19 thoughts on “Things to Consider

  1. I might be getting older, but I refuse to grow up!

    Which demonstrates that age came without (much) wisdom here, too….

  2. Agreed, drjim. No getting older here, either.

    I do like the food for thought, though.

  3. Grow up Dr. Jim? Not me! At nearly age 68 I'm still playing cowboy(old west reenactor) and having a gas doing it. The three in the last photo demonstrate more wisdom than many who are writing the laws of the land.

  4. Aging is about the only thing that I seem to do with ease. Everything else is too much work.

  5. Definitely agree to that! Hubby, the boys and I would be back in Alaska, if we were 30 years younger.

    As long as we could know then, what we know now, anyway. 🙂

  6. Haha. I would not doubt that. But maybe then I'd know what they have seen for the last 100 plus years?

  7. Thanks for the thought-provoking post. I like the first infographic, which somehow reminds me of the War on Weather, Burning Man(!) and Austin.

    A conspiracy of trees.

    I did my part today by hunting down some Drum and getting a good fight to boot. Maybe that's immature, but I won't say it wasn't fun.

  8. I'd hate to be as stupid again as I was when I was younger. But I never voted Dem.

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