9 thoughts on “The Hog

  1. And if the higher-ups get their way, the A-10 will be replaced by the expensive and nearly useless F-35.

  2. Another wonderful aircraft that I'll likely never get a chance to fly. Sigh. So few aircraft do what aircraft are really made for–pounding the snot out of people and things on the ground. The A-10 excels at this.

  3. Yep, NICE is right! And the Air Farce is once again trying to get rid of the Hogs! Idjits…

  4. They are like the B-52, they won't be out of date for 50 years. However the USAF doesn't get it.

  5. What they need, is an A10 pilot to make is way up the chain…or somebody who had their but saved by one.

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