The Art of the Smear

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Whatever the truth about Julian Assange’s innocence or guilt on a number of accusations, we know one thing for sure: he, WikiLeaks and their associates were targeted by a powerful smear campaign. We’ve seen a lot of smear campaigns over the past few years. Possibly the most aggressive (recently) came at Judge Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court nomination hearings.
Most people, including this blogger, know little about what was behind the rape allegations against Assange. According to reports, two women separately claimed that they were having consensual sex with Assange but changed their mind midway through. They claim that Assange would not refrain once they changed their minds, so the consensual sex became rape.
The sexual assault charges against Assange were dropped in 2017.
However, some U.S. officials, and people in Congress raised them as proof of Assange’s poor character after his arrest today.
Assange isn’t the only one in the WikiLeaks circle who was publicly accused of rape or other sexual crimes that were never prosecuted.
In 2016, WikiLeaks published embarrassing insider emails of Hillary Clinton officials and the Democratic National Committee, and WikiLeaks was accused of working with Russia and being pro-Trump. Since the Trump – Russia smear fell flat with the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, the allegations against WikiLeaks could be just as baseless. We don’t really know, though. I don’t know. And that’s how smear campaigns work.

10 thoughts on “The Art of the Smear

  1. Assange is a narcissistic weasel, who is pretty clearly an enemy of the US.

    OTOH, his "journalism" defense is not w/o a kernel of truth.

    I will not weep if he winds up in a cell, but I'd much rather
    see oath-breaking traitors like Snowden / Bradley Manning / Reality Winner swinging on the ends of ropes.


  2. He published American secrets, but that appears to not be illegal.
    What are the U.S. charges again?

  3. The rape allegations are standard practice in a character assassination campaign. Assange is likely a dead man walking.
    He knows too much about too many people. Odds of him making it to trial or testifying about anything is minimal. The Clinton Crime Cabal likely has already placed a contract on his life.

  4. We can imagine the kind of thing he might say about Hillary if he goes to trial. Assuming he makes it that far, of course.

    Just a thought.

  5. Dans evaluations below seem more likely. Assange will hang himself in his cell or maybe it will be an aneurism? A friendly medical examiner and a prompt cremation… I can’t see a trial.

  6. They need to keep Julian alive for a while, show he’s being treated humanely. But he won’t see the inside of a courtroom

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