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Everyone has a gripe. Here are some examples:

When I lived in Ireland, there was a couple next door. I don’t know what their names were, but I referred to them as “moana” and “dick”. You could accuse me of ‘envy’ and at times, you’d be right, but they kept all the flats around them awake at night.
It’s been a long time since I had to share washer/dryer with the rest of a building. This brings the memories back.
You can file this one under, “be careful what you ask for”.
Moan-a and Dick revisited.
Imagine your embarrassment if somebody decapitated your obnoxious old neighbor lady and bolted her head to the hood of your car. The police wouldn’t have to look very far for a suspect…
Many years ago, I was “the police” and used to delight in this sort of call at about 5 am when nothing else was going on.
This one is my very favorite and I left it for last.

10 thoughts on “Complaint Department

  1. People feared you because you shot holes in the walls. And because you owned the Big Easy, they knew who the boss hawg was…

  2. Hahahaha these are so funny! I haven't tried living in an apartment. If I could live in an apartment, I would love to send some post-it notes on their front door if they bother me and stay anonymous. lol

  3. Apt times, Geez it had been long enough that I had forgotten all about that miserable time. Now thanks to your post I remember too well…loud scream!

  4. LOL, ah yes, thin walls not only in apartments but hotels both here AND overseas… 🙂

  5. OMG, the European motels near the airports have PAPER thin walls. Those are the very worst.

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