I’d like to take credit for the Thanksgiving feast,  but my big contribution so far was driving to Jack-in-the-Box and buying breakfast jack sandwiches for everyone because we’re not feasting for some time.


Bullet Points:

* World Health Organization-backed experts fear ‘camel flu’ — a deadlier cousin of Covid — might strike, too. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has been present in the soccer host nation Qatar over the past decade. Wear your mask slave, the camel flu is on the way!

* And in a related non-Thanksgiving story,  soccer fans in Qatar wearing traditional Arabic robes and headdress (rags) are being asked to remove them when entering bars serving alcohol over fears that it offends locals and insults Islam. We wouldn’t want that.

* And while we’re discussing trivia.  Null Island


Musk cracks me up.

Frank and then PaulM sent this:

Frank, I had the technology so didn’t wait until next year.


This from PaulM

MRSLL complained that she ends up doing most of the cooking, even when we’re not home. IT’S A TRADITION!  When I was a boy, the guys always played sandlot football on Thanksgiving morning. There were lots of injuries. I recall one boy getting an ear ripped off and another guy getting a couple of crushed vertibraes. It was a rough and tumble game. Women didn’t participate but that was back when there were only two genders, and the other one was fixing dinner.


Thanks PaulM


  1. Same here with the Thanksgiving Day neighborhood football game, had to be in to clean up and find your spot at the table before 4:00…any injuries were your problem as long as you didn’t get blood on the table cloth.

    Need another cartoon showing the men sitting in front of the TV watching a football game, half asleep, with belts undone…while the woman cleaned up while chatting away.

  2. no blood, but the occasional cow paddy mishap, lol. thanksgiving on the farm, football in the pasture. but i did break a collar bone in a spirited game of full contact frizbee one easter. i’m near about the last cousin left now.

  3. You are all about to gather round when the phone rings.
    “Your cows are out!”
    The question is, how did those cows know what day it was?

  4. One of the things I was thankful for, while growing up, was my mom’s version of pumpkin pie.
    She would work some marshmallow creme and whipped topping into the pie mix. At any get together, her version would totally disappear before anyone else’s got the first piece taken.
    Always wondered why more people didn’t ask for the recipe, but I was always glad that this was the version I grew up with.
    Sometimes it’s the little things that stay in memory…and this is one of my Thanksgiving memories.

  5. In our family the Thanksgiving Day football game was between The Raisins and the Grapes.
    If you were 35 or older you were relegated to the Raisins squad.
    Ideally the field would be muddy to prevent the players from picking up too much speed to lessen the damage from the kinetic impacts. Also, sliding in the mud eliminated the road rash one earned on a dry field and acted as a type of PLF as the impact was distributed over more of the body during the slide.

    Sausage McMuffin with Egg is my Go-To for such times.
    One of the grandsons has picked up on this, so I guess they do learn by example, after all.

  6. Mrs. cooked it and I cleaned up afterwards, her preferred division of labor, unless I’m in the mood for Cajun/Creole and then we switch. All in all, it was a really good day and I hope everybody here had the same.

  7. Never had a Thanksgiving football tradition. At our gathering today the women cooked and the guys cleaned up. The Little Ones played all day, and were all getting cranky shortly after sundown. The family members hosting Thanksgiving this year are in a new home, and loving it. Nice place, plenty of room. We’ll be hosting Christmas this year, and SLW has me started on cleaning already.

    Colonel Bleep had his secret base there, but he called it “Zero-Zero Island”.


  8. Never did pick-up football. I’m weird that way. Maybe because both my parents were one-ofs and we only had her mom as a grandparent, so no extended tribe to pull players from.

    Now I have played Cabbage Ball, which is proto-rugby played with a cabbage. Game ends when said cabbage comes apart. Rules are ‘no weapons.’ First time I ever got a concussion (self diagnosed because I realized I could hear all the tracks of the CD I was playing about 2 hours from leaving said cabbage ball game.)

    Old Beans family tradition was turkey with dirty rice, but wife doesn’t like DR that much and introduced me to candied yams and cornbread dressing.

    To me, the house just doesn’t smell right until you can smell candied yams cooking, turkey roasting, and all the other flavors flavoring. Lunch was leftovers, then dinner was said above along with cornbread dressing and cranberry sauce, along with pies later. Yum.

    • Beans, we all ate until we were uncomfortable. I don’t usually eat that much, but yeah, it’s a day for excesses and leftovers are for the following day. As you point out, the smell of food cooking all day can’t help but make you ravenous when you finally sit down.


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