Highest recorded maximum temperature in countries, territories and U.S. states

Click the photo for greater resolution. Death Valley, California is an interesting place to visit, but not in the summer.


In 1962

This is what people thought that 2020 would be like.


Be careful with how much you tolerate. You are teaching THEM how to treat you.


That Look

You’re navigating as best you can, but you are still found to be lacking.


The Great White Shark

…biting the hand that feeds him.

And he’s not even technically “a democrat”. Of course, we don’t call them great white sharks anymore. They are just “sharks”.


Finland’s Air Force – World War 2



Aged 130 years now…


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  1. Interesting mix of planes. Not enough is known, at least by the public at large, about Finland’s role in WWII. Of course these days folks don’t seem to know much about history period.
    As someone who is fond of whiskey of the Irish variety, I would never let a bottle of it get that old.

    • Everyone, well many, know about the Winter War. The Finns were supported by many of the Allied nations.

      It was that icky Continuum War that makes the Finns pariahs in the eyes of historians world-wide. Evil snow-Nazis or something. Poor bastards got forgotten because they were fighting Stalin and the Soviets. No allied nation would support them in the lead up and actual war, so they had to turn to the Actual Nazis for help.

      Me? If I was in power in the West, I would never have supported Stalin and the Soviets. Let National Socialists fight International Socialists. We could have saved us a whole lot of post-war trouble if we let those two nations thrash it out without our help on the Eastern Front.

  2. Header pic looks like Sarah Palin’s younger sister.

    What! People in cages??? Not fair to the shark. Where’s the media outcry? (Altho, does remind me of crabbing on the Jersey shore, little cage with a chicken leg in it…and I saw Jaws…Bah dum.)

    Stossel- …and Trump got the Central Park Wollman Rink repaired and opened when the City couldn’t do it after ten years and wasting (pocketing?) millions of taxpayer dollars only to “need more” because of crappy work. Trump stepped in with his own funds, 2 months sooner than scheduled and $750K under expected budget.

    ’62 pic isn’t too far off, October may look like that sans the space suits – the looming big gov’t Dem’s and Lefty anarchists taking hits from the non-compliant among us.

    SHE”S co-pilot…her job to read the map. Team effort. I’ll take the pick-up tho, old school is looking better these days. My dad used to say if it broke down you could fix it with a bobby-pin, matchbook, and pair of pliers.

    Save the vintage whiskey for Nov. 4th. Safe travels out there.

  3. He is reading a map?
    He should be putting that Caucasian uterus to its intended purpose.
    And she needs to be encouraging him!

  4. “Be careful with how much you tolerate. You are teaching THEM how to treat you.” Is that a quote from you? I like it and would like to use it but want to make sure it is credited properly. That gal in the truck is not taking home to momma material. get a new gal. I agree with Campfixer, take the old beauty pick up any old day! I always thought when space becomes commercial and profitable then that is when we see a leap in humanity! Make other worlds accessible and open possibilities.

  5. So, you’re out and about….and now there’s that explosion in the Middle East.
    What an amazing coincidence.

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