The Goals of DACA

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Barack Obama created DACA, which for a time had been presented as a holy grail for Democrats in the hopes that the 800,000 DACA grantees could bring in many millions of (often shiftless) relatives from third world (call them what you will) nations…all of whom would vote Democrat.
Ending chain migration and anchor babies at the same time as you grant limited residential status for those who filed under DACA is clearly insufficient, as most of us have predicted.
And while liberal heads explode on CNN, the stock market soars and companies are doling out bonuses and raises to their employees, threatening to derail Democratic Party dreams of an electorate dependent on them.
With DACA, the Democrats have a tiger by the tail. The only way they’ll get what they want is to give up the underlying agenda.

20 thoughts on “The Goals of DACA

  1. Like DiFi said: give them a 'clean' DACA bill, and the Democrats will agree to squabble about funding for the fence and maybe immigration reform at some unspecified time in the future.

    The Donald said 'sounds good.'

    If that all it takes to write a book called 'The Art of the Deal,' I can scribble a ton of crap down and stand back while they prepare my Nobel Prize for Literature.

  2. What a big bully President Trump is making the (P)regressives live up to their stated beliefs by including some hard, but necessary, choices. For shame, I say!

  3. Barack won the Peace Prize for being a Mulatto and showing up. I'm sure you can get the prize for literature by scribbling a few thoughts on a bar napkin.

    I think that President Trump thought of a "clean DACA deal" was one that eliminated visa lotteries and chain migration. Why extend visas to DACA people if they can bring their useless relations (the way Obama did) from the Third World? That's not what Feinstein had in mind.

  4. President Trump wants to protect American workers' jobs and the security of the nation by MAGA. (Build the wall; Lock Her up) The Progressive movement has a very different agenda and Americans were smart enough NOT to elect Hillary. I remember the tears of Team CNN on election night and the wailing of the progs. The polls were wrong, the progs were wrong and they still can't get over it.

  5. Never in the field of human conflict was so much skulduggery committed by so few in the hope of getting so many votes.

    Or to put it another way, Build The Wall.

  6. Progs provide a continual source of amusement. You just can't take them too seriously or you go as nuts as they are.

    Sorry your hunting trip was a bust.

  7. No that is quite different than what DiFi had in mind. She still wants those illegal immigrant votes. As many as can swim the Rio Grande.

    Look at me: calling them illegal immigrants. Back in the day, we used to call them wetbacks.

  8. LL,

    Let's face it there is the FIRST WORLD, that is the USA (Canada, which we own but don't tell them, is sort of included in USA but they occasionally try to go third world on us) Switzerland, for all its irrelevance is nominally one of the few second world countries like Japan. The rest are so progressing towards third world as to be effective so, or are stone age with out the benefit of stone.

  9. Do first world nations have to manufacture to be "first world"? How is that defined? There are clearly inner city segments, populated by inner city peoples in the US and Canada that resemble the S-hole countries President Trump identified.

    What is the size metric of a first world country? As was mentioned by "Valuism" on this blog (a friend of mine from Norway), the 5 million Norwegians have a homogeneous society and have shared the bounty of North Sea Oil with the small population and built impressive infrastructure. The Lutheran work ethic has served them well. Switzerland relies on banking and a small, stable, educated (relatively small) population. Geography creates a situation for them that benefits them. My ancestors are partly Swiss (enough for me to become a Swiss citizen because of ancestry) and they're a hard working, solid bunch. I love to visit. First world in all respects, but VASTLY different from US/Canada. But the size of a very small US state.

    France was nice, same with Germany. Bringing in a million military age Muslim males and allowing for ghettos to form ruined them. Same with Belgium.

  10. I often think of "First World" as predominately technologically modern.
    Second World as older European and Third as backwards, culturally and technologically.

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