Slow Joe

I absolutely REFUSE to belief this corrupt, slurring, stammering, ignorant, living corpse was legitimately elected by the American people. Biden wasn’t elected, he was installed by the Deep State.

And he will be uninstalled as soon as they can get around to it.

Mrs. Biden did more than anyone else to keep the Village Idiot at home during the campaign and minimize his chances for embarrassment. She knew she had a shot at being Edith Wilson 2.0 and she wasn’t going to let her husband ruin it.

When it was finally time to get Joe out of the basement, Jill was by his side for every interview, making sure she was able to get Joe away from the camera as soon as he went off on a tangent about elves massaging his buttocks or something.


The Wolverine



A vaccine so safe that a government needs to grant immunity to the company that made it. …more here.

A vaccine so safe that you have to be threatened to take it. and a virus so deadly that you need to be tested to know whether or not you have it…imagine.


How Things have Changed


Identify the Aircraft



  1. Biden? Yeah, that chaps my thighs so friggin bad.

    As to the Wu Ping Cough vaccine? 95% safe. For a virus that is 99.96+% non-lethal. Brilliant! Absofriginlutely Brilliant! And guess who the vaccines are most deadly in? The old folks and people swirling the edge – like those with frucked up immune systems or no immune systems. So it’s very much safer for old and the immune-compromised to just get Chinky Pox than to get the vaccine.

    It’s almost like… they are trying to get rid of the old and sick.

    That plane? Looks like a target to me. So something Russian?

    • Shut up, Beans and take the vaccine. Though if you’re susceptible to the plague, the shot might kill you (that 5%). But if you’re young and healthy it will boost your immunity for a year, or so the makers say. However, you’re going to have to keep taking the shot AND the booster for the rest of your life if you want to be plague free.

      Some of these claims from the mouths of the companies make the plague shots suspect.

      Yeah, the aircraft is a target.

        • My daughter took her little boy to the doctor for an ear infection on Saturday. The urgent care physician said that Amoxycillin works well against the plague too. Really — an antibiotic against a virus? Since when?


  2. A pharmaceutical industry so concerned for our health they shut down their own testing for three weeks to ensure the right politician gets elected.

    • They have a lot of love for you, Frederick. Ok, not you, they love money and you (the collective you or the collective we) have a lot of it. And with the right people in charge, the sky’s the limit.

  3. To not admit the massive fraud and illegal voting practices, chain of custody issues, poll watcher suppression, is to be either incredibly biased, uncaring or stupid.
    If you think the amount of fraud seen doesn’t taint the results, mix some fecal matter in your kool-aid. You’ll never taste it.

    • Drink deeply, my friend. You’ll feel a warm glow in the pit of your stomach and that’s the love that Big Brother has for you.

  4. Have you noticed Biden’s eyebrows aren’t the same height? I think he’s had at least one stroke.

    • From the perspective of his supporters, that would be a good thing… stroke survivor. Cognitive loss wouldn’t be something that would bother a donkey.

  5. So far I’ve been wrong about the whole 2020 election so once again I’ll hope I’m right. I think President Trump will prevail. Why? Even in the Deep State there are patriots that are sickened by what has happened and will come forth with hard evidence even the courts can’t deny.

    • WSF, President Trump will prevail IF and only if there are 5 justices on the Supreme Court who are willing to declare the election fraud to be sufficient that an outcome can’t be determined and they will put it to the States to decide. That means that Cavanaugh, Alito, Thomas, Barrett, and Gorsich have to remain true. We know where Roberts is likely to be on the matter because he’s a Quisling in his heart. If it goes to the states, Trump wins, and the House will immediately begin impeachment proceedings. If the Republicans hold the Senate, there are traitors like Romney who will likely to vote for impeachment no matter what sort of bullshit charges are brought. The vote count would be close. And if the Dems didn’t win, they’d draw up new articles of impeachment. If they did win, they’d draw up articles to impeach Pence.

      As I mentioned to Beans the other day on this blog, the donkeys are going for it and we’re playing for all the marbles. Are we to be a republic, or an oligarchy run by a power elite?

      There are a number of Republican senators who are bought thoroughly by big tech. How will they vote? Even if President Trump is inaugurated on January 20, it will be a bare knuckle slugfest.

      My concern, frankly, is not about BLM and Antifa, who burn liberal cities. If people want to de-fund their police, go for it, watch your house go up in flames. Fux em all. BLM doesn’t work and neither does Antifa in conservative areas because (as we saw in Arizona), the locals turn out with firearms and will kill them. More on that on later blogs, but expect to see sheriffs deputizing citizens as “special deputies” in large numbers – so it’s legal. Citizens buy their own kit, pin on the badge, go through training if they’re not already retired law enforcement, and then a county with 30 deputies now has 2,000 who can stand by during elections to insure fair voting, etc.

      • Not long ago BLM/Antifa tried their shit in one of our smaller towns. They were met with a large number of armed protesters.

        The local “newspaper” printed a diluted story.

        Their bias is clear in this one line from their story.

        “At least a handful of counterprotesters were armed. One man armed with a gun wore a Colorado Oathkeepers shirt. The oathkeepers is an anti-government movement with branches across the country”.

        Since then the area small towns haven’t been bothered.

        Per an acquaintance who was present, about 200+, mainly area residents, showed up. She said the locals weren’t especially polite.

      • Roberts, and presumably a great many other politicos, are under influence of blackmail.
        I can’t prove it, but it’s the seriousness of the charge.
        Investigate them now!

        • Investigation is a fair demand, Kermit. But who will do it? Where is the honest broker? Certainly not the FBI.

      • “My concern, frankly, is not about BLM and Antifa”

        Nor is mine. The mobs are tools of the shot callers. The present-day shot callers are the kin/descendants of the Bolsheviks. In all cases figuratively, in some (too many) cases literally. Financier Jacob Schiff was instrumental in fomenting and funding the Bolshevik Revolution. If we look hard enough we might find a present-day money man whose name begins with S….

  6. Gotta have the vaccine! After all the Chinese Plague is far worse than the Black Death so everyone must get it, even those of us who’ve already recovered. Yeah, me and the wife have had the Chinese Plague. She was miserable for a few days and hasn’t yet recovered her sense of smell or taste, but other than that, she’s doing fine. Me? It was like having a mild cold. I suppose I’ll still need the shot and to wear a muzzle in spite of likely immunity because SCIENCE!

    • Jim, last December, my daughter’s in-laws went to China (including Wuhan) on a wrestling event. Her mother-in-law came back sick with the flu (now believed to be plague) and my oldest granddaughter got it from her and gave it to me. I was sick for about 3 weeks in January 2020 with the flu. I don’t know that it was plague, but I believe that it was. I haven’t been tested because, frankly, I don’t care enough to go to a testing site and have my blood drawn. I suspect that the testing accuracy is good enough now to let me know if I’m immune.

      So – both you and I appear to have walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death with the plague and made it out the other side.

      I have a number of friends who have had plague. They report back with the same results that you had. A few rough days of illness, followed by standard recovery that is typical of a bad flu.

      Mike_C or doctors who visit this blog may have numbers available with these criteria, but they’re not posted anywhere I can find. I want to know about deaths – not cases. Cases are like the flu – everyone gets the flu at one time or another or a common cold. Stay home, drink OJ, slurp chicken soup. Tell me about deaths and break it down by AGE and PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. This plague seems to be harvesting old people who are sick. The flu does that every year and this one seems to be more aggressive. Does that mean that the nation should close and wipe out incomes? NO. Does that mean that I can’t eat out? NO. Does that mean that I can’t go to a bar for a drink? NO. Does that mean that a mask helps? NO.

      • ll, they do have the stats but they hide it pages deep. average death included 2.5 pre existing fatal conditions per patient. risk of over 80 y/o with 2.5 or more conditions was 5%, under 80 was .05% or less. riskier to drive to the store or walk the dog. the death rate is still falling b/c the oldest/sickest have already died. also notice the deaths by all causes is on track for a slightly higher than normal year, congruent with population increase per johns-hopkins.

  7. I saw a report how they got their 95% effective numbers. They gave the shots to 22000 people and a placebo to 22000. 85 of the control group got a positive test back and 9 who got the vaccine got a positive test. So there was a 99.6% chance of not testing positive without the vaccine and a 99.96% with. With those odds, I’ll pass on the vaccine. It’s more likely to kill me than the virus.

    • I’m not an anti-vaxer. I’m really not. It’s interesting that they seem to be demanding that even the people who are immune (having had the full blown plague and recovered) will also need the two shots that make up the inoculation. There is a lot of chatter out there about making proof of vaccination necessary to enter a store, or to cross a state boundary (check points, I guess) or to enter a sporting event or sit down at a restaurant (guards, checking your papers at Olive Garden or Chilis). This for a disease that has a 99% recovery rate for almost all demographics.

      It makes you wonder.

      It seems to me that the move is to establish the sort of internal passports that you find people in Russia needing to have to move from place to place. I’m not trying to promote a conspiracy theory – no theory here. This is what they propose…to slow the spread.

      • id/track/control followed by great reset to eliminate cash/assets, followed by re education/removal of the non-compliant. seen this movie. i’ll go down swinging.

        • You don’t want to end up in the gulag re-education camp because you just know that your cell mate will be WSF and he’s a bully.

  8. Instead of an R or a D. Politicians should be identified with a P(Patriot) or a T(traitor). Let the culling begin.

    • I’m guessing that somewhere around 75% get a T. It may be higher. I’m giving some the benefit of the doubt.

  9. Your post affords a simply clarity to what we have seen over the past year by the grifters in Congress working towards election theft. No one with half a brain believes Biden got 80 million votes. Seems there are a lot of half-wits out there. But, we still have the EC…hopefully they will override the fraud and do what is right.

    What we had under a Donald J Trump Preisdency:
    – Most vibrant economy ever
    – Unheard of Middle-East victories without firing a shot
    – Troop draw down in hot zones
    – Illegal alien reduction in spades
    – The Wall construction
    – Sex-traffic reduction
    – America back on top
    – Citizens enjoying life for a change

    The Dem’s Plan:
    – Weaponizing the FBI etc against a duly elected President from before 2016
    – Russia Hoax
    – Impeachment Charade
    – Anarchists destroying cities
    – A fabricated cold virus unleashed on the public as a weapon to burn down America
    – Lockdown to destroy the economy
    – Two loser candidates no one liked and couldn’t garner ten people at a rally
    – A presidential candidate who is as corrupt as the day is long (with solid proof)
    – Election fraud on a scale we still do not of the magnitude
    – Lying propagandist cover-up media throughout
    – A vaccine for a cold virus being weaponized to control the masses
    – People depressed…suicides et al on a massive scale
    – Socialism by the back door

    I’m seriously tired of the government escapades being the daily entertainment force-fed into our psyche every single minute. The Dem’s illegal activity has made living in our country untenable, and they are doubling-down. In The Founders time every single one of these reprobate scum would have been hung by the yardarm. Time to clean house.

    • This is what it looks like to me:

      “Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response. It occurs when hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. This psychological connection develops over the course of the days, weeks, months, or even years of captivity or abuse.”

      The Gladiator crowds being grateful for getting a loaf of bread from their rulers after being starved for years.

  10. As noted, MiG-29. Goldfish bowl and square intakes.

    @Beans–“It’s almost like… they are trying to get rid of the old and sick.” Bingo.
    “Logan’s Run”?

    This is a coup. We win or lose it all, right here, right now. If we lose, 2016 was the last legitimate U.S. election. Ever. It is Sickening the number of legitimate voters who are all for that. My biggest concerns are 1) we wind up in a constitutional crisis, or 2) the court decision goes our way, and the coup says “Yeah, so what?”.

    Live free or die. Time to ante up.

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