all lies – nothing but partisan politics. Do you believer Hillary or your lying eyes?

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