The Faustian Bargain

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h/t Dale Toons

In modern America, “Give me liberty or give me death,” has now been replaced in a Faustian bargain, with “I’ll give you my liberty if you promise not to let me die.”

Obamacare is one manifestation of this. The NSA domestic collection program is another. We’ll take your privacy but keep you ‘somewhat’ safer from terrorists. Continual moves by ‘progressives’ to disarm honest Americans (while criminals remain armed to the teeth) offers the same trade off.
The foundation of American thought has turned from a group of individuals banded together to form a ‘more perfect union’ into a welfare state that promises food stamps, free telephones, free or subsidized rent, free medical care and all sorts of “free things” to a class of Americans in order to buy votes to keep the collectivists in power.

The only practical way to keep ownership of elections is for Democrats to keep 51% of the nation dependent on them for hand-outs (taken from the other half). There are always the sycophants, toadies and hangers on who vote based on the basis of skin pigment or from a hope of a political favor in addition to the dependent. Thus the need to make Hispanics (high propensity Democratic Party voters) citizens. It adds to the base.

Gone are the stalwarts who built the nation, replaced by parasites who have no problem eating the host into a dry husk, with the promise from Obama not to let them die to buoy them up.

12 thoughts on “The Faustian Bargain

  1. I come down on the other side of the NSA story. While I have not read the FISA application (some members of congress, and the administration are trying to make it public), I believe in what they were trying to do. (Just like the James Rosen Title III affidavit – it may have serious flaws, in both the document, and the process that got it signed – but just like the Rosen story, that is what the investigators needed…but that is another issue).

    …but the phone companies are, due to the explosion in volume, not maintaining cellular phone records for as long as they used to. The solution – getting a search warrant for ALL records, and then requiring another process for investigators to access them – might not be the best solution, but we need those records. Within a nanosecond of this story being exposed, I thought the result will be a law requiring the service providers to maintain the records for XX years. Which will come at a cost – another fee added on to our phone bills…maybe that is better, as it is directed at the users…

  2. Ignoring the treasure trove of data is simply beyond the moral ability of Democrats today . . . . and probably the vast majority of Republicans as well. Now that the bar has been lowered so much this gathered data will simply become part of the mix of tools used to hammer opponents. Which brings me to ask a question . . .

    Everyone is wondering why Rubio has had such a change of heart on immigration. My suspicion is that his electronic correspondence has been gone over with a fine-toothed come and enough was found to "encourage" him to support the gang of 8 bill. Any thoughts on that?

    And as for keeping the 51% dependent to insure their vote . . . . seems that we have had that dance before in the mid 1800s.

  3. A law requiring records retention is the solution to the NSA problem, and strikes a balance between requirements of government and the Fourth Amendment. Maybe we can just NOT pay for Obamaphones anymore and use the money for service providers to retain records?

  4. It didn't work out all that well for us in the aftermath of the War of Northern Aggression nor did it for the mass of voters that politicians sought to (and continually seek to) manipulate.

    I don't know about Rubio's bargain. Personally, I think that he realized that the only way that he could get legislation through was to compromise with people who have a different agenda. If you asked him, my sense is that he'd tell you that this was the best he could come up with.

    As a result, there are a lot of people who feel that he's let them down.

  5. If the goal is to keep Americans safe from the terrorists that keep blowing things up, we could simply stop allowing a certain class of people (and it would be politically incorrect and completely Islamophobic to identify them — many of THEM fall under the rubric of our Saudi Allies who bribe Congress and the Executive Branch shamelessly) to enter the country.

    I do understand that profiling is a dirty word, but it works.

  6. Well said LL, and saw an article in the WAPO that only 47% of Americans now have full time jobs… Appx 6% are now working part time jobs of those eligible for work. So the dems HAVE what they want… dammit

  7. I think that the blush is off the rose when it comes to Obamacare. Fewer think that the Kool Aid tastes as sweet as Barack said that it would. But the Faustian Bargain still appeals to many.

  8. as Obama terms out, I fear another hopey changey person promising rose-perfumed socialism. this is not the Founder's nation. it has been fundamentally transformed. Voter ID laws MAY bring back power to conservatives, though.

  9. At the moment they're putting their hopes on the old crone (Hillary) to carry on the pattern of corruption, i.e., hope and change. And they're trying not to F-up so bad that they lose the Senate in 2014.

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