Please Synchronize Your Prejudices

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Caption: Many people think they’re thinking when only rearranging their prejudices.

Bullet Points:

** Call me old-fashioned. My mother was a woman.

** A rich man will change a broke woman’s life. A rich woman won’t even look a broke man’s way.

** I heard that you contracted Covid last week. Luckily, you’ve been boosted five times, or it would have been much worse. You could have DIED!

** Mars Fashion – A future Vogue cover from 2129, brought back on the time machine. (right)

** A prayer answered!

** Will people in the future be amazed that citizens were taxed to build massive sports stadiums only for billionaires to charge us admission to watch multi-millionaires so we can cheer? The cheering diverts us from realizing we’ve been royally screwed.

** Military training…when you put a 120-pound pack on a woman’s back and tell her to march, she crumbles like a cruton. Men bear the yoke until they’re discharged from the service with a bad back, neck, shoulders, hips, and knees, and the pelvic girdle is filled with stress fractures that will never heal.

** The evolution of women’s underwear fashions.

** Scottish hate speech report (Breitbart) – Law enforcement in Scotland has claimed that it “can’t cope” with the staggering number of reports flooding into police stations after the controversial Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 came into force last Monday, criminalizing the opaquely-worded “stirring up hatred” towards protected groups, such as the so-called LGBTQ2AMLIS+ community, among others. The offended freaks and misfits continue to pour reports in on alleged perpetrators.

According to initial estimates, Police Scotland received around 8,000 complaints under the law in the first seven days of its implementation. If the trends continue, The Telegraph’s analysis shows that this would surpass the total number of crimes reported annually (416,000).

The broadsheet also noted that the number of supposed hate speech violations reported to police in the first week surpassed the total number of hate crimes as a whole recorded in any full year in Scotland.

The chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, David Threadgold, warned that the man-power hours required to deal with such a large number of complaints will impact the police force’s ability to deal with actual crimes, with the force already failing to solve a growing number of crimes like sexual assault, shoplifting, and car theft. Scotland has also been plagued by a drug epidemic, with the tiny nation having the highest drug-related deaths per capita in all of Europe.

** Is it just me, or does it feel to everyone like we’re shopping at an airport these days and paying airport food prices at restaurants?

**TSA PreCheck is fast, but crossing the border illegally is faster.

** Time Tunnel concept below. Travel back in time to the Ice Age, long before global warming.

** Problems with Pratt & Whitney’s geared turbofan engine, used by most recent-production Airbus A320-family airliners, have grounded almost a third of the fleet. (More at BRM).

** A recent study suggests that ancient hunter-gatherer communities in Europe actively avoided inbreeding. Led by researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden, the study examines the genomes of 10 individuals who lived between 8,300 and 6,760 years ago. These individuals belonged to some of the last hunter-gatherer groups in Europe, existing alongside newly arrived Neolithic farming communities.

Contrary to previous assumptions, the study reveals that blood relations and kinship were not the sole determining factors in the composition of these communities. Despite their small population sizes, the hunter-gatherer groups displayed a remarkable lack of biological relatedness among individuals. This suggests that they had developed sophisticated cultural strategies to avoid inbreeding…

More information:…/europes-last-hunter…/


The Reconstructed face of a soldier.

Researchers say it’s the face of a man who died in AD 1361. Following the Battle of Visby in Sweden, he returned after a long campaign and absence from home. He’s believed to have commented to his wife, Hilda, that she put on a few pounds during his absence. (more)


Map of the Day


Identify the Armor





35 thoughts on “Please Synchronize Your Prejudices

      1. Correct on all counts. I thought that the Hotchkiss H-39 might give you a little pause. I guess not.

          1. Neither, it seems, do I. And I’m not a terminator machine with a cybertronic brain. Most of Surly’s attention is focused on locating Sara Connor…as you’d expect.

  1. The “Food as a guest” map was really interesting & I’m sure it means something importaint. No idea what that is…

    #3, an antitank weapon strapped on the outside a a tank? I’m guessing for the men on foot accompanying the tank.

    1. Or maybe for the crew. The Hotchkiss had very light armor and wouldn’t be much use against most tanks. It would do fine in an anti-personnel role or against halftracks. It’s not unthinkable that one of the crew would dismount and take the panzerfaust forward.

    2. The thing that immediately struck me is the north to south trend from almost never to almost always.

      Could it be more food tended to be available around the Mediterranean than in the north? Better/longer growing seasons?

      1. That and the social obligations that go with feeding guest. Reminds me of Macbeth and his wife betraying theirs.

  2. #3 Tank (also header picture)…what’s that deal behind the shovel? (the savants here must know)
    Underwear evolution (American, right?)- Didn’t see that coming, but should have expected it considering it’s…here. We certainly have far too many asylum . More interesting: Is there an evolutionary correlation between woman’s hip size and lack of child bearing (as we see the lower barely replacement numbers these days)?
    AOC= Actress for Democratic Socialists of America…a plant who manages to get a minuscule 10K district votes to maintain her Senator Infiltrator position. Another mindless bum-ette.
    7 Coronaviruses in the wild (one having been GoF’d to cull the herd of course)…but NOT ONE vaccine has been developed for any of them (including the last one they unleashed on society)…changes too fast. The flu vax is a year or two behind the curve as well.
    Reconstruction- Hurts just looking at it. Geez.
    Food Map- Nah…Denmark is “Almost Always”, albeit it may be “afternoon coffee and some dessert item” but they eat light. Now Sweden…well, it’s Suhweeedisch…no food for sure (hey, whaddya bring me?”), but for sure alcohol will be offered. Then again, times have changed as the yungin’s have decided us old(ish) folks are stupid and have no clue about traditions so are rewriting century’s-old social rules, because, in their mush-minds, “that stuff” is old hat. (You know I couldn’t say something without adding some editorialized comment.)

    1. Behind the shovel – a panzerfaust.

      The new generations everywhere are operating under a different paradigm when it comes to hospitality.

      1. Probably some better tech these days…but seriously, having a few of those secreted about the Homestead might come in handy…just not in the sunny and greening Contemplative Pasture…because it needs to remain pure as Gaia would have it. (heh)
        Reality Bites…and the reality we find ourselves at the hands of a select few (in truth, a micronano-percentage) is not a good one, iff’n one listens to too much Chicken Little radio (altho, Loesch is really funny so she gets a listen). Then, as I was signing off after morning ablutions the AOL feed brought these two stories, proving the point:

        1) …but, but, he was wearing his helmet. A self-culling Darwin award winner tried to jump US40…hmm…maybe Rec-Med or Beer was involved? Nah, that wouldn’t be it. Maybe more simple: youthful hubris, altho at 21 I was on a different track than self-actualization fun-n-games that today cost a small fortune (I recall when a ski lift ticket was $14).
        2) The Golden Bachelor (new Days Of Our Lives only better vacation spots) and his new bride call it quits…after 3 months. My day is ruined…or complete. Unsure. But I will find a way to move on from the devastating news, have important stuff to do…which may include power tools and the tractor. C’est la vie.

        1. Winter Park skier. Young men with spunk will always find ways to thumb their noses at rules and social norms being shoved down their throats. It should be noted he was far from any lift served area or groomed slope. As ever, those who dare sometimes die.

          The above doesn’t mean I don’t think he was a dumb s**t.

      2. “…far too many asylum…??” Hmm, need a new battery in my BT keyboard, or more coffee..maybe both. Should be: …too many asylum “patients running the program.”

    2. AOC – be sure to thank Cenk Unger. He did manage to remove the #4 democrat in congress from his position. Which tells you alot about the people in the district and to whom (andwhat) they are loyal.

      1. That sounds like the opening of a dystopian novel, followed by, “Ask Dr. Johannas walked the halls of the now empty clinic he spent a decade building up, only to be shut down by an unnamed 3-letter agency acting on a tip he was providing OTC cures for the latest lab leaked virus while refusing to administer the state mandated vaccine….”

        …except we’re in the throws of those who wish it to be real.

  3. “the study indicates that these groups [hunter-gatherers] primarily interacted and interbred with other hunter-gatherer populations, rather than with farmers.”
    Well, duh. We are the Free People. We are clean people. We don’t traffic with shit-squatters who live all their lives surrounded by piles of their own excrement.

    I am heartened that thousands of complaints have been made regarding Hate Speech perpetrated by Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s First Minister. Hah! Take that. And here’s my personal (and sincere) hate speech: WTH is a man called Humza Yousaf at the top of Scottish government?

    Food map: I’d like to know which areas will not be offended if you decline food. And on a secondary level, what is the protocol for accepting food? You know, like some places if you immediately take offered food then you are deemed greedy. But if you never take the food then you’ve insulted your host. “You must decline the first time. Then you decline the second time. But if you don’t accept at the third offer then you are implying that your host is unclean, or impoverished and can’t spare the food, or both.” It’s complicated. Of course, offers of sex are even complicatedier.

    1. Exactly Mike! I mean, c’mon man, what Clan is he from? Certainly not the MacDougall’s.

      ProTip regardless of country: Bring booze (esp. Sweden), that’ll assuage any concerns of protocol…at some point snacks will appear.

    2. Tyrants prefer to associate with foreigners, viewing them as more loyal than the native born whom they view as disloyal subjects to be ruled, not a people to whom it is a duty serve.

  4. Problems with Pratt & Whitney’s
    Having once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, I’m qualified to make a penetrating remark.
    P&W and Boeing were once shining examples of excellence (quibbles from Douglas and Lockheed about belly fuel tanks). First, the capital investment companies whose interests are profits above all. Second, outsourcing to companies with lesser standards. Third, wokeism eroding morale and dedication. In the eighteen years I lived in King County, WA I was always impressed with Boeing employees fiercely “Riding for the Brand” attitude. It seems that attitude is long gone.

    1. When I was with Boeing in the Integrated Defense Systems Division we used to make jokes about Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, and how their unions would strike for a nickle per hour.

  5. My M88 story. Bear with me, this requires a bit of set up.

    1975 or 76, REFORGER exercise, West Germany. My unit was the 156th Maintenance Co. I was assigned as driver for our company XO during our part of the exercise. We had a jeep and trailer, and were pretty much busy as go-fer’s, running errands hither and yon. I had a blast.

    So one night, we get sent to assist with a vehicle recovery. IIRC, we were the only ones from our unit on scene. Not sure what my Lt. did, but I got posted doing traffic control. The scene–

    We arrive about 2400 hrs. There is a paved straight, level two-lane road running across the immediate terrain. I park the jeep on the shoulder where I am to hold traffic as needed. The terrain slopes down hill. Up slope is behind me, down slope in front, the road runs to my right and left. About 50 yards to my left, a single hard surface road “T” into the main road. This road runs down slope maybe 150 yards, then makes a sweeping 90 degree right hand turn down to a large flat field where (again, IIRC) a mechanized infantry unit is encamped. The ground on both sides of this road has recently been plowed, and it is a clay soil. It rained the day before. On the main road beyond the “T”, a HET transporter is setting up load up the recovered vehicle, once it gets towed up there.

    The vehicle to be recovered is an M60 tank, which has thrown/broken the left track, said track haven been coiled and loaded on the engine deck. It would appear that M88 present attempted to tow the M60 up the road, but failed to negotiate the turn. The M60 has slipped off the road to its left, firmly planting the trackless road wheels in the clay soil. Even back then, my first thought was “Get some popcorn”.

    There is an obvious huddle at the M88. It then drives off the right side of the road, pivots a 180, and is in the field facing the front of the tank. The winch cable is reeled out and hooked to the tank. The M88 does its best with winch and tracks, but no joy. Tank does not budge. Then one of the crewmen (tank or M88 I don’t know) on the ground goes to the front of the M88 and assists in spooling out an extra 50 feet or so of cable. He steps back a bit. The M88 driver revs up his engine, then punches it in reverse. Everyone on the ground nearby starts running through the plowed ground as best they can. The M88 hits the end of the cable slack, and the tow pintle at end of the cable simultaneously breaks off the tank and the cable, sailing in a graceful arc high in the air to land about 30 yards behind the M88. Shortly after, my Lt. walked back to the jeep shaking his head and we left.

    In the above photo, you can just make out the tow pintle in the center of the vehicle front. The opening of this video shows a closer view–

  6. Regarding inbreeding, new DNA tech shows that the Deep South is far from inbred, contrary to popular belief.

    Guess who is into inbreeding in the US? If you think think of the cities, you’d be correct. Much more inbreeding in a Boston elite or a NY Socialite than in Alabama or Tennessee.

    So what’s with the birth defects so common amongst poor in the South? Post Civil War and Pre-WWII the South was poor and malnutrition was a big problem. It’s one of the reasons for Fortified Bread. Funny how all those birth defects started disappearing as soon as good food was available.

      1. In the Middle East, they avoid inbreeding by selecting a young, winsome goat for insemination.
        Some would say that Barack selected Big Mike to avoid the danger of DNA mixing. SCUCCESS!

  7. “…warned that the man-power hours required to deal with such a large number of complaints will impact the police force’s ability to deal with actual crimes,…”
    So they admit hate speech is not an actual crime.

    1. I think that’s the police perspective, not the perspective of the legislature that passed the law.

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