7 thoughts on “The Fruits of Obamanation

  1. Barry was the most crooked, unqualified man to ever serve as president, and should have been impeached/imprisoned. Because, however, he was an African American, he is exempt from all of that owing to the national aversion to being called racists.

    Will he ever be questioned about all of the malfeasance and skulduggery that oozed from every pore of his administration?


  2. Fredd, I’m positive that you’ll agree that the most important thing we can do is not be racist toward Obama even though he has as much white blood as black.

  3. Every president needs a hobby. That was his. If only Hillary had been elected, all that skullduggery would have been buried as deep as Seth Rich was.

  4. Full blooded Michael is waiting in the wings. Ms. Jarrett is handling the logistics. Interesting times ahead.

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