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The English Defence League (EDL) formed out of a concern for the spread of Islamism, Sharia and Islamic extremism in Great Britain. If you read what people say about the organization in the mainstream media, it’s usually negative. It’s composed of primarily white working class people who are not Muslims and don’t want to live under or be bullied by Muslims in their home in the UK.
So what’s not to love about that?
The EDL doesn’t have a membership list, nobody pays dues and they rely on peaceful protest to put their message out. Usually the British Socialist Worker’s Party counter-protests and attacks them as do Muslim groups–and then things turn violent. The Muslims and communists blame the EDL and the mainstream media in the UK supports that. (what a shocker)
What’s wrong with Islamophobia? If I draw a cartoon of Mohammad and publish it in a land where Muslims continually poke fun at anything and everything that I believe in and continually plot to – and actually set bombs and murder — then they want to murder me too. For drawing a cartoon. That’s the gold standard and it’s why people have come to fear Islam. (It’s why Jihawg ammunition is sold in America – bullets tipped with pork infused paint) 

Do I draw cartoons of Mohammad? No, I don’t. But I don’t draw cartoons of anyone. However I do exercise free speech, and that’s not allowed in ANY Muslim country. I wonder why not? What do they fear?

Do I personally hate Islam or Muslims? No. Why not? It’s America. The Bill of Rights guarantees them the right of freedom of religion. Either it applies to everyone or it applies to nobody. However, that does not extend their rights to commit “honor murders”, to beat women, mutilate young women or do a number of things common to Islam that violates the law of the land or the penal code. If they don’t want to live under American law, they are free to crawl back to the Islamic hell hole that they left to come here. Which is why I can’t help but identify with the EDL that would rather not see Sharia courts springing up around them. Does that make them terrorists? Not hardly.
By their fruits, you will know them.

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  1. Just like you said, I first heard of the EDL in the MSM…and I thought they were Neo-Nazis. Then I heard their "leader" speak – and he was calm, rational, peaceful, coherent, and articulate (albeit he was speaking English, but subtitles would have helped). I haven't found anything about them I don't like – but I must admit, I feared posting on them based on the fact that – MSM portrayed them as…

  2. I'm sure that the MSM wouldn't like me either.

    In fact, with a few noteworthy exceptions, I look at anyone that the MSM doesn't like very closely because (Yoda voice) "The bias is strong with that one."

  3. Yep, home run in that video! And it's interesting that everybody is crapping on the ESL, when all they are doing is pointing out the truth!!!

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